Talk of the Trains: Christmas Day

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day

Anne Margaret woke up at 7:30 AM and I was grumpy that she was up so early. 

...don't slap me through the internet, please!

Normally she wakes up between 9 and 10. I was totally banking on that extra hour or two of sleep and I guess all of the Santa excitement just couldn't contain her! 

Thankfully my sweet husband got up and did the morning diaper duty and breakfast. This allowed me to catch a few extra zzzzz's and not be AS grumpy...I am totally a grump in the morning. 

I peeked over the rail to find this sweet looking face staring up at me ready and waiting to dive into some gifts. 

Mom already had cinnamon rolls in the oven and my sweet Christmas elf delivered this yummy treat. While I kind of felt bad about the people having to work on the holiday morn, I was uber grateful as I savored every sip. 

Anne Margaret wasted no time and dove straight into her stocking. She pulled out one thing after another and once her's was done, she came and helped CT3 pull stuff out of his. 

Apparently Santa left CT3 a moon pie, however thanks to 10 grubby little fingers, there was nothing but crumbs left in the package. 

Next began the presents. AM again would rip off the tinest piece and then yell "yaaay!" She would also take the bows and put them on her head. That was humorous to me as she wont leave a real hair bow in her hair for one second! 

To say that AM was spoiled is an understatement. From both sets of grandparents, most of the gifts under the trees looked like this::

To our little AM - from whomever. I have to say, the kid racked up and loved every second of it and every toy she got! Below is her on her new fire truck {just like her daddy} and of her "O" toy. I have no idea what its called, but it defintally makes the most obnoxious noise on the planet and AM really really loves it - go figure. If you want my opinion, it should come with earplugs for the parents...

After presents with my parents, we skyped with Kristin and Mike who were with his family for Christmas and then we went to get ready to go to Mimi and Grand Dads house for Christmas #4. 

AM wore the same green dress she wore at our house the night we had our little Christmas. I dont think I told you then, but this was my dress when I was a little girl. My Grandmother {from yesterday's post} made one for me and one for Kristin and this one was mine. I love it that its still in such good condition and fit AM so perfectly! 

At CT3's house, we all again racked up on wonderful presents. AM got a ton of toys and a really special hand knitted stocking made by a family friend. All of CT3's family has matching stockings...I am yet to have one and I think they are making sure I am around for a bit before their sweet friend whips me up one! Hehehe! Just kidding! 

Again, the wild woman pulled tissue out of bags like it was her day job and stuck every bow onto her head! We would open a new toy for her and she would play with it until we could get into the next one. She loved it and thus far has been having a blast playing with all of her new stuff. 

Somewhere in the midst of presents, we decided to take a time out to eat. We were all hungry and AM was getting sleepy. If there is one thing CT3's mom is a wonder at, its feeding large groups of people! Her meals never disappoint and I make sure I show my gratitude by stuffing myself silly. 

Below was my first go around. I am pretty sure my second plate looked a bit similar but with less green things and more cheesy potatoes! 

Post lunch, I literally almost fell asleep on the couch. Everyone was talking around me and I remember bits and pieces of snide comments about my sleepy state...little do they all know that just before walking in the door I had taken an allergy pill. I usually only take them at night but I was struggling big time and needed to get it in my system. Between the antihistamine in that, a full belly and accidentally falling vertical on the couch with a warm blankie over me, I was practically a goner. 

No worries though. I rallied strong for dessert and made it through the rest of the presents awake!

After sharing a day with the family, we headed off to the hospital. CT3's sister is on hospital bed rest and we wanted to make sure to see her on Christmas day. We were late getting there, which delayed our dinner plans and we were not able to make the annual Waffle House Christmas dinner with my parents. 

Since we would be so late, Dad just ordered us Chinese...

Kari Out... hehehe
That night, I was so dadgum tired. I was happy and full {from family time and food} and was relieved to have all of the Christmas stuff done. From travel to packing to gift buying to taking care of AM and everything between, I have been worn out. I love seeing all of our family on Christmas day and being able to be everywhere and do everything but as our responsibilities have increased, it has made me more exhausted. I cant bear the thought of not waking up at my parents house on Christmas morn, but this year was the first year I have had a slight prick in my heart to wake up in our little house on that special day. 

Who knows what we will do next year and for now we will just enjoy the moments and exactly where we are today. Though it was all good stuff and all wonderful, that night, I slept so well. 

Thanks to our friends and family for a very Merry Christmas! We love yall!

P.S. Tonight is the last day of 2011! We will be ringing it in with some of our dear friends. I have more posts from Christmas to catch you up on so until my official new years post, let me leave you with a warm wish for the upcoming year. May it be your best year yet! 
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  1. I feel like maybe we should trade children for a week so you know what it's REALLY like to have one that wakes up early. :) I won't slap you through the internet, though. Ha! PS - We SO had dresses just like those. I'll look for the pictures sometime today. One of us had red and one had green. Popular pattern for the mid-80s, huh?

  2. That thing is called a Sing-A-Ma-Jig. If you get a couple of them together they harmonize. In a group, it's actually pretty cool. Glad you guys had a great Christmas!


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