Talk of the Trains: Escalators and Strollers

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Escalators and Strollers

I forgot to mention one VERY important lesson I learned on the trip.

Heed the "No Strollers" sign.

You see, they are there for a reason and I am proof that they are important and should be obeyed at all times.

For the most part, I did obey them. Through the airports, Marta station and all, I would run around to find the elevator to ride it up with little AM and to meet my friends at the top. I was always a minute or two behind but they are all patient folk so there was no worry there.

Then there was the one time. CT3 headed for the elevator and I couldn't find him. I didn't see him go the other way, so I thought he was ahead of me on the escalator. I was with my friends and they said "eh, lets just take the escalator."

"Oh. I thought strollers weren't allowed on escalators?" I said.

They reassured me that it was fine so off me and my baby and my stroller went.

Getting on was fine. I wheeled AM right on and as the steps went up, her little stroller just went right along with it. I had to hold it at a funky angle to make sure she was stabilized but it was no biggie.

When all of the pilots were staring at me from the nearby escalator, I should have known danger was around the corner.

We reached the top and I don't have a clue what happened but between the stairs going up and flattening out, the people in front not getting off fast enough and the stroller not clearing the little bump at the top of the escalator, I almost sent Anne Margaret flying. Not to mention, when the stroller got stuck, then I ran into it and soon people behind me started piling up.

Are you envisioning the domino effect yet??

My friends were laughing so hard, all they could do was squeak out a little "glad she was buckled in!"

We all survived it, but it sure was not one of my finer parenting moments. My advice to you is to heed the warning and don't feel the need to test it for yourself.

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  1. omg YOU! LOL! Actually, we take the stroller on the escalator all the time (I apparently do not read the signs lol) but we always take the baby out (Jon makes me).

  2. Hahahaha, you were THAT mom :) I got stuck on an escalator behind a lady with a stroller at the Dallas airport last summer. A domino effect for sure! I'm glad AM was fine and I'm glad your friends were so very helpful :)

    XO, Julie


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