Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brown Bear Birthday

Brace yourself for photo overload! 

As you recall, we started out by deciding the theme. The book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See is Anne Margaret's favorite, so I took that and ran with it. The book is filled with a variety of animals {although Brown Bear is our favorite} and full of color. For the party, I wanted to focus on brown bear, highlight the other animals and explode with color. 

Going into this, I thought quite a bit about how she is still too little to really get it all...Although, she has talked about her "brown bear birthday" for weeks now and anytime the doorbell would ring with a package or the printer would print anything she would run to it and point as she asked if it was for her brown bear birthday...maybe she gets it more than I think she does?? 

That said, I still am never one to pass up a birthday celebration so I decided that we would go big and crazy with the things she would get {bears and colors} and then go low key in inviting close family and friends and serving pizza and cake and kind of bypassing the whole gift thing - I knew that both sets of her grandparents would get her something though as they are just the spoiling type! ;) 

Here was my inspiration palette where I began to pull all of my ideas together:

We then incorporated Brown Bear and AM in her two year old photos:

A week later it was party time. Kristin decorated, Dad and CT3 blew up balloons and I baked. Mom handled the food and cleaned as she went and all of this was done while AM napped. 

 These 3 foot balloons were awesome!

All that we needed was a little two year old to wake up and join the party. CT3 and I went to wake her and get her dressed and I asked her if she knew that it was time for her Brown Bear Birthday. Her response was, "Yes Mommy! I'm tho excited!" It was nothing short of adorable. Here she is as she came to the top of the steps and spotted her family waiting on her at the bottom. 

Next up are the photos from how everything was decorated - captions below!

Cake table - white cake {Grandma's recipe} and chocolate cupcakes {Better Than Almost Anything Cake! - Recipe coming soon} 

I botched her cake by putting the wrong tip on my icing thing. Oh well. It was ugly but tasted heavenly!

Brown Bears were all over the house!

Balloons and photos were scattered all around as well. 

Drink station

Most complex, intense, expensive goody bags ever...story to come on this one. 

Birthday banner and more photos.

Photos on the painted sticks!

Brown Bear blanket of Kristin's that my Grandma made for her when she was a baby hung on the porch.
{AM kept thinking that Kristin made it for her! HA!} 


Cutie pie!

Blowing out the candle

She ate it quite politely and lady like with a fork! No mess for this 2 year old! 

Nothing better than Grandma's cake!

A few gifts from sweet family and friends. 

Happy with her Aunt Kristin

With Dad's bear from when he was a kid - this old guy is at least 60 years old! 

Dad, his bear and baby boo!

...whats the end of a birthday without one more sugary treat from G-Diddy?!

One happy birthday girl!
AM is still singing happy birthday to herself. Its quite cute.

Thank you so much to my parents for helping us pull this off and for CT3's parents for bringing food! To all of our friends who came - I know we really did nothing but sit around and eat pizza and cake and I know that AM doesn't "get it all" yet, but just to have yall there to celebrate her little life means so much to us.

So yes, AM is two and the party is done. The decor was fun, she loved the bears and the balloons have been entertainment for the week. We got to see all of our favorite people and all in all, it was a huge success.

Happy Birthday AM! We love you! 

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  1. Oh my goodness! How cute is that party? I love it!

  2. so what's the theme for next year?! time to start plannin!! ;)

  3. That little Anne Margaret is just the cutest and smartest little munchkin I have ever seen. Seems as if everyone had a great tine, leaving full of pizza pie and birthday cake. The lighting on Anne Margaret's face as she was blowing out the candle is truly a Norman Rockwell moment. Post-party, I was able to get the house in back order the next day. I have wiped off all of the dog nose prints and big girl "2 year-old" fingerprints on the windows---getting ready for your next visit. Thanks for letting us participate in such a fun "family" time. With this big event behind us, we can ready ourselves for the next one---and I don't mean "The Price is Right!"

  4. Y'all did a great job!! So precious!!

  5. That is AMAZING. Where did your dad get those balloons? And I am so super impressed by this amazing party you pulled off being so pregnant! Speaking of, do a pregnancy update please! And, I am going to try calling you again this Friday. And AM is sooooo adorable, as always!


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