Monday, August 8, 2011

Mans Best Friend

Dogs truly are mans best friend. Stinky, sweaty and smelly as they may be, nothing can take the place of a family pet. 

Champ is 80+ lbs and despite the fact that he doesn't understand his size and tries to get a bit close at times, he really is the best dog ever. He just had his third birthday so I guess in human years is now early twenties. He loves his Bitty boo and they play so well together. She climbs on him, pulls his tail, sticks her fingers in his mouth, pokes his eyes and he just lays there like a champ {pun intended} and takes it all. 

Bitty loves him and loves giving him open mouthed kisses - we are working on teaching her to uh, close her mouth. 

Yesterday, she was chasing him around the house and he finally went and laid on his bed. His shadow crawled right up next to him and it was a photo op I just couldn't resist. In fact, these pictures may be my favorite series of shots to date! 

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  1. Love you, love the baby, love the dog. But I don't love "dog kisses" on the mouth. E-yuk.

  2. So adorable! Bet we'll have the same open-mouth kiss issue. Do right now, but don't think Robby's old enough to tell anything to, and Harper (the dog) is stubborn and won't listen. ;)

  3. Beyond precious! :-) I hope EB is cute with our babies one day! (in the far, far future!)

  4. This should go without saying...but I love me some pictures of baby girls and their cute!

  5. I love these pics!! Reminds me of Toby...I hope him and Eli get along as well as Champ and AM!


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