Talk of the Trains: Awkward Family Photo and a Birthday

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Awkward Family Photo and a Birthday

Before I get too into talking about my family's odd photo shoot the other day, lets wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my old man! His birthday was Saturday and I think he did lots of whatever 62 year olds are supposed to do on their birthday! 

The week prior, Dad and company had come down to celebrate his birth fest. If you know my family, we just don't celebrate birthdays for the day. Its for the entire month. That said, it was totally normal for us to start dining and feasting in honor of Dad a week or so early. We will continue the celebration in a few weeks when we head to their house for a belated cake and ice cream.

Before dinner, we tried to snap a few photos. I dare not post too many of the outtakes for fear of being shunned from the family, but lets just say I had to do a bit of editing on this one and it was by far the best in the bunch. 

Never mind the fact that the camera was sitting on top of a wet mailbox with a piece of folded newspaper wedged under the lens to get the angle relatively normal. I would mash the automatic shutter button, run around, squeeze in my spot and then when the light stopped flashing I would yell for everyone to smile. 

The first one looked like a sorority shot gone bad. The second {as seen above} was a bit better. We also had a few solo shots. First, I would like to welcome Kristin, along with the 80's and her semi-side pony action that she has going on. The hip pop out and my child's butt cut make this picture clearly a winner. 

Next we have Dad and baby. Cute of both of them, but what cracks me up most about this is the tree in the distance perfectly lined up behind Dad's head. It looks like he has some serious static electricity or major frizzies going on along the back and side of his head. 

Lastly, I cant make fun of my family without showing you my worst official photo shoot ever. Like ever. It started off with Dad getting all up in my way. After that, apparently I didn't have my game face on. I forget what I was trying to get a good head shot of myself for, but clearly tonight was NOT my night. 

First the lighting was not good. 

So we switched sides. Then my arms got all chicken wing-ish and that just looked stupid. My head looks a bit too small for my body here too...Is that a sign I need to lose some weight? 

Then we tried hair down, arms in front. Unfortunately when your hair is uber greasy like mine, its just not cute. As Kristin said, "Lauren, you should do this RIGHT after you get out of the shower next time." Riiiighht. Thanks, Sis.

So then I pulled my hair back again and did the most awkward neck pose I could ever do. It honestly looks like I have a goiter on the right side of my neck.

Then I got annoyed and just did a crazy face. Sadly, blurred and all, I thought this was the best shot of me. 
My stomach was growling by now and clearly the light or the subject was not getting any better. We went for one more low pony look and after that was disastrous and made me look like I had a nasty rat tail, we headed for dinner. 

I went for one more shot pre-dinner and aside from the random restaurant in the back, it turned out half normal.

I am not sure why I am showing you how hideous all of these are. Regardless, we went into dinner and I was feeling so sorry for my unphotogenic self, that I ordered one of everything on the menu. 

Seriously though, I ordered a soup and veggie plate and then got a craving for a caesar salad so I added it on and when they brought everything at once there was no room left on the table! I ended up just eating the soup and salad and taking the rest home. 

Post dinner, we ordered a big fat dessert to celebrate Dad's birthday. Unfortunately, Dad doesn't like this chocolaty goodness, so Mom, Kristin, CT3, Baby and I just shared it all. 

Hi Ma & K! 
A good night was had by all. Even Anne Margaret was perfect in the restaurant, and Moms of little ones, you know that is something to be proud of! We went home after dinner and little miss strawberry tried on all of her new gear that Gigi and G-Diddy brought her before they headed home late that night.

Happy Birthday G-Diddy! Here is to many more birthdays, many more desserts and many more awkward family photos!

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