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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


We have had our fair share of hiccups as we move forward to closing, but the good news is that this week, we will once again be homeowners! 

In all of my moving excitement, I have started thinking through what our new house will look like. I have narrowed down paint choices and sketched out where our furniture will fit and go. I have made a list of things here and there and I have used Photoshop to show hubby the look and feel I am going for.

As I pinned ideas and sketched my own, I decided that I wanted a timeless and classic but rustic feel for the living room. I wanted grey-ish walls and CT3 likes leather, so I would incorporate that and neutrals into the seating. I wanted a gallery wall, composed of mostly things that are meaningful to family and I wanted lots of pictures of my kids. I wanted bright and happy in the main areas and kitchen and while its the same lay out as our old house, I figured that new paint and some furniture and decor upgrades would make it feel completely different.

That said, here is the sketch that I put together and I think the look that CT3 and I are going for and how they compare with the old house.

Old House

New House

Totally different, right!? The walls are currently the beige and we will more than likely paint a grey. We will need a place for our TV and a stand similar to this would be awesome. We will also need a bit of storage space since we wont have my beloved built in bookshelves {see below} and so something with some shelving will be a must. The furniture we may wait a bit to get, but I think we would rather save and get what we want now rather than just piece meal it together like we have in the past. 

I LOVE the silhouettes on the wall and I will give more details on that soon!
Old House
New House

On the other side of the living room, is where I want to do the gallery wall. I am collecting stuff - traditional, modern, historical, family - of all shapes and sizes for the wall. I want it to be random, fun and meaningful in some form or fashion and I am having fun with it! 
My Grandmother is graciously giving us her dining rooms set and also the side table pictured. I am thinking of putting that there, but we will see if it fits! 

I have done little sketches for a few of our other rooms as well and I am anxious to see how close I get in the real life designs and how it all turns out! I am by no means a decorator, so feel free to give tips and ideas! I have just a few more days before it all comes off the paper and into real life and couldn't be more excited! 
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  1. Love these plans. Can't wait to see it all come together! WOOHOO!!! :)

  2. Ahh SO exciting!! Congrats on (almost) being homeowners again!!! I love your sketches and plans, I am the exact same way about planning things out :) Good luck with closing and moving day!


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