Talk of the Trains: Easter

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I am only a few weeks late, but here are our Easter pictures and a recap of the day! 

Easter morn we got up and went to church. The message was great and afterwards we all headed home for lunch and naps. We planned to go to James' house that afternoon for a mini-Easter egg hunt and we all needed a bit of rest. 

As we were gathering our things to leave, I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures of AM that morning for church. I also never did an Easter basket and just bought her a toy at Target instead. For fear of letting Easter slip by and me have mommy guilt over everything I didn't do, I made CT3 get her dressed back in her dress while I decided to run to the attic for an Easter basket. 

Sadly, we have been so crazy busy the past few weeks, I never pulled any of our Easter stuff out of the attic. I felt bad that AM would be going to a friends house basket-less, so I frantically went through the attic to find a basket! 

We arrived to Lauren and Eddie's house and I am afraid Lauren knows me too well. She had two Easter baskets sitting out - just in case I didn't have one for AM. HA! Instead this gave the kids one extra basket to just throw the Easter grass between and they loved it! 

Lauren had already put the eggs out back and James was ready to go, so without much of a delay we turned the wild little people loose in the backyard. James ran from egg to egg filling his basket. AM needed a bit of prompting on the first one or two but after seeing James, and getting a few in her basket, she was off and gathering her own.

About three minutes later we looked up and thought James was taking AM's eggs. Instead, the sweet boy was taking eggs from his basket and nicely sharing with AM! After he added a few to AM's loot, she took a pause to count. I think she was in awe of James' swift egg-hunting-basket-filling abilities.

The kids migrated over to the little play thing to gather more eggs, but that didn't last long. Soon enough they were distracted by the play set that was perfect for climbing on and the slide that was just the right size for my little Bitty. After taking turns on the slide, James decided he would pause at the bottom of it an AM decided she would slide into him and tackle him. 

Playing and egg hunting was hard work and they took a break for a drink and a toast - cheers and sippie cup clanging and all! 

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out in their back yard while the kids played on the slide, pretended the Easter grass was their hair and swinging in the "wing wing."

Are these two not the cutest little things you have ever seen!?...looks like a good rehearsal dinner picture if you want my opinion!! ;)

A fun afternoon was had by all. AM slept like a baby that night after all of the fun and I was grateful to Lauren and Eddie for picking up my slack in the Easter egg hunt {and basket} department! With all that has been going on lately, I was planning on letting this Easter fly by and just attending church! 

Thanks to them we had a little fun and got to celebrate with great friends! 

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  1. I think that the zoo/pumpkin patch and the egg hunt should be annual events!

  2. oh my gosh!!! they are so stinkin' cute. i <3 it.


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