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Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Guest Bath - DIY

I keep saying that I see the light at the end of the tunnel, but our house is a wreck! Boxes and stuff are everywhere and while we have worked our fannies off all week long. My parents and my in-laws have spend countless hours working and it hardly looks like we've made a dent!! 

Though we are worn out, we will keep our hand to the plow and keep sorting those boxes and putting stuff away and soon, I hope to give you a little home tour! 

Until I get to that point, I will share here and there about projects we have going on and how its all coming together!!

First up, the guest bathroom.

When we bought the house, the bathrooms all had standard {nothing fancy} fixtures and lights and just normal big wall mirrors plastered up. It wasn't a huge deal, and probably no one else would have noticed, but I have watched too much HGTV and shopped too many fancy bathrooms and now knew the potential and feasibility of a cute bathroom.

I mentioned it to my Dad and it was a done deal. Dad said that it was an easy, cheap fix and he would handle it. Now, its not to too many people I just say "great, handle it" but with stuff like this, its all his. He knew what I wanted, could envision it and knew better than I, how to make it look good. 

I feel the same way with hanging pictures and my Dad. I trust him and I want it done well and right. I tell him my vision, he tweaks it, gets it done, we move on with life. His pictures are always precise on the wall, perfectly centered, eye level and I am a stickler for a good wall hanging! The size has to be appropriate for the wall and the shape too. I am major high maintenance when it comes to these things and Dad knows what I want, so I let him run with it! ...besides, he needs a few projects to keep him from being bored and off the streets, right!? ;) 

First, I will show you the before picture and then the after picture, just to compare and then I will share the process! 

Here is the before. Standard fixtures that were brass and polished silver and a big normal mirror. 

And the after! New light, trimmed out mirror, new fixtures and way cuter! 

This light was $88 and some of the fixtures/hardware, we splurged a bit more on because we weren't buying a new mirror. All in all, it was under $250 and could have been less if we didn't buy a few of the extras....I really hated the brass/silver thing the previous owners had going on and CT3 was in support of getting rid! If you just did the mirror, your cost would be trim, screws, paint and the tape to install. 

First, we measured. And by we, I mean my Dad! He basically measured the lengths he would need to trim out the four sides of the mirror and went to the store and purchased. He came home, made the cuts per his measurements and screwed the trim together on the corners. Voila, the frame was done. 

Here we are doing a test to see if the size of trim would be good. I also did NOT want my trim to come all the way down to the back splash. I wanted it to look like it was floating a bit, so we bought a piece of wood {trim} that we painted the color of the wall and tacked on before installing the frame...more on that in a second. 

Anyway, after Dad built the frame, he first painted it white and then flipped it over, added some painters tape so he wouldn't get black spray paint everywhere and he sprayed the back of the frame. I didn't understand why til I saw it up this afternoon, but the mirror reflects the black and makes it look like one unit...and not something taped to the wall! I will show you below but even if you don't get it, just take ole Dale's word for it and make sure the back is black! 

We let the paint dry then Dad painted the front silver {let it dry} and then did black on the inside {let it dry} and then brushed it with a coat of white before distressing it. Now, all of this is NOT necessary!! You could paint it with a glossy white - or the same paint that is used for your house trim, or you could use a brown/wooden trim or whatever. Dad is a perfectionist when it comes to this, so we let him and his colors be. Once he distressed it, he even took red and blue crayons just to give it a bit more texture, but don't tell anyone that Dad colored my mirror, okay?! ;)


Painted white and just before distressing

 Dad came over to install the frame. He had brought over the extra piece we were going to use to "make the frame float" and he just had to paint it the same color as the wall.

As he looked for the piece, he was not too thrilled with me to hear that I had given it to our contractor to drill into for our dishwasher. Oops. How was I supposed to know what it was for!? This delayed our install til Dad could pick up another and prime and paint it. My bad.

Sad frame waiting since I gave away the parts needed! 
We finished it up today and it looks great. Here is Dad double-checking the size. You can also see here along the inside of the frame how the black is reflecting. That is where Dad painted the back of the frame. You didn't even notice it because it looked so natural, did you!? That's why you paint black on the back, got it!?

Once everything was double checked, Dad pulled out the heavy duty double sided tape. The frame is SUPER light so this should be plenty to hold it. He framed the inside of the frame and stayed slightly away from the edges. 

After that, I helped him hold it and put into place and just like that, our easy bathroom upgrade was done! If you do just the frame, your costs are minimal. The trim wasn't all that expensive and then it was just the heavy duty double sided tape, paint and screws. 

I love how it all turned out and I love how easy it was!! We did a few upgrades in the master bath too and I will have to show you that soon!

Here's to handy Dads who like to color on mirrors and upgraded and cute bathrooms!

Other details:: the walls are Sherwin Williams paint color matched to Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter at 50% and are a satin finish. Pin It Now!


  1. Looks amazing! Thanks for all the inside hints to DIY. Keep your dad busy. He's got this under controls.

  2. Looks awesome! Thanks for the DIY tips. Keep your dad busy, he's doing a fabulous job.

  3. I LOVE that it's hung with double-sided tape. HEE-larious.

  4. Thank goodness for Dad's
    It looks awesome


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