Talk of the Trains: Professional Candle Blower Outer

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Professional Candle Blower Outer

AM and I have been practicing how to blow for weeks.

Every time we would turn on or off a light, we would blow. Every time we would open or close a door we would blow. Every time she wanted a toy, I would tell her to blow. Basically I trained her like I train Champ - give a command and reward when she did it. This is how we taught her sign language as well.

All of this was in hopes that the little baby boo would be able to blow out her first birthday candle. I didn't know if it would work but I figured that with the way she mimics and does sign language, it was worth the shot.

While for three weeks, we worked on her blowing on command, what I failed to do was encourage it in any one direction. You see, she would blow in the air and the lights would go out. Or she would blow towards the dog and the door would open. She learned cause and effect - I blow and something happens.

This has resulted in the cutest one year old candle blower outer you have ever seen. Watch the video. We sing Happy Birthday to AM and then we tell her to blow. She starts blowing all over the place but in the direction of her candle.

It may be the cutest, sweetest video ever and by two, she should have the directional thing down pat!

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  1. Thank goodness there was a fireman in the house!

  2. That is SO cute!! EJ watched it with me so she would know what to do :) Her party is Sunday...I'll see how much I can teach her before then!

  3. Oh my word! That is just adorable! I didn't even think about trying to teach Zoe to blow out her own candle...that's awesome!

  4. That is so cute!!! And...note taken that the dog should be out of the room if I don't want her eating cake. ;)

  5. My wife and I have developed a fun, new product that lets kids blow out their birthday candles without spitting on the cake. Check it out:


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