Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday!!

Happy Friday! My kids are both napping, I am resting, the house is clean, Mom made it home, Panera has been picked up for dinner and the hubby is on his way in. Amen and amen.

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{UNO} - Baby Tracker Update

I am going weekly now to see Dr. Paul and am almost 37 weeks. Yesterday's appointment was not all that exciting, unfortunately. No real progress {maybe a tad dilated, 30% effaced and Baby T at around -3 station, so basically still high}.

The baby weights around 6 pounds and 10 ounces and if I make it another three weeks, we will probably be close to another 8 pounder. Whew. My stomach is measuring 40 weeks. He actually measured me and said, "41 weeks" and I almost flew off the table at him as I yelled, "WHAT!?! I have 3 more to go!!" He remeasured and said, "well, its between, so we will just mark it at 40." Didn't make me feel much better but he didn't seem too concerned - though he was looking at my belly a bit funky.

I concur that I am a lot larger {and maybe carrying a bit differently than I have with the other two?} because I have minimal stretch marks from previous pregnancies. Like two on each hip basically. I can see a few coming on my tummy and am hoping Baby T comes on out before I have to stretch much further!

This picture has nothing to do with anything but I think its adorable! 

{DOS} - A New Baby Hobby??

Like I need anything else to do, but the other night, I decided I wanted to learn to crochet and that I would make a boy and a girl little lovey blanket thing if I could figure it out. A $15 trip to the store and a 7 minute YouTube video and voila! I wont be selling these on Etsy anytime soon, but maybe this will give me a little somethin somethin to do late at night when I have killer heartburn!

{TRES} Mommy Questions??

I posted this on Facebook and Instagram a few days ago and was very thankful for the feedback that I got! If any of you have other thoughts, feel free to share! My car seats 8 and I am NOT in the market for a van - nor is a van in the budget. Not that I am opposed or hate them, but I do love Hattie the Highlander and she will be around for a bit, I hope! Thankfully, we can seat all we need and have cargo room, just looking for the best configuration! 


AM has been getting out of her bed at Gigi and G-Did's for the first time in her life. She has been getting into everything, rearranging stuff, stuffing tissues in drawers and going through bathroom cabinets.

Sometimes in the night, I wake up and my rings feel tight, so I will pull them off and set them on my bedside table. Long story short, I went in the room the other day and my rings {engagement, wedding and 5-year anniversary band} were gone.

Earlier that day, I had thought, "I wonder if she will get into my stuff," but then I thought, "surely not...I mean she knows better, usually is quite obedient and never has before, right!?"....famous last words, Lauren.

Before freaking out {CT3 was already downstairs having convulsions and twitching}, I called her upstairs and asked her if she had been playing with Mommy's stuff and why. She said yes and went into a long message about how she needed things in certain places, was bored, etc. I talked to her about why we aren't allowed to do that and then calmly asked her where my rings were and if she remembered.

Her response?

"Mom! Of course I remember! They are on Priscilla the Pigs tail!"

...because naturally, that is where they belong?? Regardless, there they were. Nicely stacked and shoved onto Priscilla's tail for safe keeping. Honestly, I was proud of myself for not panicking and for giving AM the benefit of the doubt that she would remember. She is a smart cookie and while I know she shouldn't have gotten into some of the stuff she did, I am thankful that she is observant and usually isn't careless {i.e. throwing stuff around, etc.} I have learned my lesson and my rings are in a safer place if they ever come off my chubby little hands!


We have been spending lots of time at my parents house lately. AM and CT4 LOVE it and it allows us to be with Daddy til we have Baby 3 and make some of the transition. While there, my parents take care of us, feed us, change diapers, hold screaming babies, take husbands, dogs and kids hiking and on super cool field trips. 

While the back and forth has been busy, we are very thankful for their hospitality, love, support and time they are giving to help our little fam out! 

Here are some of the pictures from our time with them!  

Phew! Saved my lazy self a trip to the store!!

Medicine ball that he was SO annoyed he couldn't pick up! HA! 

Working out or making phone calls??! 

Pretty sure G-Did is little mans favorite...

Mom, CT3, AM and Champ on a hike! 

My little scientist! Or engineer - as she will tell you!!

SPOILED with a sucker and gifts from the gift shop!!! 

Annie M and "Geege"
AM's new name for her!
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  1. OH MY WORD at the story about the rings. Eddie's response was to put a doorknob cover on her door! HA! He would have FLIPPED OUT. And I wouldn't have been as nice as you either, I don't think.

  2. With 4 kids I drive a Suburban that can seat 9. Two kids in middle row...two in back. I will NOT get a van. Just can't do it. We also have a Mercedes Wagon that seats 7 that my husband has a seat that can pop up in the back back if we have an emergency to drive all four. I do not like to put 3 car seats in a row. It is too tight to buckle and unbuckle for any reason and the kids also tend to bug each other when they can reach each other too well.


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