Talk of the Trains: A Harmonica Duet

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Harmonica Duet

On Sunday, AM decided she wanted to learn to play the harmonica.

I blew it for her a time or two to show her how it was done and she promptly put it to her lips and began humming. Cute and funny and while noise was coming out, she obviously didn't yet have the hang of it.

I showed her again how to "blow" and after her blowing a time or two with me holding it to her little lips, she became an official, bonefide, certified, professional harmonica player.

As you all might remember, Champ the wonderdog is quite fond of the harmonica and though he is of the four legged, furry with a tail specimen, that does not disqualify him from joining in the singing/band/musical artist ranks.

I am thinking he didn't want to be upstaged by his 18 month old kid sister and who can blame the fella?

I present to you, Champ and Anne Margaret. The beautiful, talented harmonica blowing, dog singing duo!

...I am thinking of getting them matching outfits next. Thoughts?? ;)

My kid and my dog are awesome and I just need to tell AM that its a team effort and to stop calling Champ a "yi-on {lion}" or saying "woah ney-ee {woah nellie}" as he sings because I think its starting to damage his puppy pride! Pin It Now!


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