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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Funny Happenings

Tomorrow's post is about my tips for flying with a little one, but I wanted to take a few minutes today and for my memories sake, jot down some of the stuff that happened, was funny or frustrating on our trip last week. Since I have had a sleepless weekend and for fear that I cant walk, talk nor write straight, we will go in bullet fashion and make things simpler on us all!!

  • The day before flying I went to Target to get a few snacks for Bitty to have as she traveled. As we were checking out, I put her on the conveyor belt thinking she would think it was fun to feel it move. She giggled so hard and I held her hand the whole time...not sure why the lady behind me felt the urge to stand IN FRONT of me and tell me that "she would watch my child for me while I unloaded my cart." I was so ticked off. I was literally being silly with AM and the lady thought I was being negligent. 
  • At the airport, I thought TSA regulations said that if the child could walk they had to walk by themselves through security. That said, I set AM on the ground {standing} as I walked through the checkpoint. I turned around 3 feet from her and told her to walk to me. I kid you not, AM sat on her bottom, then decided to get on her knees and crawl through. It took her like 3 minutes as she did the slowest crawl known to man. It seemed like an eternity as everyone in line and all of the TSA agents laughed at the kid crawling through security. It was hysterical and quite cute all in one. 
  • I learned the hard way why you don't put a stroller on an escalator. I was following my friends and when they told me to come on, I really didn't think twice about it. Lets just say that I am quite thankful that AM was seat belted in as it wasn't the smoothest transition and I think our friends learned for their future reference why kids in strollers are NOT allowed on those things. Elevators were my stroller and my new best friend. 
  • On the airplane, AM put her mouth on the seat ahead of us. I know that airplanes are dirty, but with a little one there is only so much you can do...any other moms out there ever try to go to the potty in public with your little kid and have to figure out how to navigate there?? Yeah - kids are just dirty. Anyway, I didn't want her tonguing the seats but she literally just leaned forward and as she was trying to lean over the seat to see the little girl ahead of her she put her mouth on the seat. The lady across the aisle YELLED, "Ew ew ew! She has her mouth on the seat!! Grab her!" I thought about picking my nose and flicking it at her just to really be disgusting but I refrained. Regardless, and like the Target lady, it bothers me when people tell me how to handle my own kid!!! 
  • Lastly, and maybe most humorous, as we deplaned, AM and I got off before CT3. I exited the plane and stood right outside of the plane on the jet way. I had moved to the side and was leaning against the wall as I held her and waited for CT3. All of the sudden, AM said "yights!" and the entire jet way went black. People did a deep breath in as they tried to let their eyes adjust and not trip over their luggage. I was mortified as I realized that apparently AM had found the light switch and as she announced "yights" she also flipped the switch putting everyone on the jet way in the dark. I quickly got the lights back on and made a bee line off that thing and for the airport to wait for him! 
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  1. Oh my goodness!!! That lights story really made me laugh!!

  2. These travel stories are cracking me up. AM is precious! :-)

  3. Okay, these stories TOTALLY cracked me up. Totally can relate! :)


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