Talk of the Trains: Baby T #3 Update

Monday, February 24, 2014

Baby T #3 Update

Today makes 36 weeks and I am so very thankful to be at this point! 

While grateful, I am also, so very uncomfortable, but I keep on reminding myself that its a part of the process and I am trying to do what I can and beg for help when I need! :) 

I see the light at the end of the tunnel and am praying for a safe, no complications delivery and a healthy baby. Please join me in praying! 

I have an appointment later this week with Dr. Paul and they will do an ultrasound to measure fluids and to check the weight of the baby. Almost 3.5 weeks ago, the baby weighed in at around 4 and a half pounds {which was exactly 50 percentile} and at this point, I expect it to be over 6 and a half pounds. They say the baby gains half a pound per week in these last few weeks?? At this rate, we will have another kid just over 8 pounds, so should he/she decide to come a week or two early, that is fine by me!

He will also check me for progress and while I am not getting my hopes up, I am also having a TON of  Braxton Hicks and lots of low kicks - or head butts, since the baby is head down and ready. 

While I have walked some in my previous pregnancies, I would say this one has been the most challenging from a chasing babies, on the floor, standing up, carrying CT4 and trying to keep the house clean type standpoint. Maybe all of these squats and my constant vacuuming will help Baby T #3 come a week or so early! Any bets!? 

Here is an awkward photo of me a few days ago. Can someone PUH-LEEESE do a tutorial on how to take a normal selfie?? I will name your post for you. It can be called "The Art of Taking a Selfie." Is there such thing as a normal selfie?? After all, taking a photo of yourself is awkward anyway, right?? Why do we take these anyway?? Regardless, here is mine...

35.5 weeks

You really cant tell how huge I am because I totally cropped out my rear and the sagging bottom part of my belly out of this picture. My buttox looks like it has a baby growing from it as well, and I just cant bare to publish that on my blog. 

Anyhoo, we ha vent done all that much to prepare for Baby T #3. I want to, but I really don't know what to do and I feel like I am as prepared as I am gonna be at this point. After all, the sister/brother/baby shirts I ordered for the siblings came in, so that means I am ready, right!? I want to show you them because I love them and stink at keeping surprises - plus I think they are fun, but am going to use restraint and wait til baby is here and we have official pictures! 

As for other baby prep, our house is on the market and so must stay clean for showings. The baby will come into our room anyway in a pack n play, so that is accessible. My pump I need to pull out and the accessories are with it, so I guess that's good to go? I will go to Target at some point and buy some tiny diapers and I have my postpartum stuff in my closet from my other two deliveries. Baby Brother's newborn clothes are in a box in the attic, as are Annie M's. Once we deliver and we find out if we are having a boy or a girl, I will pull a bunch of those and some burp cloths down and wash them and that will take care of that for a few weeks!! 

The other night, I did a quick Target run as I wanted to have a few "new" things especially for this baby for the hospital. Target was closing and if you know me, you know one of my biggest fears is getting locked in places when they close. Target was flashing the lights and I was having a panic attack, RUNNING to the front of the store and sweating like a large pregnant pig. It wasn't pretty, but I made it out! 

I bought a few random things for me for the hospital and decided to get three pair of footie pajamas and then either pink or blue pants {to match a shirt I have at home} for the new baby. I still need {or want} to find something sweet to bring the baby home in, but not knowing the gender, does make it a bit challenging! I hate returning stuff - or doing the back and forth to the stores to return so buying multiple outfits that will go unused seems excessive. Maybe I will just run back to Target and see if I can find something sweet and simple there since I will already have to take back what we don't use from this!

I asked the fine folks on Instagram and Facebook yesterday if they thought I was having a boy or a girl and it was pretty evenly split. Honestly, I am first I was having a MILLION friends having boys - so I was set on a girl. Now I know a bunch of people having girls, so that ruins my statistics theory that I am having a girl and I am back to square one!! Heart rate has been 140-150 {so no help there} and I look like I am carrying high - but really that means nothing because I have a short torso. I was more sick with Baby Bro than I was with AM but I currently still puke a few times a week, so again, no help with any old wives tales. 

CT3 and I still need to talk about baby names. We are going to use my maiden name {I think?} in some form or fashion but need other names to go with it. CT3 likes one name that I like, but I kind of want to stick to family names since our other kiddos are some combo of family names. Who knows. In true Train fashion, we have waited to talk about any of this...don't get me wrong, I have a list, but my dear hubby likes to tell me that "we can talk about it at the hospital." I think next weekend I will tie him down and make him discuss it as that was part of the plan of not knowing the gender, that we would have names relatively decided!!! 

We are getting close!! I am excited about my doctors appointment this week and to see what he says...I am also having trouble with my gestational diabetes and keeping my numbers in normal range. UGH. I am going to have to confess that to him and see what he says. I haven't been feeling great and I am sure its due to my funky eating habits!! 

That's all for today! Happy Monday and thanks for any prayers for baby delivery, house selling, hubby's new job, etc! 
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  1. Good luck and here's to a safe delivery (me cheers-ing you with my cup of coffee)! Can't wait to find out who you're having! I like saying 'who' over 'what', 'cause that sounds like it might not be a human baby or something weird. Okay...enough about my mental processes. Enjoy those last weeks before you're completely outnumbered!

  2. SO exciting! I love that you don't know the gender :) Makes for an amazing surprise for your family. Can't wait to find out! Xx.

  3. So excited for y'all! I'll be thinking of you and saying some prayers - and I LOVE your maiden name for part of the baby's name!

  4. Safe delivery ma'am! I find all this interesting cuz my baby is just 6mths old.Safe delivery n how do I follow ur updates,I'm new forward to hear from yo..


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