Talk of the Trains: Kiddos

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Last week, I left AM at home with a sitter and I jetted off for the day to get my snuggle on with two of my good friends and their newborn babies.

It was a great day of seeing the girls in their new mommy roles and holding their sweet babies however it made me sad that I had left Anne Margaret at home. Don't get me wrong, it was totally the right thing to do as otherwise I would not have been able to visit. If AM had been with me, I would have been chasing her constantly and making sure that she didn't poke their babies eyes out but as I cuddled their littles, it made me want mine. 

I am so happy for my friends! They are doing fab and their babies are just precious....Don't tell their Daddies but they have officially been on their first date together and they may or may not have been posed for a picture or two! 

Cant wait for these little ones to grow up and for AM to play {or babysit} them! HA!

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  1. Next best thing to holding your own baby is holding a friends baby! (or two!)


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