Talk of the Trains: We Missed New Years

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Missed New Years

This post seems appropriate being 10 days late as CT3, Eddie, Sewing Lauren and I missed New Years. 

No lie. We are officially old parents who cant stay up late and who easily forget things. I know it sounds crazy, but I kid you not, four adults and two kids missed new years.

CT3, AM and I had gone over to Sewing Lauren's house. She and Eddie had been kind enough to offer for us to come over for dinner and to ring in 2012.

The plan was for us to come around 6 and I would bring a chicken nugget tray from Chick-Fil-A and a Swiss Bacon Dip. Lauren was going to make a spinach artichoke dip and a buffalo dip and have brownies and Eddie was going to throw sausage or some manly meat on the grill. The kids were going to play, we were going to hang out, put the babies down there, play grown up games, watch the ball drop and sip on sparkling cider and officially ring in the new year.

Now, take the plan, throw it out the window and that is pretty much what happened.

We arrived late. Go figure. We are always late.

We ate dinner late. I got a tray of nuggets that served 8 and apparently the 4 adults and the 2.5 year old ate all of it....Although, Lauren is preggo, so maybe we can blame a few on her little one in utero??

Lauren asked what we wanted to drink for dinner and I went for the tried and true, Coke. CT3 had been eyeing Lauren's Fresca {which are apparently her pregnancy cravings because the trashcan was full of empty cans} and he asked for a HALF of one.

Yes, not a whole Fresca, but a half of one. Lauren and Eddie being the polite folk that they are, kindly poured him a half a Fresca and left the remainder on the counter. Ya know, just in case he got thirsty later.

After that, we chased the babies and just let them play. I broke out the blow things and hats and chased the kids around trying to take cute pictures. I didn't get one good one {see the 10 blurred or non-looking shots below}, but I am sure I did an effective job of acting like the crazy mom blogger who wont put down the dang camera! Lauren's husband probably things I am a nut job and some sources would agree with him, I am sure. 

She enjoyed chewing on it more than blowing it!

James was not a fan of the party hat.

...still chewing...

James and his blow things collection!

Happy New Year, sweet boy! 

Around 9:30 Anne Margaret was pitching a fit and acting crazy, so we went to put her down. While we did this, Eddie took James to bed. Apparently, AM was not ready to go to sleep because she just stood in the pack-n-play and screamed. Since James was trying to sleep and I would have been mortified if she kept him up, I went and got her. At our house I would have let her cry it out, but for fear of the other folks having to listen to her wail, I caved.

She came back to the living room to play, which was fine because Eddie was taking a cat nap with James. Somewhere in there, AM dropped a puzzle on her toe and bruised it badly. She again screamed like a wild woman. I stuck her foot in the sink hoping to cool it off I guess. I have NO clue why I thought that seemed like a good thing to do, but it did at the time. 

Love my snuggle bunny!

She loved James' NOLA inspired necklace. Beads, brass instruments and all...speaking of NOLA - a post is sure to come on that topic :)

We realized at 10:30 that we never made the brownies or heated up my Swiss cheese and bacon dip. This was our first error of the night. Granted we had just finished the chicken nuggets so we definitely didn't have food on the brain. Eddie's sausage never got made either.

It was now 11 and Anne Margaret was showing signs of fading again and so we went for round 2. This time she went straight down. Praise the Lordy!

Around 11:20, CT3 and I made ourselves comfortable on the couch and I tried to plan Lauren's nursery for her....cause I am sure she was just dying to know how I would decorate her house...At some point we pulled a bunch of games onto their floor in the living room and Lauren went to wake Eddie so he could come play...Ah yes! Exactly what Eddie wanted. He was probably dreaming of all of the games he could play and I bet he was happy when Lauren went in to wake him!

Funny side note. I kept saying that we would play "adult games" after the kids went to bed. CT3 asked me at one point in the night to stop saying adult games as it sounded inappropriate....Freudian slip I guess, however, it sounds to me like he needs to get his mind out of the gutter. Clearly I meant games like Yahtzee or Scrabble instead of Candy Land or Hot Potato! 

It was now probably 11:40 and we were flipping between Dick Clark and ESPN and the crazy Red Bull stunt jumper guy. We got to chatting about the latest pop culture fads, Jenny McCarthy's crazy-self, how the lady on ESPN was no Erin Andrews and the fact that we never made brownies or played games. I was blabbering in there about how I cannot watch Dick Clark countdown this year because last year I just stared at the TV and cried. We also were wrapped up in deep discussion about how he has probably had extensive physical therapy and how his mind seems still sharp as a tack just some of his motor skills aren't the same.

All of the sudden, CT3 blurts out something about it being 12:03. Eddie quickly flipped back to Dick Clark only to find Ryan Seacrest thanking people and the ball lit and on the ground. Not only dropped, but had been down for a solid 2 minutes. The fireworks had even subsided and the only sparks left were the tipsy people still indulging in a New Year's smooch and CT3 and his 2012 New Year's excitement.

After all that, we missed the ball drop.

Then we flipped back to the crazy guy about to do his stunt. When the channel popped up, the stunt guy was kissing his {assumed} wife and holding his {assumed} baby. Yep. We missed that too.

After all that, we missed the stunt guy. CT3 was bummed about this, so he took a picture of the replay of the jump. 

Then, Lauren realized she forgot the sparkling cider and ran off to the kitchen! At around 12:10 we toasted and CT3 tried to plant one on me.


My sassy face - and the most normal pic I took all night long. 

Finally, we turned to our local news channel which had a ghetto ball dropping and was currently doing a 2 minute countdown.... After listening to 20 seconds of that we muted it. After all, our local channel with a random peach or something dropping 15 minutes late seemed slightly anticlimactic. 

We were in hysterics about how from everything to forgetting the food to missing the ball drop to the stunt guy and everything in between, we had completely missed New Years. We stayed up the whole night just waiting for the big moment and did not pay one lick of attention to the time or the channel. 

In the middle of our laughing, James {who is 2} apparently got his second wind and came out of his room to party. He was ready to play some Candy Land and Hot Potato. 

We hung out for a bit longer and finally around 1:45 in the morning we packed, grabbed AM and headed home. Despite the fact that we missed most of it, it was probably one of the most fun and surely the most memorable New Years we have ever had! Thanks to Lauren, Eddie and James for letting us hang out there til the wee hours! We had a blast!

Oh yeah. By the end of the night, CT3 drank a few more of Lauren's Fresca... Happy 2012 yall!

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  1. Can we have a re-do sometime? Ha! I had fun anyway! James saw the first picture (of the hats) this morning and said, "My hat! I needa see Anne Marmot." AND he still called CT3 "Miss Toma." Poor CT3! I meant to mention on your blog about your grandmother that I can totally relate to the LA-ren, LOR-en debacle. Gracious.

  2. hahah awww I don't know if I should laugh or just feel so bad. I'm going with laugh, clearly. This year we barely even made it to 12, watched the ball drop and went straight to bed. At least you guys had some fun!

  3. Sounds like a blast! We didn't even try. Think we were in bed at 11.

  4. If you think it is bad now. . . . just wait until you hit 30, then 40, then 50, then 60. Whew! Somebody will be waking you up from your afternoon nap for dinner!


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