Talk of the Trains: 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Happy New Years Yall!

I hope each of you had a blast ringing in 2012.

As for myself and my old fogey friends, we forgot New Years. Don't ask me how it happened, all I know is that we missed it. And who the heck knew it, that without us watching the clock and counting down, the old year still passed, the ball still dropped, Jenny McCarthy still did awkward commentary and the new year still came.

More on missing the new year later this week but let me start off the year with a traditional resolutions post!

Here is my disclaimer. Usually I have normal resolutions. You know the standard lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more type deal. While I would like to have those on my list, instead this year, I am going for a simplified, more realistic version of those. Feel free to read as a lame list and puny in comparison to real people's lists! In no order here are my resolutions and the whys behind them:

  • Drink more water. 
    • Water is good for you and I don't drink enough of it. I also drink probably too much coke. If I drink more water then it will take the place of the sugar calories and if I am drinking more water then my tummy may be fuller and I may not eat constantly! 
  • Stretch once a day. 
    • Stretching is good for the ole muscles and helps work out the lactic acid. I can stretch while I watch tv, play with AM or while I am doing regular household chores. I always feel better after I stretch and this is a cheap, easy version of Lauren's around the house yoga.
  • Fold the laundry after it comes out of the dryer. 
    • Um yeah. If you have ever seen the bed in my back bedroom you know why this is my resolution. Because you cant see it thanks to the mound of clothes on it. If I folded the clothes as they came out and then put them away it wouldn't pile up on me like it currently is. This one may be tough to keep so I am going to call this my strech-o-lution. You know like for college you had that one "stretch" school that you didn't know if you would get into or not?? This is like that...a goal that I would love to happen but realistically may not keep. I just hate folding laundry.
  • Work hard at my passions. 
    • Vague but this one I like. It encompasses everything and encourages me to be a good mommy, wifey, blogger, crafter, Jesus follower, friend, employee, Stella & Dot stylist and everything in between! 
  • Take off my make up at night. 
    • So I saw this SAME one on another lady's blog yesterday and seriously thought that she stole my resolution. HAHAH! Then I thought about it and was really just glad that there is someone else who is too lazy to take off their make up every night. I know my face will probably thank me for it down the road, so here's to unlazy nights and pre-mositened make up remover pads! 

What are your resolutions?? Are yours as lame as mine?

HNY! Here's to a fun and fabulous 2012! Pin It Now!


  1. These are great resolutions! One of the bloggers I read had the makeup resolution, too. I need to do the laundry one, too, because we end up with a lot of really wrinkled clothes, and I hate ironing.

  2. so, confession, I literally never take off my makeup at night {provided I actually put it on that day}. I always say, "That way I don't have to put mascara on tomorrow... because it's already there". I'm not even kidding. The next morning I just rub under my eye to get the mascara off my skin, and go. Totally ridiculous, and writing this makes me feel like I never grew up from the early college days. But, such is life =) PS... I don't know if I told you this yesterday when I was over here, but I like your family picture at the top of the blog.

  3. My New Year's resolutions include reading moire books to Anne Margaret, building her block towers to knock down, sneaking her "lellow" pop-cicles, drawing chalk pictures on the driveway, talking on/at the computer, swinging in the porch swing and taking a trip to get ice cream at Bruester's with Anne Margaret and Champ---if their Daddy allows it!

  4. Your resolution to stretch every day has inspired me! I have been feeling so stiff. Every morning when I wake up I think of you and start stretching :) Thank you!


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