Friday, April 24, 2015

Five on Friday!

Hey friends!! Congrats to Chelsea Means, our YOXO and Target giveaway winner!! I sent ya an email and thanks to everyone else for playing! We will do another something soon, sound good!?

I am so thankful its Friday. This week has been busy and fun and this is the first weekend in a few weeks that hubby has not worked. I cant wait to hang around here with my little fam. Our neighborhood has an annual yard sale and so we will be doing that - and just laying low!

Linking up with a few blogs to share my Five on Friday! Hope your weekend is the best.


I redecorated my dining room table and I am in love with it! At first I thought it may be too "messy" looking but mixing metals and materials is on trend and after leaving it for a bit, it really grew on me! I love the lace paired with the floral and then my gold, white, silver and clear candlesticks and accessories! Springy and fun, for sure!

Remember when I was doing all of the room tours of our new house? I never finished and if I can get my act together...and house cleaned, maybe I will show you a few more rooms!

Here are links to the ones I have blogged about thus far! 

Annie M stole quick hugs from two of her favorite boys earlier this week! She sure does love and miss them! 

When the kids have activities at school, I run back and forth between classes like a chicken with my head cut off trying not to miss a thing and be there for both kids. Anyone else do this or just me?? Next year, it will be three kids there and that will be even more crazy!

This week, barnyard friends came to visit. Annie M loved it and took in every word the lady said. She petted and fed every animal and asked for pictures with each as well. Brother, on the other hand, was SO excited and then terrified. Like hold-me-mommy-dont-put-me-down terrified...or in his words - "I skerd." 

It took a long, long time til he finally warmed up to the velveteen rabbit {whom he told me "loved him more than anyone out there"} and the goat - who he yelled "GOOOO Goats!" at as he did a fist pump....any of my Mom's Clarkston High School friends out there?? You will be on board with his "Go Goats" cheer.  

I saw this little thing on the wall at Annie M's ballet. Nothing fancy, I know but I'm on the hunt for fun, easy summer crafts to do with her, and this one will make the cut! 

I took the kids for a run at {around} the mountain on Wednesday. The skies were perfectly blue, the green grass and trees vibrant and the wind blowing the most perfect April morn breeze. I paused for a moment to take it all in and snap the picture. The verse that I was reminded of was Isaiah 55:12 that reads, 
"You will go out in joy

    and be led forth in peace;
the mountains and hills
    will burst into song before you,
and all the trees of the field
    will clap their hands."

Also, on that run {or shall I say run/walk?}, I got the giggles when the speed limit sign registered my speed...not sure whether to be proud that my double stroller, two kids and me were actually moving fast enough for it to read our speed, or embarrassed at how slow! Either way, I'd like to say how talented I am since I took this picture as I ran! :) 

Have a great weekend and head over to the links below to link up and find a few new friends! xo

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Monday, April 20, 2015

An Earth Day {+ Target!} Giveaway!

Hi Friends! Yay for weekends and yay for fun giveaways!!

Some of you may recall, a few weeks ago I did a little TV segment that showed off a few family friendly, earth friendly, easy crafts and toys! I have posted about them this weekend - the easy, DIY bird feeder and simple in home terrariums and today I am showing off and giving away one YOXO kit as well as a $25 Target Gift Card!

When I did the segment, YOXO sent me kits for my kids to test, and after seeing my kids enjoy them {and still a month later playing with them} I asked them if they would send me an extra to gift to one of yall!! They were really friendly and more than happy to share some YOXO love!

I know some of yall are thinking YOXXXXX - what!? Well, here are the deets....

YOXO {pronounced yock-so} offers creative construction kits that inspire open-ended play. The Y, X and O connectors are made from compressed wood pulp and can be used to build and connect to create using the pre-made kit designs or by using items found around the house such as toilet paper rolls and cereal boxes to create anything you can imagine!

The product is manufactured in Minnesota in a wind powered workshop and YOXO links are made with water jet cutters using water moving at the speed of sound. How cool is that!?! ...I just learned it when I looked at their website to make sure what I was telling yall was all correct! Couldn't resist sharing that fascinating little tidbit!

YOXO's mission is to keep kids creating. My kids {ages 4.5 and 2.5} have enjoyed playing with them and of course my engineering husband has jumped in and helped with a few things too!

We have loved our YOXO product's because I am all about anything that encourages my kids to use their imagination. We are not ones to sit in front of the TV and so these have been perfect for me to tell them to go gather a few toilet paper rolls from around the house and "try to make something with it." The kids take off as if they have won the scavenger hunt lottery and they have made some pretty amazing towers {Brother} and princess crowns {Annie M}!

You can barely see the crown on her animals head...the real picture was on my camera and I couldn't find my cord, thus you get an iPhone picture of a picture! :)

Thus far, I have only had once where Brother emptied a roll so that he could have "more toilet paper rolls to make a taller tower." I could only laugh at that! He was SO excited and not at all concerned about the toilet paper piled on the bathroom floor!

At the end of the day, when these toys are old and no longer needed, we can toss them in the recycling bin. A cool product, made in the good ole USA, eco-friendly and encourages kids to create anything they can imagine! Forbes touted the earth friendly products last week, I promoted them here in Atlanta and they are now in over 600 stores {Targets, Barnes & Noble and specialty toy stores} nationwide! Use this link to find where they are carried near you or just shop online.

A few weeks ago I was perusing the toys and found them in my local Target store. They were on sale that week {not this week!} but the prices range from $15 - $59 {in store} and they even have classroom kits for teachers and free idea generator downloads on their website!

That's the scoop on this fun little toy! Today, we are giving away one YOXObot Org kit {provided by YOXO} and a $25 gift card to Target {provided by me}!! 

You can get multiple entries and see below for how. Winner will be selected via Rafflecopter on Earth Day, April 22nd! Til then, enter and share!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

DIY Mason Jar Terrariums

My kids are into digging in the dirt, burying things and planting, so they loved the quick and easy Mason Jar Terrarium craft. We made a few of these and they have found their home in our downstairs bathroom for now!....Annie M likes to move things and redecorate often, so who knows where they will be tomorrow :)

I liked them because they were fast, make for simplistic decor and can also be educational. By educational, for us, I mean that in the sense that my four year old and I briefly chatted and she understood plant + water + light and ecosystem.

This image and the link below were the inspiration for our easy terrariums. The post below includes more detail on the rocks as a drainage system and "activated charcoal" - which I did not use. It prevents mold build up though, I'm pretty sure?

For mine, I went simple with rocks, dirt, moss and plant. I did {do} save and recycle glass jars so we had those on hand, and some of the rocks and all of the dirt was from my front yard. I was in a hurry and snagged a {plastic} succulent from Hobby activated charcoal needed for fake plants! Shhh! Don't tell Annie M that! ;)

Here is what you will need::
  • Glass Jar
  • Soil
  • Succulents
  • Rocks
Simple instructions:: 
  • Gather materials
  • Place rocks at the bottom of the jar
  • Layer the dirt
  • Plant succulents or moss
  • Accessorize - I saw some little boys who loved action figures add them to their plants. It was kind of cute and unique to see - here is the sample of one with dinos below and the link from where I found it! How cute!
Anyway, simple and the kids love the dirt and watching their little terrarium come together! Pin It Now!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

DIY Bird Feeder for Kids

Earth Day is coming up and I wanted to share a few easy, around the house, recyclable kid craft ideas for you and your littles!! I made these bird feeders with Annie M a few weeks ago and so they are officially kid tested and kid approved.

You can be as creative as you want and really decorate them up all while making the birds {and squirrels} in your neighborhood a personalized feeder.

Here are the materials you will need:
  • Tin Cans
  • Bird Seed
  • Ribbon
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Small Wooden Dowels

Now that you have your materials, here is a quick step by step on how to make them! Really, so fast and easy!!

  • Let your child {or you!} paint the empty tin can. Use stickers and paint pens if you want! Let the paint dry. 
  • Glue a small wooden dowel into the inside of the can with about 2 inches sticking out for the birds to perch on. I used a glue gun because that was faster and easier. 
  • Tie ribbon around the can and leave enough extra to tie around your tree branch. 
  • Fill with bird seed and hang for your bird friends! Bonus points if you wear Cinderella high heels, a Doc McStuffin's doctors coat and a Hello Kitty watch while doing it. :) 
  • Watch and enjoy! You can hardly see the tail feathers of a little bird on the green feeder! We sit at the table and the kids yell when one comes along, so this was taken as I tripped over kids and high chairs to snap it with my iPhone...all in the name of a blog post. ;) Also, we hung ours here because its an easy place for the kids to see from the house. Once we hang the swings, the feeders will head out to the trees!  

Happy DIY'ing! Stick around as I have a fun giveaway coming on Monday! Pin It Now!
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