Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Living Room

I have really had a blast re-doing this room. I like stuff that is clean, white, modern and trendy. My husband likes woodsy, masculine and functional. The goal was to combine it and give us a completely new look that was classic with a touch of a rustic feel. I wanted something a bit more mature - versus the young love, just out of college kid couch that we used to have but also, I knew that we didn't have much {or any} money to spend! 

The money in this room was budgeted for the paint {when we painted the house} and for an entertainment center. I had left my beloved built in bookshelves at the old house. Funny thing though, when we built them, we actually made them to be removed so we could take them with us. We thought, nah, we will never have another house with a wall they would fit...turns out, they would have been an EXACT match. Ha! Oh well! The wall that they would go on would be where my precious gallery wall now is, so I am okay with it! 

Anyway, thanks to Instagram and my fun-way-cooler-than-me design friends, I screenshot a few images {MONTHS AGO - think like February!} that I just held on my phone until the time came to decorate. Here were a few that I loved that I used for inspiration.

Gray/neutral color palette.

Silhouette in the back corner of the room. 

Mix and matching colors and hints of gold and woven baskets. 

Then the time came to put it all together. In my brain, I had the idea. That's all well and good, but since my husband cant see my brain, nor read my mind, and isn't a visual person just by telling him, I had to get it on paper to convince him! I snagged a few photos of couches and chairs I liked {thank you www.potterybarn.com} and I found a handsome media console that we both fell in love with.


Photoshopped idea

In progress {old couch}
Getting all cleaned up and ready to slip cover! 
Pause here...I do not love our old couches - color or bulkiness of them. Until we win the lottery, until my money tree decides to bloom or until Pottery Barn decides to show up at my door step with new furniture, I'm stuck with the old. 

I shouldn't say stuck. These guys have seen us through six years of small groups, had lots of friends and family sleep over on them and have allowed me great cat naps through all three of our kids being born and brought home. They have handled spills and spit ups and the occasional dab of blue nail polish {ANNIE M and her babysitters!!! ;)}. They are still in great condition despite the broken frame on the loveseat...  

Don't even ask what my husband was doing. I was face timing with my sister and we were talking about awkward solo shot poses {don't act like you haven't taken them before!} and I looked up to find him acting like a muscle man propped on the back of the couch telling me to take pictures and show Kristin his solo shot. Then he was cackling so hard, he rolled off, thinking he was getting a soft landing on the cushions but came down so hard that the wood frame cracked. Oops. Anyway, you could never tell if you sat on it, but I get a good giggle every time I think about that!! 

Now where was I??! Oh yeah...no mo money, couches too bulky, etc. Well, the olive just made the room feel a bit dark - and I wanted light. The more I thought about it, the more I also decided that with three LITTLE kids, new, light, expensive couches are not the way to go. That said, I hit up Overstock.com and found these bad boys. 

They really fit great, gave the couches a new look and I think tied the room together! Hubby even came in and right away said he liked them! That is a BIG deal!! He is usually a thinker and a ponderer so for a right away approval on the media console and the couch covers, I knew it was a win! 

After! {Old couch but slip covered!}
I love our brick fireplace and the pillows {Target!} that we found to throw on the couch....little banner hanging on the fire place was from Annie M's birthday!

I am posting this picture so you can get a better look at the pillows. My Dad may pitch a fit because this was before Marge ironed the slip cover and before they nice and neatly helped me affix it! This was in trial mode but I have yet to take a better one, so as Annie M's teachers say, "you get what you get and you don't pitch a fit!!" Sorry, Dad!

This last picture, on the far left, you can see where my sweet little silhouettes hang! I will eventually get a little thin maybe glass table for under it, but for now, I am on a spending freeze. Per my husband, that is! On the far right of this picture, you can barely see the corner of a frame. In that frame is one of my favorite little things in our home - the prayer from "The Common Book of Prayer" that my friend hand wrote for us. 

A closer up image of that is below, but you can see where it sits in the house! 

So there ya go! This space has really taken on a life of its own! The space is similar to the old house, but the look is completely new! From the old bright white built-ins, olive couches and egg shell colored walls to now the chestnut console, off white couch covers, patterned pillows and a gray {revere pewter} colored walls, it truly feels different. 

I love it. One day, I will go back to the "original design" and we will ditch these old bulky couches and their inexpensive slip covers for a nicer, fancier, more elegant sofa with two leather recliners with fancy studs on them to complete our seating area. As for now, its perfect. 

Its pretty close to what I wanted, super functional for a family with little kids and most importantly makes me {and hubby!} super happy. 

Speaking of slip covers, I am going to have to say they were a great decision. They have been on the couches for all of two weeks and lets just say my kids have already broken them in! :) 


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Friday, September 26, 2014


Oh my mercy. Its FRIDAY! We've made it! The hubby is home, we have lots of family time on the books and its gonna be a good one. I haven't done a Friday Five in quite some time, so I figured that we would round out the week with a few non-house related updates! 

Check out links below, enjoy the pics and have a great weekend! Here are five plus a few to grow on! 

I was looking for a random Christmas gift for my sister {couldn't find what I was looking for} and instead came across this adorable little "adventure pillow" on Red Envelope. It includes the 13 appliques and they come in a little pocket that you can get personalized on the back! 

Are you ready for this...$9.99 on sale from $40! 

That includes personalization and free shipping when you use code "SHIPFALL." What a sweet little gift for little boys! I got one for Moose and cant wait to put it in his room! 

Just ordered one from HERE!

Speaking of Moosey! We have a six month old almost crawling, two teeth, spitting up machine! Not sure I am ready to have three in motion yet and I cant believe that half a year has gone by since I had my baby. 

My husband says this pictures is disgusting and that I should remove it. I find it funny since I was playing with him and thought it was a cute smiley picture and had no idea it caught him mid spit up til I saw it here! 

Annie M got some nail polish for her birthday and has been begging me to let her do her own nails. Against my better judgement {or in the hunt for cool mom status - KIDDING} I let her do it herself. 

She was so proud and the joy from those ten minutes was well worth every drop of polish all over her skin. 

Then the next night, again against my better judgement but to the delight of my best girl, I let her do my make up. If anyone needs their make up done for weddings, prom or Halloween, just let us know. 

Man. How I love my little Brother Bear. He is equally parts wild and yet oh so lovable! He is rambunctious, throws himself on the floor, bangs his head and pitches major fits when he doesn't get his way, but come nap or bed time, this kid is the best snuggler on the planet. He gives the best hugs, sweetest kisses and has the best happy face...as he runs off to bash your precious items with his baseball bat and pull his sisters hair. Lord, help me. 

This was after he ate the black marker as part of his dinner yesterday. 

Totally a posed shot and he lasted for about 0.02 seconds. 
I cant mention my kids without my Champie! CT3 and Champ were either having a staring contest or were in deep conversation. Champ cheated by licking CT3's face and breaking his concentration. Better luck next time, CT3. 

LOVE these! Yall shop Stella & Dot's Breast Cancer Boutique! 100% of net proceeds go to the Noreen Fraser Foundation! Pick up a few for yourself and for friends and shop for a cause. 

If you are interested in other Stella & Dot happenings, click HERE to view my most recent newsletter! 

Strength Bracelet, Inspire Bracelet and Hope Necklace all $39.

I posted this on IG and Facebook asking for friends to vote on their favorite!! I have a sweet bouquet on its way from The Bouqs and I cant wait to tell you about it!! Which one do you think I chose!? Have you ordered through them before?! 

Flower images from The Bouqs website!
Last but certainly not least, I have a grand plan in full effect to shed a few pounds. I need to give the full run down soon, but so far I have weighed in, done a few PiYo workouts and eaten a tad better. Go me. These hips don't lie and its time to tone them down a bit.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Garth Brooks

While I have been so focused on documenting all of the house stuff, life has marched on! I have all of summer pics to share {that will take me til Christmas!} but I cant resist going ahead and posting a few pictures from Sunday night. 

Promptly at 3:30 Sunday afternoon, GrandDad and his bag of treats for the kids showed up! He came armed with chocolate chip cookies, stickers and more!! Mimi was supposed to come as well but woke up sick that morning and I had a mild germ panic attack and it was decided it would be best for GrandDad to tackle the kids on his own....Annie M was NOT happy with me when I told her that Mimi was sick and we had major elephant tears over that. She loves her Meems!

We had already planned to take Moose to my parents house as I am having a hard time getting him to sleep at night {transitioning sleep spots, two new teeth, wanting to nurse til he falls asleep etc.} and I was so worried that all three of the kids would act up at once - and the dog need walking too. With my current crazy children anxiety we decided it was best to split them. In the end it worked out as we knew all kids were in good hands! 

We dropped off Moose, picked up my sister and grabbed Doc Chey's with her and her boo and then headed to the concert. 

Honestly, it was one of the most fun nights - dare I say in my adult life. I was with hubby and sister - so the best of company - and we went to see Garth Brooks - one of my all time favorites at Phillips Arena! It was absolutely incredible. 

When we heard that he and Trisha Yearwood were going on tour, we were planning on being at our computers when ticket sales started. We were going to get decent seats without paying a fortune and then the day before we bought a house, and then day they went on sale, we were meeting with contractors and we blinked and it was all sold out minus a few individual tickets. 

I told hubby that I would go by myself or go with him and sit separate and he just laughed at me! Lame, I know, but I was SO bummed that we had missed the ticket sales! Then Garth added another show and then another and then finally it all clicked!!! The time, date and three seats together and we were in!  

This all sounds a bit nutty, I know, but I am a huge country music fan and Garth is a guy I think of when I think back to my like, entire life. Ha. I grew up listening to Garth and from soccer tournaments and traveling to Kicks 101.5 on the radio in my Dad's Volvo that I drove all through high school, his songs were always a favorite. Since he has not been on tour in something like 18 years, I was pretty excited to see him in concert. 

Long story short, he was great. The majority of the set list {as jotted down by Sister} is below but he went from hit after hit after hit. He wasn't kidding when he said he was going to cram as much in as he could! You could tell he was tired and his voice was scratchy but came back for a second encore and hammered out at least four more before calling it a night. PHEW! He was so energetic on stage and he and Trisha were sweet together. The only song I wanted him to play that he didn't was "Standing Outside the Fire." 

Speaking of Trisha, she looked fabulous! I have always thought she was pretty and I really thought she looked great. I feel like they are a couple I would like to just sit down and have coffee {or two pina coladas?} with. I would love just to hear how they do life! Its like they are famous but seem normal. Like I wonder what they bicker about or if one walks around the house singing and the other is thinking, "can you stop that already?!" 

I also have a video of me singing "She's In Love With the Boy"/"X's and O's" in a random booth when my family was in Vegas when I was like 12 and had big plastic glasses. It's a family classic that has been a deep, dark secret and hidden in the vault that no one is allowed to pull from. I think if I had a chance to have coffee with Trisha, I would also offer that to her for her next music video - ya know, in case she needs some help with the hand motions or something. I was pretty good 20 years ago..... just sayin', Trish. 

I have a few people on my bucket list to see/hear/meet and Garth was one of them along with Bill Cosby who I also got to see live in May and then Jay Leno who we saw a few weeks ago! Pics {eventually} coming from that too!  

GrandDad had the two bigs from 3:30 that afternoon til we arrived just before 1 AM! I know he was tired but they woke up the next day asking for him! My parents got Moose to sleep without any trouble and I was relaxed and had a great time! Thanks to all who pitched in to make this happen! It was SO fun and I am still running around in my cowboy boots singing my Garth!

Here is pretty close to I think the entire set list...TY = Trisha. Duh.

Two of a kind workin' on a full house
Beaches of Cheyenne
The River
Two Pina Coladas
Papa Loved Mama
Ain't goin down til the sun comes up
Unanswered prayers
Make you feel my love
That summer
Thunder Rolls
People loving people (new song)
In anothers eyes (+ TY)
American girl (TY)
How do i live (TY)
Shes in love with the boy (TY)
Prize fighter(TY-new)
Callin' Baton Rouge
Friends in low places
The dance
{Some girl on the front row requested something and we didn't have a clue what it was?}
Lonesome dove
If tomorrow never comes
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Unfinished Playroom

In our old house, we had a huge open floor plan. Basically, you walked into the front door and on the right was the dining room {where we had our piano} and then in front of you was the living room and off to the right was the kitchen. The master was on one side and then there was then a little hallway that the kids bedrooms and bathroom was off of.

When we were first married, we had an office and a guest room and then Baby One came and we got rid of the office and then Baby Two came and we got rid of the guest room.

When we got rid of the office, we slid the desk into the living room and then as the kids acquired more toys they found spots on shelves in the living room and at some point, I gained weight, bought an elliptical and it found its way into the living room too! Before you know it, everything except for beds seemed to reside in the LIVING ROOM! AHHHHHH!

This meant that the main area that people walked into was ALWAYS a mess. Too much going on {living room, piano room, kitchen, toys, office stuff, etc.}, too much stuff in there and really hard to maintain.

When we were looking at houses, I was pretty set on a play room like room that we could keep most of the toys in. My boys have a train table and it needed a space along with Annie M's kitchen and all of their other stuff!! Toy containment was key and the idea was a room that was NOT in the main area of the house. I wanted a multi-purpose room that was kid friendly and didn't make me stressed about cleaning and bonus points if we could put the elliptical and craft stuff in there too!

When we found this house, I immediately could envision the play room. At one point the attic was decked out and converted into an extra room and this is what is now our playroom! Its perfect. It has a huge closet that stores games and crafts and most of the kids toys are there. Our elliptical is there and though we don't have room for my sewing stuff in there, my machine and table have found its own little place in our huge walk in closet in the master bedroom...still testing it there, but happy to have room there if needed.

This is a room I am thrilled that the kids can enjoy and CT3 and I can relax in, let them play and be kids and don't have to think about keeping perfect 24/7. Its nice for people to walk in the front door and not trip on every single toy we own and I finally feel like we have an adult type space with our living room not overrun with toys.

...don't get me wrong, AM still pulls half of her toys out into the other areas of the house most nights, but, its on a much less scale and is much easier to put away!

This room is not finished, but I am not in any hurry. I have some windows that I picked up out of someones trash that I want to clean up and use as frames and we will eventually hang those and maybe fill with IG pics? We will maybe get a futon and a small TV just to make it a bit more comfy up there - instead of the camping chairs we are using now and I have some Georgia Tech and Alabama stuff that may find its way to the walls!! For now though, its perfect.

It was repainted along with the rest of the house and we just used our extra odds and ends tables and shelving for the toys. Hubby wanted to cover the room with kid friendly mats and since they are about $15 at Lowe's we added two sets of foam ABC mats to the one we already had. Easy, cheap and kid friendly!

Forgive the blurry pics, and unfinished room, but here it is!!

Long hallway that I will eventually hang stuff on!

Our current seating arrangements! 

I have always wanted a ruler to measure my kids as they grow! Found the gray one at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago! Playroom rules sign from Home Goods but Hobby Lobby also has one.

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