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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Question & Answer

Last week when I wrote about AM's potty training, bloggy friend Katy {who has a really cute little boy herself!} asked a great question that I thought the rest of you would maybe like the answer to!! ...By the way, I love your comments and questions so keep the comments coming and if you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Katy's Comment:: Ok, so logistical question from a mom that's not there yet. When you're out, I assume you don't have a little seat with you. Can she handle the giant toilet? How does that work?

Katy you are correct - we don't carry the little potty around with us but YES she can handle the giant toilet! 

Now that said, the only reason I feel confident that I/she can do it out in public on the big potty is because at home we practice BOTH ways - with and without the potty seat. At home, if she doesn't have her Elmo seat on the potty, I or CT3 just pick her up, sit her towards the front and I squat in front of the toilet and hold her. Sometimes she even reaches her little arms around my neck and just leans forward and holds me right back as she does her business!

That said, when we are in public, I do it the exact same way. When she says "tee tee on the potty?!" we head off to the nearest bathroom, drop her little drawers and I just hoist her up and squat in front of her to hold her just like we are at home. No problemo. 

The other thing that we have tried to do is be consistent between both CT3 and I taking her to the potty. Though I am here with her during the day and doing potty time, CT3 helps quite a bit at night. We both do it the same way at home and in public {holding her wise} and we both take her. CT3 has even done his fair share of taking her to the potty in public - in the men's room :). Some of these times I haven't been around and some of these times the kid has just had to go and he has just done what has been necessary! All of this to say that no matter who she is with, she knows the routine and what to expect. 

I have friends that are grossed out by public toilets. I am NOT a germ-a-phobic person and while I do make sure that I wipe the seat down for her little tush, I have no problems putting my kid on a public pot. I think this has helped her to go consistently because we take her when she says she needs to go...i.e. just not at home. Make sense? 

Lastly, every time she goes in the potty, we do the potty dance. CT3 and I have made up a little cheesy potty song and dance and AM loves it. She thinks its fun to do and so each time she goes, we all celebrate - at home or in public. 

.....I keep saying that we aren't pushing the potty thing however after Saturday morning when she woke up and apparently in the night had pooped in her diaper and proceeded to take off all of her clothes and smear poop everywhere, I may get a bit more serious about this whole get my kid out of diapers thing. She clearly doesn't like sitting in her own stink! Pin It Now!

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  1. Thanks for the answer! And I SOOOO hope that Robby doesn't become a poop artist! Ew!


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