Monday, August 11, 2014


I blogged last week on how I plan {hope} to decorate. One of the things I loved when perusing Pinterest was the idea of my kids silhouettes adorning our living room wall. Here was the picture and idea that I found and fell in love with on Pinterest::

As yall know, I love all things crafty and as we prep to move in, I figured I would try my hand at cutting my kids silhouettes.

I randomly snapped profile pictures of my kids as they were watching TV and figured I would go for it. I picked up some ivory artists board with a woven back and some black paper and was ready. I was half way nervous that they would turn out like a kids craft project but after a quick learning curve and a few extra cuts with the exacto knife, I was more than thrilled with the project!

Annie M, CT4 and Moose

In fact, I posted it on Instagram and Facebook and got so many messages, likes and comments that I realized I may have something actually going for me!

I tried one of Champ and one of a pregnant friend and all of those came out fabulous too. I did one of my niece and was in awe of the resemblance, but also the classic feel.

Truly, I loved how just looking at my little silhouettes made it seem as if time was standing still, for only a moment.

Without waiting another second, I opened up an Etsy shop. Sounds crazy, I know but, I am loving it and have already had a few orders!!

In the shop, you can select the size and even customize your color - for those who may want one but may not want something traditional, just jazz it up with a fun color! They come matted to the art board but not framed. If you want it framed, you can add a frame with your order and I will take care of it for ya!

I posted this picture yesterday of all of the ones that are on their way to people who have ordered! 
Since I have JUST opened up my shop and would love a few orders and reviews, I am offering a 25% off, good through the 15th. At check out, use the code "GRANDOPENING" and it will discount your order.

You add the number of silhouettes (like if you have three kids, select three and their respective sizes) to your cart, check out and then email me the profile picture. For girls, I recommend hair in a pony tail or bun so you can see their sweet necks! People have asked whats the best way to capture kids, I put mine in front of the TV, walked to the side and snapped two pictures with my iPhone. Easy breezy!

If you have questions about anything, please email me at talkofthetrains{at}gmail{dot}com.

Thanks again for everyones excitement, love and support! Feel free to share my Etsy with others in Blogland, Facebook, email, etc!

Speaking of decorating, here is my current layout for the gallery wall! The pieces of paper are place holders for things that I am in the process of framing. Can you spy my hand cut, Champie silhouette in there!?

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  1. Well, aren't you quick draw McGraw? Congratulations on your new found skill. Your silhouettes are stunning. Best of luck in your new endeavor in Etsy land.

  2. You are entirely too talented. And… I'm trying to figure out in my head if EB would even show up on a silhouette - she's just floppy hair. Thoughts? :-)


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