Friday, February 1, 2013

Pink Puffy Hearts

Tis the season of pink, red and white hearts and for lovers to be all lovey dovey. 

While I love my family and I don't mind kid snuggles and the occasional squeeze from my boo, anyone who knows me will tell you that I am the LEAST touchy feeley person on the planet.

I get super awkward when people get too close to me. Like HELLO personal space and please stay OUT of my bubble while you are at it! Bad breath {or early morning coffee breath} grosses me out so if you are close enough for me to smell it, I may freak out - big time.

While I do think that my desire for space has always been there, I do think its exacerbated since I am nursing and constantly either have a baby hanging off of me or a 2 year old climbing on me. Momma wants her space.

So yes, I have always been like this but the older I get, the weirder I get and the less I want to be touched. The ONLY thing I like is when people play with my hair - and even then some people just don't do it right. {Natasha and Rachel are the best hair players out there and Emily falls in line next. Fran Happ is a fave too.}

I do like getting massages and that doesn't weird me out because its their job. I like pedicures but I don't like other people touching my feet. I hate for people to touch my knees and if you are going to squeeze or touch my shoulders, don't do it lightly. It gives me the willies. I am quite ticklish but being tickled only makes me either mad or tee tee in my pants - and if I tee tee, I will really be mad, so really its a lose, lose situation.

....are you feeling sorry for CT3 yet??

Our small group did a crash course in the 5 Love Languages and I personally have taken the test a few times. While I fluctuate between "gift giving" and "acts of service" as my number one and "words of affirmation" and "quality time," one thing has consistently been in dead last - "physical touch." Like last time I took the test, I had a big fat do you feel sorry for him!? Poor boy has to keep a 5 foot radius from me. ;)

Well, since its the season of love and since I keep coming across cute hearts and lovey dovey things on Pinterest, and since my sister gave me a fancy paper cutter for Christmas, I am going to try to kick it up a notch around here.

Don't go getting any crazy ideas. I am just going to make a 14 Days of Valentines thing and maybe a cute "Happy Valentines" banner to hang. I may splurge on some pink and red flowers too and I think I have a few things up in the attic that I could set out.

Here's to cute decor, fun dates and lots of pink and red. What are you doing to decorate? Do you have a hot date planned? Send ideas my way!

from The TomKat Studio....LOVE her stuff and where lots of Anne Margaret's Brown Bear Birthday stuff came from!


I am sure that I will get some baby snuggles at some point in the night - although yesterday CT4 slept from 10:30 PM til 8 AM! WOO HOO! Those baby snuggles I am okay with. I am now off to snuggle the hubby and my little Anne Margaret and my Champ man....all at once you ask?

Yep. They are all currently crammed in the bed with me. {Anne Margaret is not feeling well. This is not a normal occurrence!}

Pink and red puffy heart love to you! Pin It Now!


  1. I am with you 100%. I HATE to be touched. Except by my son. Yes, even my husband has to deal with my phobias. Though it was worse during when I was breastfeeding.

  2. haha you're too funny. happy vday prep ;)

  3. My most common rant at my children...."GET OUT OF MY FACE!"

    You might want to check out my blog. You may have won something......

  4. I'm gonna give you all sorts of huggin the next time I see you... except I also have a problem with people being in my biz :)


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