Talk of the Trains: When It Rains, It Pours

Saturday, February 18, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours

This week has been a Doozie - with a capital D.

As you are reading this, I am currently in flight cross country with baby in arms. Feel free to cease reading at this point and start praying.

Wanna see us? Here we are! I just took this photo and we are currently cruising at 32,000 feet!

And, yes, as a matter of fact my child is asleep. Thank you for noticing and yes, I am quite thankful for that. I will have more details later this week of traveling with a 17 month old, so stay tuned for that!

The joke all this week was could CT3 push a drunk wife in a wheelchair and a baby in a stroller through the airport and to the plane. I dont drink so this was a joke, but I would be lying if I didnt think that being able to throw a few back this weekend may help my anxiety.

I am the WORST flyer ever. Not only am I anxious about it all week long, but I am also that girl that is at the airport 10 hours early. Domestic, international, puddle jumper, I am there hours an advance.

Cutie pie in her new shoes and her "swash."

The first thing that I also do when I get on a plane is open my AC vent and take off my top layer as I immediately start sweating. 

Next, and maybe more importantly, I check for a barf bag. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. In fact, if I make any purchases before boarding, I have been known to ask for extra bags. I just hold on to these in case. I have puked a few times in flight, so the barf bag is a must for me!

Baby's new kicks!
Anyway, I am headed out west and will be back soon to report in on air travel with a baby.

In the mean time, just getting to this point has been crazy. CT3 got kicked in the face last week and had stitches, his car broke down on Sunday and we were a one car family for the day. $900 later his car is now running and I am ready to give it to the next person who will offer to take it from me. 

Holding Daddy's hand in the waiting room and helping him not to be scared ;)

I watched til they busted out the 17 inch numbing needle. Then I started to get queasy and had to go sit down with the baby. I am wimp. Hear me roar!! 

Tuesday morning, AM woke up sick and I ran her to the doctor for a double ear infection. Work has been busy and some stupid cat wouldnt get out of my back yard, even after being gently prompted with a PVC pipe prodding its rear. This made Champ crazy, all while my sick sweet baby laid still watching Elmo.

Sick baby :(

Baby at the doctor with mismatched outfit!
Oh yeah, I forgot it was Valentine's Day and was covered in green from head to toe. People referred to me as St. Patrick instead. Whoops! Apparently, CT3 and I had a miscommunication that day as I made a cheap and easy version of a Chicken Pot Pie for dinner that night and he stopped at the store for steaks.

AM delivering some chicken pockets to a few friends! 

Also and maybe most importantly, as you read this, Dad is in surgery. More on that later too but I am okay if you would like to throw out another shout out to God for this. He knows the need.

Me taking off on our vacation with Dad under the knife was not an easy decision. I am nervous but ultimately I realize that God is in control and that He didnt fall off of His throne today because I am anxious. Dad wanted us to go and so here we are and upon getting home, I will spend a few days with him helping around the house and such. We planned on going to see him before flying out, however with AM being sick, no how no way was I going to take her near him. So here we are. Its been a long crazy week but I am excited about our vacation {and this plane that I am sitting on landing!} and will have lots to post upon our return! 

Baby fell asleep with the pillow over her whole body. She normally just sleeps with a blanket in her crib. Tonight she wouldn't put down the pillow. I went and moved it after she was good and asleep!

Til then enjoy my random scheduled posts and pray for safe travels for me, healing for AM, some uneventful weeks for CT3 and I and a swift recovery for Dad!

Monkey face!

This picture has nothing to do with this post, I just thought it was cute...well minus the crows feet that seemed to have perched themselves on the corners of my eye!
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  1. Oh goodness. Praying for a smoother week to come! (We're doing double ear infections here, too. FUN...)

  2. Sending prayers friend! And what a precious post! The pictures are all so cute! XOXO!

  3. The last pic is SO CUTE! And I am so jealous she slept on a plane - I am terrified for us. ps- he got kicked in the face?! Why??

  4. Praying for your dad! Have a great vacation! Can't wait to hear all about it =)

  5. Still praying. Have a great time and try to enjoy your trip!


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