Talk of the Trains: A Healthy Sandwich

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Healthy Sandwich

 This has been a pretty good eating week! Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night I cooked and then between leftovers and eating out, we rounded off the week. 

Sunday night we had steak and I baked veggies. Yum yum! Monday night, I made homemade pesto and covered cheesey tortellini shells with it. It was divine. Tuesday night and Wednesday night I made my new favorite sandwich - apples, avocado and provolone on sourdough bread. Fabulous and I think healthy! Thursday and Friday night we were out with friends and Saturday we ate at a friends house. 

I am already thinking of a few things that I can whip up next week and am open for any EASY suggestions that you may have! 

The baked veggies recipe I found on pinterest and here is the recipe for that. I also snagged the reinvented grilled cheese recipe from pinterest and here is the original link for that along with my step by step tutorial below.

This sandwich was uber easy and really yummy. Bacon or turkey or some other meat could be added, but since I didn't have any on hand we just went without. It was still delish - proven by the fact that we had it two nights in a row. 

A few apple slices

Provolone {or your choice of cheese} on sourdough on the stove top toasting in a bit of butter. 

I cut my avocado's funny, but I think they are easier to spread this way. 

Add avocado and apples to cheese and toasted bread. 

Smush together and indulge while warm and yummy. 

I am like Pavlov's dog and salivating just at the image of this.
Now go spend $1.29 on a ripe avocado and whip up this tasty, easy, healthy delicious meal for yourself. I promise you wont be disappointed. Pin It Now!


  1. I have an easy Chicken Parmesan recipe; it's delicious but not sure how healthy it is... haha. Also made an easy crockpot mexican chicken recipe just Friday. It would be good on taco shells, tortillas, or nachos. I can email them to you if those appeal. (Can I just say that I am surprised that you, my picky-eater friend, likes avocado? I'm so not picky and I don't like them!)

  2. looks great!! Glad you are thinking healthy. Look at the weight watchers web site, as they have lots of healthy recipes, too!!


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