Talk of the Trains: Five on Friday:: About Me Version!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday:: About Me Version!

This Five on Friday is going to be a bit odd-er than normal. I have a bunch of pictures from the week, but instead, this week I thought I would give you some insight into the real {and crazy} me! While I do try to be semi-normal to blend in with the rest of the population, deep down, if you know me, you know that I am a bit non-traditional and love to do weird things - or you know that things that are big deals to some, I could care less about!

So today's Five on Friday is in honor of my non-traditional ways and my idiosyncrasies giving you a little bit more insight into just who I am and how I roll!

Things I Love
  • Mexican cheese dip - which is really just white American cheese {I asked the peeps at my local restaurant that I may frequent more than one really should}.
  • Waffle House. My dream in life is to have my name and picture there on the wall as a "regular."
  • My 90 lb dog sleeping next to me. 
  • Staying up late when the house is quiet! 
  • Manicures, pedicures and massages. 
  • Planning fun or fancy vacations.
  • Excel spreadsheets and formulas!
  • Wedding and party planning.
  • Pebble or shaved ice. 
  • Abstract art
  • Pretending like I have my act together even though I am a total scatterbrain!
  • Colored pens and fun pads, notebooks, art supplies or paper. 
  • My built in book shelves. Like, obsessed. 

Things I Hate
  • Baths {but I am TRYING to implement your suggestions and turn this one around.}
  • Bad breath.
  • Thank you notes.
  • Awkward pauses in conversations where you feel like you are talking to yourself. 
  • Waking up early.
  • Storytoppers.
  • Unsolicited advice...I know that sounds rude and I don't mind help, but some things I like to think through myself before I have the world "telling me what I should do." Make constant suggestions to me? I may try to rebel...bad, but true! If I don't rebel, then you may just get a really sassy or inappropriate remark from me revealing my annoyance. Again, bad, but true. 
  • When I mess up writing ONE word on a sheet of paper. I have to start completely over. HATE having to cross out stuff {unless its a to-do list}.
  • Having to stop for potty breaks when traveling. 
  • Having to do things for the sake of tradition or because that's just how its supposed to be done. Helllllooooooooo wannabe original queen, right!? 
  • Candid, random photos. Not like Father/Daughter dance candid but like mouth full, chewing and someone takes a pic of you, candid. NOT cute. 

Weird Things I Do
  • I pay my babysitters via PayPal. I never have cash and sending it to their email addys if they have it set up is SO easy. 
  • Send pizza when I am supposed to take a meal. One of my besties in Atlanta just had a baby. It may be a hot minute before I get to go hug her and snuggle the baby, but I wanted to still take a meal or do something. Well from 2.5 hours a way, its a little difficult, so instead what do I do??! Send pizza!! A bit non-traditional, but still made me feel good to "send a meal" to a friend! This you can do from all over too, so while it didn't take me time or have the home cooked flavor, I am going to pull the "thought that counts card" and roll with it...and probably do it more often!  

Things I am Scared of
  • Driving in the rain
  • Hitting a deer
  • Sonic booms and planes crashing 
  • People who slam on their brakes, yell at other drivers or honk...road rage much?!
  • Roaches
  • The dang doorbell ringing!!! Scares me to death every time! 
  • Birds coming at my head
  • Bars and really drunk people. I always think there is going to be an emergency and it freaks me out. 
  • Fires
  • Not having a plan for big things going on...may not stick to the plan, but I need a framework to start from. 

Things That Don't Bother Me
  • Messes are fine, grunge/filth is not {i.e. a pile of clean clothes is fine...mold in the fridge is NOT!}
  • Going out of the house without make up, not showered, wet hair or in sweat pants. Yall know my husband is always dressed up and looking good. We are the complete opposite! He doesn't own a pair of jeans and is always dressed a step nicer than me. 
  • Not getting my hair cut but maybe once or twice a year. Max. 
  • Being late to certain places. 
  • Germs, my kids going barefooted or eating stuff off of the floor or a weird table. 
  • Being an open book. My husband can be very private...ask me a question and I will tell you whatever you want to know. No secrets here. 

So yall, tell me. Am I weird or am I weird? Or am I more normal than I think but others just don't tell me they are weird!?

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  1. If you are weird, you're the best kid of weird there is! I'm totally with you on going out with out being "made up"! Who has time for all that? There are naps to take, people. I have to sleep when baby is sleeping!

  2. As if I couldn't love you more. I hate to admit that I also hate thank you notes. And I love our open book selves. And I am TOTALLY keeping the send pizza idea in the back pocket and using it for far away friends in the future. Hello, GENIUS!!!! xx

  3. We could totally be bffs :)


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