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Monday, March 5, 2012

East Bound

Wednesday morning my alarm went off at 4:10 AM and we were up at the crack of dawn. Our flight was at 9 AM and were an hour and a half from the airport plus time to drop off rental cars and get thru security so we were up early squirrely.

The drive there was stressful on me and on poor CT3. I basically yelled at CT3 the ENTIRE time to slow down as I had my white knuckles plastering the dashboard and door handle!

If I am honest with you, I will tell you that I am the WORST backseat driver. Not only that, but I am a control freak who does not like to go fast and I like taking curves VERY slow. I also get quite car sick and so if CT3 is not listening to me then I get all pukey feeling and get more mad. If I am not driving, I basically just sit in the passenger side and freak out and tell CT3 over and over to slow down as I ask him in between if he sees the people ahead of us breaking.

CT3 loves me.

Anyhoo, add my already anxious flying self to my overly tired self plus ice, snow and wind on the Colorado roads in our TINY little rental car and it was safe to say that I needed a Valium at that moment.

Thankfully, we made it safe and after checking our luggage we were on our merry way through security. Since the trip going had been such a breeze, I was expecting the same going this way.

That's what I get for expecting, huh?

Security did a random search on CT3 and while he was getting frisked, they wanted to search and scan every piece of baby food on me. Thankfully it was already separated however trying to manage my child who is now screaming "yo yo" and "applesauce" at the evil man stealing her goods while holding the rest of our carry ons while putting my boots back on was a sight to see.

We made it through there and were off to the gate. I decided to stop off at the ladies room for a diaper change and a potty break. As we were walking that way, AM said "tee tee in the potty." I asked her if she needed to go and she nodded her head yes. We walked in and the large handicapped one was in use by another mom. I parked my stroller right outside of it and waited.

The lady and her stroller walked out a few minutes later, smiled at me and I smiled and said hi back to her kid as I moved forward to hold the door and go it. Literally as I was holding the door and moving forward to push AM's stroller into the stall, some lady ran in front of me, grabbed the door and shut it.

I wanted to cuss at her.

She was skinny and middle age. Like TOTALLY did not need the handicapped bath room.

Now we can argue that I didn't "need" the handicapped stall either, however the stroller plus me plus child would not have fit in a regular one and I didn't want to leave it and my luggage just out in the bathroom, so the large stall it was. So then you say, well why not just change her on the changing table and be done with it? I could have however, since she had asked to go potty, I wanted to take her. Secondly, she goes every time on the potty and I figured that if I could help empty her little bladder before we flew, then it would just get us a bit further before the next diaper change.

Anyway, I was boiling. The lady came out smirked at me and went on. I did a half smile trying to convince myself that maybe she was just having a bad day and that I was okay waiting. Trying to be positive didn't help me overcome Miss Rudey pants.

So then we did our business, and left the bathroom to go to Dunkin Donuts. I stepped up to the counter and kid you not, another lady stepped up next to me and just started to order. The employee gave me a sheepish grin as she took the order from the lady barking commands.

At that moment I decided that aside from the flames and steam now coming from my ears, I surely was invisible.

My rant to CT3 did no good. He told me it wasn't a big deal and to calm down.

Ladies, does your husband telling you to calm down ever calm you down?

Negative ghost writer.

Now I was just angry at him for not taking my side.

{Do yall see who is the chill, nice and patient one is in our relationship?? I will give you a clue, its NOT me!!}

Anyway, within minutes we were aboard the plane and headed east. Lets just say that this flight was a bit bumpy. At one point I questioned if I had paid Delta extra for the roller coaster ride that we were on and I did a double check to ensure that my barf bag was close by and ready. It was all I could do to eat my bagel and listen to worship music and pray that we didn't fall out of the sky.

Thankfully, AM was a doll again as she watched Elmo, ate puffs and slept for a solid two hours.

Upon touchdown in Atlanta, I have never been so thankful to see the ground. Our trip was wonderful but being home was even better.

{If you want to read my tips on traveling with a toddler, HERE is my original post. Also, Kat just wrote one on their trip flying with her 13 month old. They used their car seat in flight on some of their flights and she talks about that working well. Our flights were full and we could not have done that without paying for a seat which I was too cheap for...AM is not loving her car seat these days either so for us we went with the hold and pray method. Kat's carseat tactic worked great too and HERE is the link to that. We did things two totally different ways, but hey, read them both and do what works for you! Hopefully with both of our insight it will help a few of you out there!} Pin It Now!

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  1. OMG - that is two not nice people - I would have been steamed too! People need manners. But your post made me giggle quite a bit! :-) XOXO!


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