Monday, September 3, 2012

Brown Bear Birthday {Sneak Peek}

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are getting lots of R&R! While we are enjoying having CT3 around for a day off, we are busy beavers cleaning around here - and me working on little projects here and there for AM's upcoming birthday celebration! I am so darn excited about it I just had to give you a sneak peek! 

Towards the end of June, or early July, I started thinking about AM's birthday. I am beside myself with excitement as to how its all coming together and I just cant wait until after the party to share some of the planning pictures and the details! 

The first thing I started doing was trying to think of a theme and where and how we would do it. We are having it in Atlanta {as most of our family is there} and though I felt like while it would be fun to do a big party and include a bounce house, pool party or something of the like, at the age of two, I just didn't want to be too over the top. I did look into a bunch of those options, but the fact that I get more pregnant by the minute only made me think of simplifying and that next year if we want to do something a bit bigger, we can - and probably will.

The place, setting and guest list was set, so that just left me with a theme to think of. I started making a list in my brain with the obvious things that she loves including Elmo and Big Bird, bunny rabbits and dogs and then listing songs and such that she likes too - including Mary Had A Little Lamb, Ring Around the Rosy, Farmer In the Dell, Old McDonald and more. The Nursery Rhyme thing we did last year {see here} and Elmo seemed too obvious. Besides, I wanted something different. Bunnies seemed a bit random and then there were just general themes that I could have gone with but none of those seemed to fit. 

I kept thinking and eventually started to think through her book collection. 

It hit me like a ton of bricks. We have three books that we don't leave the house without - Goodnight Moon, Counting Kisses and Brown Bear, Brown Bear

AM can read and recite Brown Bear from start to finish and does it all day long. She looks for it on the iPad, she totes the book around 24/7 and she reads it to Champie. We read it to her every night and nights that we don't read it, we all recite it from memory as we sit in her "rock rock." 

Brown Bear would be the PERFECT theme for my little bitty's second birthday party! 

I was ecstatic and hopped online {and on Etsy} to start looking for invites and material for it. The more I looked the more disappointed I was. While I thought the idea was super cute, everything that I found was more geared towards little boys - not my dainty, make up loving little lady! 

This made me bound and determined to girl-i-fy it and within an hour or so, I had snagged a few images and built my own invite - throwing in pink and lots of fun colors to make sure it was still representing Brown Bear! 

I had a hard time thinking of text, but going along with the rhyme of the book, I just made up a little line as you can read below. Here is what the invite looked like::

After I had the idea and invite designed and knew that we would be going low key pizza dinner with friends and family, I kind of relaxed. I would just need to start thinking of colors and decor when it got closer and so I put it in the back of my brain til recently. 

A few weeks ago, when Dad and Mom came down, Dad helped me knock out the invites and get them in the mail. I printed them on white card stock and then used double sided tape to frame the invite with brown card stock for an extra touch. 

{Cards were printed slightly smaller than a 5x7 and I picked up some brown note cards and envelopes from Hobby Lobby. I centered and taped the invite onto the brown note cards for the frame. Easy breezy.} Also at Hobby Lobby they had the PERFECT stickers! They were round, colorful and fun and I used those as a fun finishing touch to seal the envelope. 

The invites went out and then once again, I got busy and forgot. Yesterday, as I realized that her birthday is two weeks away, I hopped online to order lots of colorful things for her party. I couldn't decide on a few things, so I called in back up from Aunt Kristin for some final decision making. 

Again, I knew that I could pull in lots of fun colors from the invite. I saw the image below on Pinterest  and that got me on a stripes, polka dots and chevron kick! WHEW! Now I had a million colors, lots of designs and a pea brain to try to incorporate them all!! 

A few more internet searches and a bunch of links sent to Aunt Kristin and soon enough, the below products were ordered. I threw together this little idea board along the way as I wanted to see how everything was meshing and to see if there was anything that was crazy off! I may incorporate some navy or a darker color here and there, but we will also have some balloons flying and brown bears lying around and so between that and what you see below, I may be good to go! Dad is helping me with the last few details so that will be perfect! 

{Links coming from where I got all of this!}

Anyway, her party is in less than two weeks and there is still much to do! I will take lots of pictures {of course} and cant wait to see it all officially come together! I also cant wait for the stuff I have ordered to come in the mail and hopefully that will be here within the week.

The best part of this all is every time AM sees any of it she SHRIEKS with joy "BROOOOOWNNNN BEARRRR!!!" I have been printing lots of stuff for her party and now every time the printer makes a noise, she yells "Brown Bear Birthday!?" If she is this excited on her big day, it will be fun for us all! I just need to find something for the queen bee to wear! Suggestions, Etsy links or referrals are all welcome - I don't want matchy matchy {so nothing covered in bears! but I want COLOR coordination! How is that for picky!? Maybe I will look for something chevron and brown!? Or Navy? Thoughts?}

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  1. what a great birthday party theme! and sooo creative! LOVE IT

  2. That is such a cute birthday theme!! She is going to be the cutest little birthday girl!

  3. I love all the chevron and the striped cup with the straws! It's going to be amazing! I bet you're crazy busy getting prepared!

  4. I love your ideas (and execution) for this theme! Brown Bear is my daugher's *favorite* book and we're using it as a theme for her first birthday. Where did you snag the clipart for your invitation and signage?

    1. Hey! Here is what I did... I edited the animals in Photoshop...basically, I just did screen shots of them on this website {} and then I opened each image in Photoshop and pieced together my invite. I highlighted the color and then "erased" the white around it to the best that I could. In that link is also where I pulled the blue strip and the pink strip - and the stars and the little tree!

      Have a great week and let me know if I can help you or if you have questions!!


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