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Friday, May 18, 2012

Morning Sickness

I just giggled as I saw what Kelly's Korner Blog's link up was for today.

If you don't read Kelly's blog or aren't familiar, she does a "Show Us Your Life" series weekly with a different topic to allow readers to meet and connect with others in similar phases, places, etc. Kelly has a variety of themes and so there is always a way for readers to jump in!

Before I tell you why I think today's link up topic is funny, and in case there are readers stopping by, let me introduce myself to you!

I am Lauren, a 30 year old Georgia girl with a sweet hubby {CT3} and an adorable 20 month old girl named Anne Margaret. We have a yellow lab named Champ and he is just as much of the family as the rest of us non furry, non tail wagging folk are!

I am currently 14 weeks and 5 days pregnant with baby number two! The due date is November 10 and we are thrilled to be expanding our little family. I just told the story of how we shared the news with our family, so feel free to click back a post or two if you want to see that.

As for why I think today's topic is humorous??

Well, I am currently writing this from the hospital bed. You see my body doesn't just love being preggo. In fact, with the way it is currently revolting, I would say it hates it!

When I found out we were pregnant and about 6 weeks along, I weighed myself. A whopping 168.5 lbs. Not something I am very proud of but its the truth. I was wearing a size 12 jeans and my goal was to shed around 15 pounds.

As of this afternoon, and my weigh in at the doctor I am down to 147. So yes, in approximately 9 weeks I have dropped 22 lbs and I throw up anywhere from 2-7 times a day. You know some women glow throughout pregnancy and instead I just look green for nine months straight.

...I cant believe I am posting this pic of me. Scrapbook material, right??

I have puked in Target parking lots, my car, my office, my faithful green puke bowl, friends houses and at a two year olds birthday party in the front yard! HA! My nausea some days is debilitating and I am thankful for friends and family who have rallied to support me and offer helping hands when I feel yucky.

I am on weekly weight checks and am not able to keep down food or drink hardly at all. I am on meds but some days they work better than others.

All joking and sarcasm aside, I am hanging in there and taking it one day at a time. Like a marathon, just putting one foot in front of the other and having pep talks with Jesus as we go throughout the day.

Today, I am getting a few bags of fluids to help with dehydration, some intravenous meds and vitamins and minerals. We aren't sure if they will keep me overnight yet but then sometime next week, home health care will come in to insert a Zofran pump. The nurses there will be able to administer fluids as needed so if I get dehydrated no more hospital for me! They will just hook me up at home and that will be that.

My fancy little room!

I am not thrilled with all of this but honestly, I would do it all over again. I am so excited about the little pitter patter of feet to come next November and I figure I can do anything for a season. While this season may run me down for a few weeks, its only a temporary state.

As I sit in the hospital, I have skyped with CT3 and Anne Margaret and they are headed up for a visit. They are going to bring me clean undies and socks in case they keep me overnight! I brought a book and some stuff to work on so no matter the duration, I will be entertained and just want to feel better.

Skyping from the hospital bed!

My doctor today asked me if I would be willing to come straight up and be admitted. I told him while I didn't love the idea of it, if this will help me to get my feet under me, I am willing to do it. I have been so sick and CT3 has been pulling overtime around the house that I am hoping this gives me a hydration boost that I can maintain. Fingers crossed too that now that I am the second trimester this will pass sooner than later!

I have made it my goal {as it was Dad's in his recent hospital stay} to be the nicest patient these nurses have ever seen!! So far, I haven't complained too much and they have even brought me Popsicles!

Thanks for stopping by and reading I hope you will comment or follow so that I can come and follow you!

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  1. Bless your heart!!! I'll be praying for you! Im so sorry you are so sick...I hope you start to feel better very, very soon!

  2. My dear dear Lauren. You are in my prayers DAILY. I hope you get a huge boost from this and it slowly starts to disappear! I still haven't responded to your facebook message because I keep meaning to call you (and obviously I haven't...) I promise I will soon. In the meantime, your attitude and up-beatness is so encouraging!

  3. Bless your heart! Praying that you get better SOON! (now!)

    Stopping by from Kelly's link up. My due date is Nov. 7! Yay for November babies!

  4. Oh my sweet girl--so very sorry!! Your TX family is praying for you!! Love you!!

  5. Wow. I slack for a couple of weeks on my blog reading and you go and get pregnant! Haha...that sounded like you getting pregs was contingent on my reading your blog!! :)

    Either way, congrats!! Will be praying that you pass through all this yuckiness soon and the drs have wisdom in how to treat you and bitty no. 2!

  6. Goodness! Hope you feel better soon. Throwing up is NO fun! But I like your is all worth it in the end!

  7. Stopping by from Kelly's blog and had to say hi. You poor thing :/ I was fine for my entire first trimester and then 12 weeks hit and it all went down hill fast. Hope you get through these next few months without anymore trouble! I'm due with #2 on Nov. 7th and live in Georgia too! Would love to chat and see if we're anywhere near each other! Always love to find mommies with babies the same age!

  8. Awwww...feel better! I could not imagine feeling that sick with a little one running around! Prayers your 2nd Tri will go better!!

  9. Hang in there! Hope the fluids help!

  10. that answers my question on Facebook. =( A Zofran pump, huh? That's pretty intense... I really hope it works.

  11. Hi Lauren . I read your blog all the time . But, never commented (I don't think). I am sending well wishes your way for your pregnancy. Keep up your entertaining posts, because I check on you every day .

  12. Oh no~ You poor thing! I have maybe thrown up twice in all three of my pregnancies so I cannot relate to what you are having to go through by any means. I hope that it gets better and you are able to find some relief soon. Keep your head up, your attitude about it all is awesome!

  13. Finally catching up on blog reading and I'm so sorry you're struggling! Sending thoughts and prayers your way! Miss you sweet lady!

  14. I recently found your blog from Kat's guest post - love following you! Hope you are feeling better, your family needs some time away from the hospital for sure!

  15. Congrats! Needless to say that it has been months since I've been on the "BLOG," so I was extremely surprise to know that you're expecting. Your mom didn't mention it to me the other day.

    You're in my prayers concerning sickness...I claim healing and a continual joy of your witness to bring new life into this world.



  16. lauren, i'm so sorry! first of all, i didn't even know you were expecting again, so congratulations on that! BUT, i am only sick in the beginning then nauseous the whole 9 months...not constantly puking...and i have never been more miserable in my life so i have NO IDEA how you are surviving. i'm so so sorry. i could slap women who aren't sick when they're pregnant (kidding, but they have no idea how lucky they are). sending prayers your way.


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