Talk of the Trains: Photoshoot Faves

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Photoshoot Faves

Baby and I were playing around last week and the light in my living room was good. On a whim I pulled out my camera for an impromptu photo shoot and after scrolling back through the shots, I was sure glad I had! Nothing like getting a few cute pics of my little one!

The pics are SOOC {straight out of the camera - meaning no edits} and the last three are just to show you some of what I put up with during the photo taking!!

Favorite #1...probably needs to be retouched a hair for lighting just to brighten it up, but not horrible!

Favorite #2

Ha! Love the wild hair, squinty eyes and smushed up nose!

A tad bit blurry but I still love it!

Looking outside...

Still looking outside.


Baby blue eyes, soft skin and perfect little rosy lips!

Love those chubby cheeks!

Little fingers like to touch the lens. 

Crazy dogs like to get in the action.

Someone gets a bit distracted when they learned what pockets are and their capabilities!

One more of our post photo-shoot meal and to introduce Coach Gigi to Coach AM!! Her whistle bib cracks me up!

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  1. Oh, my, stars! AM is too cute! CT3 is going to have his hands full when she gets older :)

  2. 1. The whistle bib is so funny!
    2. I love the one with Champ yawning. What timing he has :)
    3. AM is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Lauren! Yall better get a stick ready to beat away the boys when she gets older!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, friend :)



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