Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Revolving Doors

My friends Lauren and Kat have done "Day in the Life" posts before and I always think how I should do them. You know, so when I get old, I can remember these days, right? 

Well, right now, there is nothing normal or settled about our living situation and our daily lives look different every day. We seem to be in a transitional state and while its a bit crazy, we are managing just fine. Honestly, most days, its an all hands on deck type thing. I will get to that in a few...

As for me, I am either home all day or doing quick errands with one or two kids. I mentioned yesterday that I have taken all three kids out by myself a few times now and am proud to say that I have survived Target with all three. I wore Baby M, a Target employee helped me strap CT4 in tighter and AM was in the big part of the buggy and covered with junk I bought. 

I took all three to take AM to dance earlier this week then took the boys to Chick-Fil-A while she was there. Upon our return, I had all three of them inside and when I went to leave, AM refused to take her tap shoes off. Instead of fighting in a small waiting room with her - with others around, I was just going to let her walk and handle it in the car. Another mom apparently was watching AM's disdain about removing the shoes and scooped her up and carried her out. 

All of that to say, I am two for two in people in public staring at me, commenting and helping! HA! I am not complaining - though I do think the lady carrying AM out was a bit much. Its not a big deal about the shoes in the rain and on the pavement, its a big deal that she is not obeying - which was my real issue here. 

Around the house, as mentioned, it seems to be all hands on deck. In the mornings, CT3 is around to help and usually Mom or Dad or both are around. If they aren't around, then they usually are by afternoon so I have only been alone a handful of times or when I am, its only been for a few hours. My parents have also been saints in keeping one or two of them so when I run errands, I am only taking one or two with me - honestly, two is easy breezy these days! 

The other day {after we got home from the Target trip}, I was nursing Baby M and I had shut all of us into one of the rooms. I was trying to contain everyone in the room that is as small and least hazardous as possible. All was going well til CT4 decided that he could climb up onto the rocking chair, stand up, rock and then jump off and hope that I would catch him. 

While I am usually a decent catch {I played goal keeper for half of my soccer career and am relatively confident in my abilities when things are coming in the air at me}, I have not perfected my ability to nurse a baby while trying to catch a 30+ pound flying monkey. After a few rounds of that and me eventually scooting my rear {and nursing babe} in front to block the fun climbing/jumping almost antique rocking chair, CT4 ran around the back of the bed. 

He and AM were chasing each other and giggling and Brother Bear kept pulling on the drawer in the bedside table. I knew I couldn't stress over it, so I didn't...then AM started yelling, "Mom! Brother has his finger in the electricity!!!" 

Lovely. Just then, Champ barked, my parents were home and I pulled Baby M off and yelled for Mom and Dad to come get the other two crazies!! PHEW! 

Most days, I feel like I could come up with a story {or ten} like that. Anne Margaret is usually pretty good and helpful and just wants to play games or sing with Gigi. Brother Bear is a climber, wild man and runs everywhere he goes. He bangs his head on the floor when he gets mad and he screams like none other, but is as cute and as snuggly as can be and is a happy kid and full of life...he is also every bit of an adventurous 17 month old little boy testing the limits as well. G-Diddy is his favorite and is the only one who can keep up with his antics. Mr. M is a sweet baby who loves to be held and has a bit of gas we are trying to figure out. Mom and Dad help with laundry, most days they have a plan for dinner and I try to plan nursings around when the two bigs are napping or when someone can watch the others. I get out of their hair when I can, take kids on walks and feed, clean and try to help in the mean time. I shower occasionally too! 

Like tonight, Mom played Candy Land with Annie M and Dad grabbed Baby M when I was in the shower and he was fussing. Usually Dad takes Champ out, but I am trying to do that more because I think the walking is good for me! CT3 helps with kids, taking them places and everything else when he is not at work.

Some days seem like a bit of a revolving door, but all in all, I am thankful for the extra hands and everyone's willingness to help. I am also very thankful that both my 17 month old and my 3.5 year old still take long afternoon naps! Amen and amen to that!!

Where was I now with my "day in the life" post!? Oh yeah. All of that to say, the only thing that is constant around here is change! I know soon we will hit our stride and find our routine. I know in a few weeks, Baby M will be sleeping better, and we will be more scheduled. I know in a few months, CT4 will hit his stride and that each day AM will grow up a bit more than my Mommy heart is ready for her to. 

This picture perfectly captures my kids and this stage we are in! Baby M fussing and probably trying to toot, CT4 looking at him and wondering "was dat?" or thinking about the giant toy that squeaks and moves and AM doing her Mommy thing!

I will enjoy the crazy days and enjoy the time that we are in close quarters. I am so thankful for the hands that let me run errands or jump in the shower and not have to rush because a baby is screaming. 

I have had multiple people tell me that they cant believe how we have it all together for just having a third baby - all three or under and for being on the road so much and having so many changes going on at once. Usually I just smile and nod, try to let them know that its a facade or thank them and move on. 

Deep down though and in my brain, I know what I am thinking. I know that its only relatively easy because I have great kids and a great village with lots of hands loving, supporting and helping me each step of the way! 

These are the days...the exhausting days and the fun days and the days I will look back on and love. These are the sleepless nights and the morns that Mom has coffee waiting on us when we wake. These are the days Mom takes AM to the pool while Dad watches Baby Bro and I just get to sit for half a second and hold my newborn. 

The newborn cries, the kids pitch fits and the grandparents give way too many treats! Kristin and Yoyo {her boyfriend - and not his real name} drop by, my kids go bezerk and then I have to work to wind the kids back down and work to get them in bed by 10. CT3 busts his tail at work, I stay up too late and eat lots of ice cream and popcorn waiting for him and then he arrives home, loves on the dog while he helps himself to ice cream and complains about me watching HGTV as he turns it to a sports channel. 

Eventually, we go to bed, only to wake up the next day and let our happy, little revolving door begin to turn again.   

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Monday, April 14, 2014

The Lion King at the Fabulous Fox Theater!

We kicked off Saturday morning with an Easter egg hunt at my parents house for Anne Margaret and some of our Atlanta friends. We dyed eggs, searched for eggs and the kids ate way too much candy! I will post more on that once I pull the pictures from my real camera.

One of my besties, Elizabeth was here with her sweet little twins and mentioned that she had extra tickets to the afternoon showing of the Lion King at the Fox Theater. Long story short, one of my sister's friends were going to use them and run by our house to pick them up. I have no idea what happened but an hour and a half before showtime, the friend ended up not being able to go.

I hated to see tickets to a great show {and with good seats} go to waste but my husband was doing weekend coverage at the plant and there was no way he could get off and go. I hadn't showered or nursed {or pumped} and I was a bit hesitant to leave my 3.5 week old for that long just because we have been having some fussiness and gas problems with him.

Then it dawned on me. If I know one man who loves his little granddaughter and loves seeing shows like this at the Fox, it would be GrandDad.

Now, GrandDad and Mimi don't just sit around on their weekends. Between church stuff, baking and cooking for all sorts of people all the time, general life and errands, etc, they keep a full calendar!! While I knew he would love to go, I didn't know if he would be around or available or even if we could pull it off in less than the hour and a half start time that we had.

I called Mimi, told her the deal and she said GrandDad was cutting the grass but she would call me back. Five minutes later, she called. GrandDad was on his way to the shower, I would get AM ready and we would meet near the Fox. He would have come to get her, but there was another festival in Atlanta this weekend and with the time and the traffic, I was afraid we wouldn't make it.

We were going to meet at Krispie Kreme near the Fox, me give GrandDad my car and my big girl and me take his. I was a bit nervous. Its not everyday that I just drop my kid off in downtown Atlanta, but AM and I went over and over how she was to hold GrandDads hand, stay with him, be on her best behavior and tell him if she had to go potty.

I knew she would be good, but still, lots of this letting my kids go with others is very new to me and I think we have only done it one other time! Anyway, our plan to meet at Krispie Kreme worked perfectly and we received a text from GrandDad at 2:05 pm saying they were in, seated and had made the opening!! PHEW! No doubt we all ran like chickens with our heads cut off and GrandDad had to park then carry her and run in to make it!

At the end of the day, it was worth the craziness. Anne Margaret was WORN slap out but was so happy! She has carried around her little Simba for two days now and she talked about GrandDad taking her for "her first trip to the fanciest theater in Atlanta - the one with the big stage!"

From my 3.5 year old, I didn't get much out about the show other than there were nice lions and mean lions and the animals danced up and down the aisles in cool costumes, but GrandDad said it was great.

Annie M also told me that she ate popcorn, juice and gummy bears. The gummy bear part she remembered well and was also excited about. Ha!

I was really happy that AM was able to go and that GrandDad was able {and willing!} to take her. I was glad she behaved and that they had a good time. GrandDad said that on the way home there was chatter coming from the back seat and then all of the sudden it was quiet. He looked in the rear view mirror and this is what he saw:

P.S. As I write this, two days later, AM just woke up from her nap, came downstairs and asked me for gummy bears! HA!
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

FIVE on Friday!!

I usually get all sorts of excited and shout things like "TGIF" whilst doing lots of fist pumps and little jumps where I click my heels like a little leprechaun on days like today.

While I am thankful for Friday, the hubby has to work this weekend which stinks! That means that for this sleepy mama, we will roll like a normal work day - and in fact, with weekend coverage, he will actually be working longer hours {boo!} Thankfully with his new job, the weekend work and middle of the night calls are less frequent than his old job, but I for real want the man home!

The good news is that I have a few other friendly helpers who go by the name of Gigi and G-Did and they will help me chase the littles! We also have lots of fun weekend plans - including an Easter egg hunt with friends, so even with out the hubster here, it will still be enjoyed!

Happy Friday to you and here are my Five on Friday!! Link up here!!


Do I look like I know what I am doing!? I had Baby M in the Moby wrap and asleep so I scooped up CT4, told AM to jump on the chair and into my arms as I threw the phone at my Mom and told her to "Quick! Take a picture!!"

I actually love this picture, but it is a bit of a false advertisement!

About three minutes later, I had the kids in the tub, CT4 was telling me, "poo poo! poo poo!" So with Baby M still on me, I threw a wet CT4 on the potty for lots of toots. He giggled, I got him off the toilet, texted my Mom to come get Baby M so that I could bathe the other two and turned around to see CT4 aiming at the toilet - and soaking the floor - and NOT because he was still dripping with tub water.

I put him back in the tub, washed them both, went to get AM out and CT4 stood up and went tee tee again in the tub. AM had a panic attack - as did I and I threw her out as fast as I could.

Her instructions were to find panties, p.j.'s and go get the iPad while I handled CT4. I managed to get CT4 down, then Baby M was crying, so I nursed him and in the meantime, AM got whatever she wanted just so I could handle the boys! She is a huge help but as I figure out timing, transition and all that, she has definitely had her fair share of iPad time, special treats and "doing play doh."

While we look happy and hunky-dory in the picture, really, most times, Gigi, G-Did or CT3 has at least one child. We are happy and loving life, but I have lots of help!!


Despite the controlled chaos, I am trying to get out at least once daily! For the past week, I have gotten out and gone walking {Mom goes with me some!} or running {very, very, very, very slowly} almost every day and today I took all three kids to Target by myself! GO ME!!

It wasn't perfect and the Target employee had to stop to help me strap CT4 in tighter, but I DID IT! AM and CT4 both had meltdowns because I wouldn't purchase every ball or Sophia toy in the store for them, and I rewarded my first solo venture out with a cup of Starbucks!!


Mr. M at 3 weeks and a few days old went to visit and meet his Great Grandma! He enjoyed the visit and showed off by being awake and alert the entire time. He was on his best behavior. 

AM was pretty good and Dad had come to meet us there so he could chase CT4. Lets just say that I need backup anytime I have CT4 and ANY other child. He is a mess!! A cute mess, albeit! He ran around shaking his head and hands at the electric sockets the entire time yelling, "no, no, no, no no!!" 


After being up til 4 am last night with a fussy babe, I got up this morning, drank lots of coffee, worked on our family calendar - which includes tons of spring time festivities and did some dreaded thank you notes. I am half way done and hope to finish next week...and is someone can remind me to mail them, that would be awesome.

I have Christmas thank you's and thank you's from AM's birthday in September in a bag or a box that I wrote then never got mailed!! Oops!


The Stella & Dot summer line launched earlier this week and I am in love with the Coral Cay necklace!!

Here are two ways to style it and click HERE to shop the full line!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We Go on Anniversary Dates to the Car Wash

The past three weeks have been a whirlwind! Speaking of three weeks, happy three weeks old to my new little babe! Time flies when you are having fun, right!? 

Somewhere in all of the craziness, CT3 and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! 

Mom and Dad offered to keep the kids for us to go out on a date. A date?? Whats that!? ;)

While they were willing to keep all three, this nursing mama wanted to take the little and leave the bigs. I felt like if we wanted to stay out late {because you know how us thirty-something year olds with multiple kids and sleep deprived are such party animals, right?!} we would at least have the option. 

We will give Baby M a bottle here soon, but for now and since I had all of the nursing challenges initially, I am just breastfeeding so I didn't want to leave my parents with a hungry, crying newborn and no way to help! 

Anyway, the plan was for us to go to dinner and then to maybe go to Barnes & Noble for coffee and me to write thank you notes and CT3 sit in quietness and peruse books and magazines. 

What were we thinking?? Adult conversation over dinner and then peace and quiet! Sounds like a great anniversary to me! 

CT3 looked at me at some point on our anniversary and said, "I really hope you didn't get me anything because I have nothing for you." My response was, "Nope, not even a card!" 

At that point, I think we were more on the same page than ever in our life. No gifts, no cards, just a sitter and dinner and a happy couple! ...don't get me wrong, next year, I will probably want some exorbitant, ridiculous, shallow gift, but for this year a quiet night out will do! 

We were trying to decide where to go and we were flipping through a few gift cards that we had. CT3 remembered that he had one to Brio and suggested it as its one of my favorite restaurants. I quickly agreed - as a Barnes & Noble was nearby too, so it was perfect. 

The humorous part is that my parents gave CT3 the gift card to Brio over SEVEN years ago. They gave it to him when I was living in Birmingham and when we were dating. In fact, I think they gave it to him for his birthday in 2006!! HA! They gave him a gas card {for driving back and forth from Georgia to Alabama} and they gave him the Brio gift card because there was one near me in Birmingham and I loved the place. 

He lost it then found it then every time we have tried to go, he didn't have it, and this night, the stars aligned, the babysitters were ready and we had our gift card in hand! Not only did Mom and Dad keep the kids, but they unknowingly paid for our dinner too! 

It was so great to get out and just eat a nice, slow, fancy quiet meal. Post dinner, I was tired, fat and happy. When CT3 looked at me and said, "So, Barnes & Noble now?!" I just asked if we could go home. How lame am I?! Getting the kids ready and then me getting ready and finally getting out the door had worn me out and I was ready for my sweat pants, the couch and some HGTV. 

He obliged and after a quick stop to fill my car up with gas and then take it through the car wash to rinse the pollen off, we were headed home. What a man, huh?! Dinner and the car wash! 

So that was how we celebrated our anniversary! From fancy cruises, trips to Israel, Italy, New York, Belize and more, to two {hopefully soon three} houses, to three kids and a dog and simple nights out and runs through the car wash, the past six years have been busy! We have had our ups and downs, our happy times and our I may just poke your eyes out times, but at the end of the day, there is no one else I would rather do this life with other than him! 

I love looking at our wedding pictures and remembering what a happy day it was! I would do it all over again and I would choose my CT3 any day of the week! Here's to the past six years and infinity more! 

.....did I mention the second we stopped at the gas station Baby M started wailing?? He cried while we got gas, through the car wash {granted he probably thought he was in a hurricane so I don't blame him for screaming then} and then all the way home! Dinner was fab, but reality soon hit and we stepped right back into our Mommy and Daddy roles! 
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