Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Newsy News

These pictures are too fun not to share!! Though I have more Annoying?! Or Not? post ideas, honestly, they are getting a bit boring. While kind of humorous and while all of the topics don't annoy me, I kind of feel like I am ranting or complaining and, you guessed it, THAT'S ANNOYING!!! We shall see if I keep doing them or if I get back to regular business around here! I am missing out on too much goodness and my iPhone is full so let me try to catch you up!! First, fall is here and I am loving it!! A bit of decor also made its way into our little home! 

Second, I am SO proud of my kids. Like SO proud. Moosey Goosey {as CT4 calls him} turned 7 months old! We have finally hit our stride with a routine, he is sleeping in the pack n play - rather than the swing {yes, my kids have all slept in swings} and he is doing decently on solid foods. He is getting the crawling thing down and he can almost get himself up to a seated position from his belly. 


As CT4 would say, "oh my dood-ness!" That and "per-fect!" said in a sweet high pitched voice are his two new favorite sayings. I have caught myself saying both fairly often and now I know where he gets it!! He is almost two, loving school and really thriving. His vocabulary is amazing and he will have conversations on the phone, with you in person and respond in full sentences. CT4 has had a rough go. We went from new teeth, to moving, to new church and school, to illness, to another illness to another illness. He has been ornery to say the least. We are all well and he is doing awesome. He is so sweet, says yes ma'am and yes sir constantly, no thank you, please and is just really polite. He was having major fits, not listening and hard to calm down and lately he has been EASY. Knock on wood but I am thinking that just him not feeling well and all of the transition had just made my pretty laid back kid a bit crazy! He is still wild, but he is sweet as can be and really a great kid!!! So proud of him! 

And then there is my Annie M. Seriously, this girls smile lights up a room. I have no words for her other than joyful, fun and loving. She too is doing well and really no news. She is learning to express herself and learning how to push her Mommy's buttons. While she can be quite sassy, I am proud of this girl too. She has a lot of common sense and is really a great kid. 

Tonight, we ran to Target. I was by myself and had all three kids. Annie M did exactly as I asked for everything. She walked by my side, rode on the front of the stroller when I needed her to, helped her brothers, didn't touch a thing in the store and on and on. Towards the end, we had to make two trips to the car as I had left something. I promised CT4 and her a cake pop if they were good helpers. We got to Starbucks to get one and they were out of the kind that she wanted. You could tell she was trying to be so brave and strong and hold back tears. She wanted it SO bad and her little lip was quivering as she looked through the glass. 

Instead of pitching a fit - which has happened before, she calmly took my hand and told me that "she didn't know what to do because she was so sad that they were out of what she wanted." She took a few deep breaths and as all of that happened, the Starbucks lady found the last one. I was very thankful but more importantly, I was so proud of my big girl and how she handled the situation...cake pops are a big deal to four year olds, ya know!! 

Third, my kids are truly rocking this Octobers dress up stuff. I am a Halloween hater, but even I will admit that they are super cute dressed up!! The first picture is from "book character day" at school where Annie M went as Sister Bear from the Bernstein Bears and where CT4 had his Thomas the Train/The Little Engine That Could costume. I started making CT4's then realized his class wouldn't be in the parade...that's another story for another day, but his costume was made so it fit over a little scooter toy for him to sit on and scoot! So fun! 

We hit up our schools Fall Festival last week and Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder were a huge hit!! Annie M has been saying she wanted to be Ariel since before her birthday, so we dressed the boys up to match her and off they went! 

Lastly, while its true that I have had a ton going on lately, there is one other major thing that's been happening!! I've been a tad busy planning a wedding!! More to come from this wedding planner, but a million congrats to my sis and her man! We love them both and cant wait to watch them live their happily ever after!! 

Here is a pic from the helipad on the top of a site we are looking into!! That tall building behind K's head is the Bank of America building and they got engaged at the top of it!! Crazy! 

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Annoying? Or Not?! - Day 8

Facebook Rants

Eeeesh. Don't even get me started!!! I mean I am all for sharing my opinion - just ask my family, I surely have opinions and they are strong. But peeps, the Facebook status rants, debates and arguments just make me a bit cray cray.

You too?? Yay or Nay?

Actually, as I am writing this post, I am realizing that its not all rants. Its just some people who constantly post the same thing. Same rant, different day, more arguments. Yes, that.

The worst part about it is its like a train wreck. Makes me crazy to read, but then I cant stop reading. Ha!

Anyway, I feel like we all have our views and beliefs and I am totally open to sharing mine. I know that me sharing mine may not change your thoughts and that's okay!! You can share yours too and it may not change me but we may both be a bit smarter in the end!! That said, I refuse and get totally annoyed by debate over them on a Facebook status, arguing from behind the computer screen.

Can I get an amen?? What about you? Annoying? Or Not?!

Just joining!? Catch up at the links below!

Topic Disclaimer:: My husband says I am the most easily annoyed person on the planet. He's probably right cause I just thought of 87 things off the top of my head that annoy me. Hence the birth of this topic. These topics are meant to be fun, test the waters of who else thinks what are annoying and by no means meant to offend! No doubt people will be on other ends of the spectrum and may think I am a bit crazy at the end of it all. Bottom line, have fun, express yourself and play nice! 
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Annoying?! Or Not? - Day 7

The Selfie

Aint that the truth!? 

I'm not going to lie. This post took some work. Some people take the most awesome selfies and me, well, not so much. I stand as a testament to the statement above that these four selfies below are the best I could get you...and there are about 400 more where that came from. 

I can't ever get the phone out of the way...or if it is, my head is at a way funny angle. Exhibit A:

Or its like waaaaay too close to the ole face. Hey there awkward eye ball. Other wise, half way decent, for a non professional selfie taker. Exhibit B:

Next up we have the deer in the headlights look. Exhibit C: 

And finally, and non pictured because I cant bring myself to even take it, but the duck face selfie. Here...I will let Derek demonstrate. 

So, the selfie in general. Cute and fun? Or annoying? Honestly, they don't bother me...until ALL THAT YOU POST ARE PICTURES OF YOURSELF. Then I am annoyed and am all "take a picture of something else, why doncha!?" 

One step face. Annoying or not?! While I am totally cool with the occasional, fun, what am I wearing, hey I did my hair today or this is a just cause I can rock a selfie-selfie, I get totally annoyed by the duck face. 

Just joining!? Catch up at the links below!

Topic Disclaimer:: My husband says I am the most easily annoyed person on the planet. He's probably right cause I just thought of 87 things off the top of my head that annoy me. Hence the birth of this topic. These topics are meant to be fun, test the waters of who else thinks what are annoying and by no means meant to offend! No doubt people will be on other ends of the spectrum and may think I am a bit crazy at the end of it all. Bottom line, have fun, express yourself and play nice! 
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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Yall. This company asked me to review them and I couldnt be more pleased! I will tell the whole story below, but I want to first say that as I ordered, tested, reviewed and wrote this, not only has this company been wonderful to work with but they are also a really cool company. I was really happy to have had the opportunity to learn about them, support them and share about them. 

Rug Pad Corner is doing their part to help the environment {natural/green product}, stimulate the economy here at home {made in the USA}, keep costs down and maybe most importantly, they give away a portion of every order to charity. While I was impressed with the product {see below for what all we tried} I was more impressed with the company and would highly recommend them. They do everything from in home rugs to corporate clients so read my review, see the discount below and please share about them with others for your home or business! Great company, great product and great cause! 

All of that to say, here's our story and trial with rug pads.

Rug pads arriving!

A few weeks ago, I received an email about rug pads. It was from a company I was not familiar with so I kind of skimmed it, emailed it to my husband asking if he was familiar with them and then moved on to the next email in my inbox.

A few hours later, the doorbell rang and my dog went flying to the door and slid across the rug which went in the opposite direction as he hit it. I shoved it back with my foot and opened the door...Later that night, as I was straightening up, I went into the hall bath and fixed the rug which was askew thanks to kids running in and out, moving their stools, etc. Fixing that mat was a daily thing.

We had recently purchased a few rug pads from Home Goods but had not opened them yet and both CT3 and I kept saying it was one of the things we needed to do, but just kept falling to the bottom of the to do list. We had mentioned picking up a few more for the bathroom upstairs and a few other spots as well and just hadn't gotten around to it.

A day or so later, I went back through my email and remembered the email from the random store called Rug Pad Corner. I opened it and reread it and squealed! I realized that they were offering to send me a few rug pads for me to have and try!!!

Obviously, I was pretty excited that I had this opportunity, but even more excited because it truly was a product that we NEEDED and was on our "to buy" and "to do" list.

I am a bit leery of reviews but I googled the company, checked them out on Facebook and they seemed reputable and lots of other shoppers have had great experiences with them, so I figured why not and emailed the rep back.

Before I tell you the nitty gritty, I will say that I was really pleased with the rep that I was working with. He was super nice and very helpful with all of my questions. I had no doubts or concerns that if I was not satisfied that he would do what he could to make it right!

They also offered a 15% discount to any of my readers by using the code REVIEW15. That combined with the free shipping that they give is a great deal for a custom product so check 'em out!

Here is how Rug Pad Corner works - and what I did for my order.

You can basically just hop online and order OR you can go to their site and use their Rug Pad Wiz to help you.  I chatted with my husband and we decided that we would try a few different products to give an overall review - and it also was good for us because three of the four places we needed rug pads had different floor surfaces. Again, win-win.

We tried the "Ultra Premium for Hardwoods," "Super Hold for Hardwoods," and the "Super Hold for Tile."
Gray/Purple = Shows Both Sides of the Ultra Premium for Hardwood rug pads {kids room}
 Green = Super Hold for Hardwoods {foyer}
Not Pictured = Super Hold for Tile {bathroom}
ALL of them have been great. The ultra premium for hardwoods went in the kids rooms and gave a little padding to the rugs in there - along with holding them in place. Perfect for rambunctious kids.

This is CT4's big boy room! I'll show you more pics of that soon! We are still waiting on the rug to go on this pad. DON'T get me started on this...I ordered it from Wayfair {the rug, NOT the pad} and it has not been a good experience. It was ordered in August, showed it was out for delivery and then nada. Apparently they had a computer glitch and now the rug wont be here til November. Boooo. Regardless, the pad is ready and waiting!! 

Above is the rug in Baby M's room. The left side of the picture shows the side of the rug that goes down and keeps it from sliding on the floor and the right image shows the wool like surface that is touching the carpet so that it doesn't move. 

The super hold for hardwoods went under the rug in the foyer. I was not concerned with extra padding on that one but more of "don't want that one sliding around when the dog attacks our visitors at the door!" So far, so good on that and it hasn't budged! The super hold for tile went in the bathroom and I am really, really happy that it has held the bath mat firmly in place. We have one of the cheap rug mats in the upstairs bath and the rug keeps flopping off of it and I have to keep rearranging. I may actually order a few more rug pads {master bath and this bath that the cheap pad isn't working in} from Rug Pad Corner, since the others I have tried we have been pleased with!


Bath as we laid it out.
Their website has lots of info on "rug education" and the type of mats that may work best - not only for the rug on the surface its on, but on prolonging the life of the rug. They are made in the USA, contain natural materials and their products are guaranteed for 15-20 years depending on the specific pad you choose! No chemicals, no adhesive, etc....go to their site for more details cause I don't want to sound like a commercial! :)

I got the rugs almost a month ago. While we were pleased with customer service, delivery and the initial "we think these will work" type thing, my husband said, wait a few weeks to write the review and we can make sure we are happy! Almost a month later and no complaints and we would absolutely recommend and reorder from them - as a paying customer! 

These rugs I did receive complimentary to try and to tell you about! If we didn't have a positive experience, I would have shared that as well, but thankfully we did. If you have any questions, please comment or email me directly and if you have questions for the rep I was working with, email me and I am happy to share with you their contact information. 

Again, these are CUSTOM cut rug pads for your home. They can make them all different shapes and sizes and they start pretty cheap - like $19 ish and more {depending on pad type, size, etc} for great quality, environmentally safe and a made in the good ole US of A product.

They ship free and for a 15% discount don't forget to use the code REVIEW15. Happy rug pad shopping and thanks to Rug Pad Corner for letting me have this opportunity! 

I'll be back soon with more in my October series!!! I have posts coming - so many that if I can ever get a second away, I may try to play catch up! But we have all been under the weather and hubby has been traveling for work so I am a bit behind! Imagine that!! Have a great weekend and go order cushy rug pads!! ;)
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