Monday, July 7, 2014

Moving:: The Interview

If you are just jumping in now, be sure to click back to my last two posts. They share how we got this whole move thing rolling!

When we left off yesterday, CT3 had had a critical business meeting with a influential person at work.

A few weeks after that, a job opened up in Atlanta.  The internal transfer could be a delicate thing and we wanted to walk diligently through that. For CT3 to put in for this transfer, he had to tell his boss, his bosses boss and human resources and then there were no guarantees. We were nervous that he wouldn't get the job or would decide to stay, but because we had expressed interest in leaving, it would stall his career there at his current plant.

Ultimately, we decided that he would be open and honest with his bosses in regards to these discussions and let them know that while we were looking, he was also pushing harder than ever in the projects he was on there and would remain 110% committed until otherwise noted. His focus would be on the current and we would trust God for the future knowing that if the details fell into place, it would be because of Him.

CT3 put in for the job and we waited. And waited. And waited some more.

It must have been early November when he applied and then we didn't hear anything for a few weeks. Though we wondered, setting our focus on where we were currently, helped us through the wait....I would be lying if I didn't ask CT3 daily "if he had heard anything."

Finally, we got the word that they would like to interview him and we were nervously excited. The interview would be in the beginning of December and so we set our sights on that.

One day at work, before his interview, HR called CT3 in and told him that the person in charge of HR for the Atlanta division was at his plant today and would CT3 like to meet with him. 

UM, YES!? 

CT3 said they chatted for over 45 minutes and though it was not an interview or anything official, it was kind of an interview and a great connection with again, another person of influence. This person would have direct contact with the other people who would be hiring him and all so to bump into this guy and spend just shy of an hour with him was another encouraging sign. 

When the interview day rolled around - mid December and just over a month since he applied, CT3 came up the night before and though family was close by, we decided that he would stay in a hotel just so he could get a nights sleep with out kids, family, friends around. He wanted to brush up on his resume and think through some interview stuff and we felt like the solidarity and quietness of the hotel room would let him have the space to do that.

It would also let him sleep right by the plant and not being familiar with traffic patterns and times, we didn't want to risk an Atlanta traffic jam and him be delayed or late for an interview!

Fast forward through the next day and the interview went fine...I never get much from my husband {part because he is humble and part because he refuses to toot his own horn} and if get anything its a "fine." I always say "fine good?" or "fine bad" and while he said some was good, he just wasn't 100% sure as he was nervous during it. He felt like he knew all of the answers and had good ideas and responses but didn't know how effectively he had communicated.

You know, like it makes sense in your head yet you wonder if others were picking up what you were putting down type thing? I think that's how he felt.

Regardless, I just told him I was proud of him and we went on. I was proud of him and regardless of if he got the job or not, I knew that God had a plan. Again, we focused on where we currently were and we waited. Pin It Now!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Moving:: An Early Encouragement

At this point, summer was winding down and we were into the fall, CT3 had his resume updated and we had set our sights on Atlanta. We kind of piddled around looking at jobs online and thinking, "wow, this would be cool" as we weighed the pros and cons of an internal transfer with his international company and the reasons he should or should not pursue that instead.

As for staying with his current company, he basically would have to see a job post that fit him and compete for it, so while he had a benefit by already being with a division of the company and knowing some of those ropes, he basically would be a candidate and interviewing for these jobs just as if he were interviewing and trying to get on board with a different company.

The decision was that CT3 would regularly check the company website for opportunities and we would continue to network and look outside as well.

It was a seemingly normal day til my phone rang from CT3's cell phone. He never calls me from his cell during the day - in fact he often doesn't have it on him just due to the nature of his work. I grabbed it quick thinking something was wrong.

It was quite the opposite and CT3 was calling to share about an encouraging conversation he had had with one of the company's regional VP's. Long story short, CT3 was meeting with him to brief him on an install at the plant that CT3 was in charge of. They went from the digital optics briefing to a career discussion in which CT3 mentioned to him that he would like to get back to Atlanta.

They chatted about opportunities and the guy {CT3's bosses, bosses, bosses boss} said, "I will do what I can to help make that happen."

Now, we knew that this didn't necessarily mean that he would just hook us up with a job, but what we did know was that important people knew of CT3's desires and that important people were willing to help him move in that direction and would cheer him on. CT3 was thrilled to have had this conversation and even more excited of the support he received.

During the fall, CT3's plant always has a friends and family day. They open the plant once a year and we always try to go. Mom was in town and so she and the kids and I loaded up and headed to see CT3 at work. We parked and as we were driving in, the regional VP {same guy that CT3 had met with the day prior} was driving out.

He stopped his car, rolled down his window, greeted us by name and spoke highly of my husband, his work ethic and the job he was doing.

I know my husband is smart and a hard worker, but it sure is nice to hear it from someone at that level. That made me a proud wife and impressed me that the VP cared enough to stop and speak. Even more impressive was the fact that I have met this gentleman maybe twice in my life at corporate events and he greeted us by name.

These two encounters with this influential man really was just an eye opener for us in the way that the Lord was just beginning to go before us and pave the way. Its not like he gave us a job on the spot with a major bonus or anything, but as we started this journey, it was just a nice heavenly touch from God saying, "this is the way, walk in it."  Pin It Now!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Story of the Move: How It Started

Late spring, early last summer, CT3 and I discussed putting our house on the market and finding something a bit bigger and on a different side of town. We were going to move closer to his work and into a different school district and a little further out - as if we didn't already live in the sticks. Baby number three was on the way {though we didn't yet know} so it seemed like the timing would work well.

I cleaned up a bit, the realtor came to our house, we chatted details, she ran comps and emailed them to us and it was a joke.

The realtors use the last three sales within a certain time frame or something for comps. Anyway, ours had to use one home that was foreclosed and one that was a friend of ours who significantly dropped their price to sell in the comparisons and then one other that I cant remember the situation but it was dirt cheap. She wanted to LIST it at over $10,000 less than what we bought it for and that's before any negotiations, closing costs, etc.

Combine that with the realtor knowing she could price ours low, get a fast sale, get us in a new house and if we used her for both, collect commission on both ends and I was a bit grumpy over the whole thing. We called two other realtors and they ran comps and agreed to list it a bit higher than our original realtor.

I was ready to do it and my husband balked. Discussions started in regards to, "what if we move and then want to move home" and "how would this all work out. Should we just list it and see what happens? Should we job hunt? Should we do nothing?" and on and on and on.

The 'do nothing' option makes me crazy knowing that we wanted to make a change, and the whole 'should we job hunt thing' is tough too. My husband works hard - and a lot. He has long days and long hours that don't necessarily leave lots of time for working on resumes, job applications, networking and the like. I know that job hunts can take a while but when I get something in my mind, I am like a bull in a China shop so all I could think of was if we are going to do it, lets get it done.

Bull in China shop + husband who works millions o crazy hours = a seemingly long process. It wasn't all that long though in the scheme of things but this revealed that patience is clearly not a gift of mine!

After more discussions, we decided we would pursue options outside of his current job. We went to the beach, CT3 worked on resume stuff a bit here and there and we found out we were pregnant with Baby T #3. Moving home {closer to family!} and a new house with a bit more space were definitely wants now.

His resume was now updated, summer was winding down and we were putting feelers out there. CT3 put in for a few things, but they were random stuff that we found online kind of on a whim and just to see if we got any calls. He kept plugging away at work and would often check for opportunities within his company online.

As we did all of this, the miracles began and one open door after another just began to lead the way.

I'll be back soon for the next part of the story. Pin It Now!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Big Trucks and Beaches

Hey yo! Look what showed up at our house a week and a half ago?!

The moving truck! Praise God! Our stuff is in storage and if all goes as planned, early in the morning we will sign the papers and hand the keys to our little home over to someone else. I am nervous and ready for it to be said and done. 

Watching movers pack your stuff can be exhausting, so post move out and truck load, we headed south to the beach! It was a fun week with family and nice to get away. Brother Bear had two teeth coming in and has a cold from hades and been a handful to say the least. I do have to say that fussy kids are way better with sandy shorelines and waves around so we just made due and still had fun! 

We are now back from the beach, most clothes have been laundered and put away and as mentioned, headed to close on our house early in the morn. Please pray for a smooth closing and no hiccups. As far as I know, we are good to go. The buyer did the walk thru on Friday and we didn't hear anything, so I think we are ready. Our timeline is a bit crazy as we are doing doctors appointments and all while in town and I am praying it all works out as well. 

Lots going on and we are ever so thankful to be through with part one of the move, almost through closing the house and soon to be on the house hunt! Beach vacay was a blast and now if we can find a house, get the kids well and settle down a bit, we will be rocking and rolling! 
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