Talk of the Trains: AM's First Birthday Party

Friday, September 23, 2011

AM's First Birthday Party

When I started party planning, I did not have a theme. I found an invitation that I liked and decided that I was going to use that color scheme {I posted those details here}. As the party drew near, I wanted to throw in something cute and baby-ish, but not so themed that it was over the top. 

I have a hard time with themes - I did when we were trying to figure out nursery decor too. Its not that I don't like them, its that by the time all is said and done, I am so sick of seeing my over the top themed stuff that I don't know if its cute, ugly or just old so I tend to stay away from them. I get sick of themes quick so instead I pick colors that I like and then incorporate little things here and there to kick it up a notch. I think this will change as AM gets older and begins to love Dora, princesses and the like, but for now, we'll just go with the colors idea. 

Anyway, so as I was trying to think about what to incorporate, all I could think of was silly songs or nursery rhymes that I sing to her. AM is not necessarily into anything specific right now and loves all of her toys equally, so that was no help. I kept coming back to nursery rhymes and then it dawned on me. All of the food would have little markers in them with a line from a nursery rhyme. They would all coordinate with whatever food was served and I could use my colors scheme while tying in something babyish while not being over the top. 

Here was the menu and the rhyme that went with it:
Pigs in a Blanket - This Little Piggy
Veggie Tray - Peter Piper Picked a Peck
Fruit Tray - Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Deviled Eggs - Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall
Drink Station - Jack and Jill
Chips and Dip - Old Mother Hubbard
Cheese and Crackers - Three Blind Mice

I was really pleased with the results and felt like the nursery rhymes were the perfect thing to incorporate for a one year old. At 4 p.m. friends and family arrived. We set out all of the munchies and people hung out and chit chatted. At around 5 p.m., we sang happy birthday to AM and she dug into her cake. All of the guests feasted on cake and ice cream and by 6 people were headed home. On our invite we requested no gifts as we knew that from immediate family and a few close friends, AM would already be spoiled! I am awkward opening gifts in front of people and since AM just likes to eat tissue paper, by not having a slew of gifts, we just waited to everyone left before opening. 

CT3's parents, my parents and my sister were still there so around 7 we opened AM's gifts. She loved everything and tried to climb into every box {with the toy}. After that, CT3's parents left, we packed up and by 8:30 or so, left on our 2 hour drive back. 

It was late when we arrived home and though we were exhausted our hearts were full. It was a great weekend celebrating Bitty's first birthday with friends and we are thankful for all who came to hang out with us and our little munchkin! 

Here are the pictures from the day. They are somewhat in chronological order! 

Birthday invite is what all of the colors were centered around.

Banner for cake and signs for food.

Setting up.

Drink station {Jack and Jill}

A few presents from the family!

Big birthday banner that Dad helped me make.

First Birthday Girl!

The spread. MMMM. 

A different angle.

Pigs in a blanket:: This Little Piggy

Cheese and crackers:: Three Blind Mice

Fruit:: Mary Mary quite contrary

Deviled Eggs:: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Veggie Tray:: Peter Piper picked a peck

Chips and dip:: Old Mother Hubbard

Pretty cupcakes!

Cake, cupcakes and smash cake

Bitty is ONE! 

Besties and baby.

I love JMac.
{By the way, the last time I saw Jessica was when she came to the hospital when AM was born...she wore the same outfit that day as she wore to her birthday party this year...She thought I wouldnt remember. HA!}

CT3's fam

My fam

The star of the show! 

Time to sing to the birthday girl!

CT3 wasnt ready for this pic.

Blowing out her candle. We practiced this one FOR sure!

She is a good little smash cake smasher.

Sharing is caring says AM. 

I think she liked it. 

All done and smashed. 

Happy Mommy, Daddy and baby. 

Opening her presents.

Climbing into her presents.

Bonnet made by a friend. Not sure where she will wear it but she sure looks sweet in it!

Baby TOMS from her cool Aunt Krissy.

Birthday girl walking around at the end of the night - tuckered out and ready for bed. 
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  1. Who needs a theme when it turns out that cute!

  2. It looks like you did GREAT! I'm totally with you on the theme just seems so overdone by the time that you're done that it's not worth it. I like going for a "feel" =) Or, maybe I just like being weird. I don't know!

  3. I'm making pigs in a blanket for my 6 year olds birthday this weekend, but I think everything else about it will pale in comparison to your adorable spread. Such a great idea!


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