Talk of the Trains: Whirlwind

Friday, March 16, 2012


Since the last time we chatted, AM has been back to the doctor and has another double ear infection. This time we are on another set of meds and praying for a better result than the last go around! 

Champ snuggles make it all better!

Champ had his turn at the vet and got a great report along with three shots in the rear. He moped all day long and stayed away from me to show his disdain for me taking him. 

AM consoling Champ before he hid under the chair. 
Asking me where are they taking him!?
Somewhere in there my roomie from college and her husband came to visit us! It was a quick overnight but I was so thankful that Laura and Geoffrey took the time to come and see us and to meet sweet AM....too bad that was the night she decided to stay up all night and scream due to her ears aching! 

Lauren, Laura and AM
With our friends enjoying ice cream!

That same weekend, I attended a women's conference at a friends church and had a great time. It was just what the doctor ordered to give me a sweet time in worship and with Jesus. More on what I learned there later!

On the last day of the conference I left a bit early to drive back to go to a baby shower for LeLe. She has had some crummy stuff come up this weekend but other than that, she is doing great, looking good and excited about welcoming her little one into the world sometime in the next few weeks!!

My work has been interesting to say the least and between everyone being sick and me trying to maintain life around here I am plum worn out! 

Oh yes, did I mention the entire time I have written this post, my child has been screaming in her crib?? I have held her, watched Elmo and played games for the past 2 hours and now its time to try to go night night. Usually I would call for backup, but poor CT3 has been at work since 4:30 this morning {its 11 PM} here now, so I am flying solo!! 

 Yes, we are overly tired here and though happy, we are also longing for a nice, slow, easy, healthy week!!! The weather is warm here and we are trying to get outside when we can and other than that we are laying low! 

AM likes to help by holding the leash!

Happy Friday yall and here's to a relaxing St. Patty's day weekend...and a few more random pictures!

...sometimes I let AM play with her food...and it totally doesn't even bother me. Is that bad!? 

Such cute hair on my little carebear!

Horsey rides! 

Too cool for school.

New silver shoes!
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  1. Aw, man, I hope this weekend is relaxing for you! Love the cute hair!

  2. Poor little punkin'! Those ear infections are awful. :( Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend!

  3. playing with food is what kids were made to do =) Besides, the sink is right there, they can get cleaned up in a jiffy. I can't tell you how many baths Zoe has had in the sink!

    Sorry March hasn't been too nice to you... =(

  4. The pic of AM in the shades and Care Bear shirt is HI-larious.

    So glad you had a good visit with Laura and Geoffrey. I haven't seen them in so long!

  5. Whirlwind, indeed! I thought I was exhausted after the week I've had but after reading this, I need to go to bed :) I'm glad things are going well, but I hope you'll get yourself a slowdown soooooon. Happy weekend, friend!


    PS--AM is getting so big (and sassy in her silver shoes). She's precious!


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