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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Diner

As most of you know, life is a bit crazy right now.

House is on the market in one area, husband is working a few hours away, kids, dog, family {Mom and Dad or one of them} I are back and forth and we are within about three weeks of having our third child. Oh and we will move at some point in there too...

Last night we were coming back from Atlanta and got stuck in traffic from an earlier wreck. I don't usually worry about traffic coming Southbound, because I have a secret route that bypasses the usual exits that back up. The challenge here was that when I left, it was clear, but by the time we got there, it had backed up enough that I was stuck an exit away from where I usually get off.

Meanwhile, Baby Brother started fussing and Anne Margaret said that she needed to go potty...actually said, "that Cindy Lee needed to go potty before she went to ballet." I did what I could to keep Baby Bro at bay by basically handing him toy after toy until he dropped them or threw them at Champ, who was on the floor next to him. Baby Bro would then say, "uh-o" and would soon start fussing and I would hand the next toy from my basket of tricks that was next to me in the front seat. Anne Margaret was content undressing and re-dressing Cindy Lee and telling her to say, "I think I can, I think I can" until we could make it to the potty. She also promised her a "special treat if she didn't have an accident."

It added on about 45 minutes to our trip which was fine, but I was low on toys and Baby Brother had already had his bottle. If AM really did need to go potty, I was pushing an hour now - and soon the preggo would probably be needing to go anyway.

We had planned to get back in time to eat dinner at the house, but with the delay, I knew we would be really late and as much as I hate stopping, I was going to have to take one for the team and do it.

Just picture, me at 36.5 weeks pregnant in frumpy sweatpants pulled up too high, AM - 3.5 years old and very independent, Baby Brother 15 months crying and only can have almond milk, Champ who is always up for an adventure and the partridge in the pear tree. Oh yeah, and I had one diaper left and no milk for Baby Bro.

I was going to go fast food but I didn't want to have to wrangle AM out of any play places and I couldn't think of any good ones that were close. Then I remembered a little diner and I thought that could be fun. Both kids would like the music, pretty fast service, wide variety and I could treat Annie M to a chocolate milkshake. Perfect, right?!

We arrived and Anne Margaret was ecstatic. I on the other hand, was a bit disappointed. I thought it was like an old school classic diner...instead it was a Denny's Diner which kind of grossed me out. Anyway, we were there and AM was happy so off we went. She promised to be a big helper, Baby Bro stopped crying when I picked him up and we left Champ with windows rolled down and headed in. I was carrying one kid, holding the others hand and had my credit card, phone and keys in one pocket and the remaining diaper in the other.

We pottied {read as I held baby bro as I went to the potty} were seated fast and I began to relax.

The waitress came by and told me it would be "just a minute" and it was all downhill from spare you all details, lets just say that we were AT THE RESTAURANT FOR TWO AND A HALF HOURS.

Two and a half. I mean that is long for a 5 course meal without kids. Throw me pregnant and solo with two, late at night and tired on the road and then start the timer and have mercy on my soul, I earned my mommy award last night.

I had one kid that was pretty well behaved. She colored, pretended to be a waitress and ate every bite on her plate in hopes of a chocolate shake. She also helped feed Brother Bear a full can of puffs {while we waited}, pick up every utensil that he launched across the room and really for a 3.5 year old who can be full of energy and sass, she was perfect.

We did have an almost embarrassing moment where she commented LOUDLY on a man in a skirt {kilt} and another where she LOUDLY exclaimed something about the gentleman who only had one leg. I get how she was confused by those though and I am sure the men understood. With my sweet girl being so observational, we just need to work on decibel and appropriate timing when asking questions!

As for Baby Bro, lets just say he was a bit of a handful. For ALL two and a half hours he screamed, fussed, shredded napkins, threw puffs, banged his head on the table, put his feet on the table and on and on!!! Of course the high chair they gave me did not have a strap and it took 10 minutes to get that one so I was scared to ask for another, so his up and down and trying to climb out of the seat didn't help either! 

Poor kid has been really off schedule lately and is getting at least four molars...maybe even more teeth, but they have been a beast coming through. I gave him real milk last week and I think that has gotten his runny nose and horrible cough going again and so with all of that combined with the travel and being tired, he was just out of sorts. 

When our food arrived, I asked for a to go box and the check to be proactive. Of course that took another 30 minutes to arrive and so I took the kids to the restroom again while we waited. There was a lady in there who offered to hold the kids while I used the restroom and I politely declined and in fact lied to her telling her I didn't need to go.

I did want to go and I tried to hold Baby Bro as I did last time but he squirmed down. I think I hit an all time low as my baby boy walked around the Denny's Diner bathroom floor shoeless and happy as a clam. Anne Margaret did her darnedest to keep his hands off of everything in sight and all things considered, she managed pretty well. 

It was definitely not one of my finest parenting moments, but we all survived and I figured if that was the worst that happened then I would just wash his feet later and couldn't worry about it! ...I know a few friends who just gagged all over their computer screen as they read this. Sorry friends! 

We eventually paid, stared at the guy in a skirt one more time and I got the kids to the car and loaded. Champ was itching to get out so with the kids strapped in, I put him on his choke chain, took him out for a few minutes around the car and then loaded him and we were off!! 

For the next hour and ten minutes AM told me her stomach hurt and she was going to throw up, but some how, some way, we made it home!! From start to finish, the trip that usually takes us 1 hour and 47 minutes from driveway to driveway had lasted over 5 hours. 

I have never been so thrilled to be home and these two little munchkins were happy as well! My fam {who had waited til after dinner and for traffic to clear to leave} pulled in at the same time as we did and within half an hour, I think we were all in bed! 

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  1. Am I one of the friends you expected to gag? I totally did. There are STOMACH VIRUS GERMS on the floors! :) I haven't ever eaten there but that is the WORST traffic area. I think next time Burger King on that exit would be a better choice.


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