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Thursday, June 2, 2011

James Taylor

As always, I am late in posting about our fabulous weekend. Back in April, for our anniversary, I gave CT3 concert tickets. This past weekend was the big event and though we were a little distraught as we left town late and then got caught in traffic, we were both excited about our date night. For the first time in my life, I felt relatively chill about being late to something and wasn't anxious at all!

Here is how our timeline fell:
5:05 PM: Left our house to drive to Atlanta.
6:55 PM: Arrived to Atlanta and dropped off dog and baby. Also changed clothes. 
7:25 PM: Left house for concert.
8:02 PM: Arrived in the parking lot at Chastain Park.
8:07 PM: Entered gates at the park.
8:10 PM: We sat in our seats just as James Taylor took the stage. 

It could not have been more perfect. We caught our breath, took a few pictures, envied the Chastain Park-ers with full picnic spreads and tall glasses of chilled wine, wished we had candles and flowers and vowed that next time we attend a show at Chastain we will bring the whole shebang. Between coming in from out of town and knowing we would be tight in getting there, we didn't bring anything other than ourselves. It worked out perfectly this time, however next time we will plan better, do it right and carry stuff in. 

The concert was wonderful and the crowd was fun. It was a blend of early 30's and up and everyone was really chill {probably thanks to their picnic wine!} and friendly. Chastain is such a clean and elegant concert setting and it is surrounded by a gorgeous neighborhood. 

After I win the lottery I am going to buy a house there. At that point I will also get a second dog. When I move to the Chastain Park area, I will also buy season tickets to their concert series. This means that every Friday night you will find me there with my outdoor picnic and seersucker and pearls on. 

We will drive our golf cart and/or gator to and from the venue and if you are my friend and you are going, I will also give you a ride. That is what friends do. I will be sipping wine and acting all fancy like...Speaking of fancy, I learned how to twirl a strawberry on a spoon - the girl next to us who looked quite distinguished kept doing it and I took good notes! 

Anyway, CT3 and I both felt very sophisticated there and we had such a fun night with lots of adult conversation. We bought a turkey wrap at the park and he enjoyed a Fat Tire brewsky while I partook in a glass of wine - I told you it was a wild night! 

Anne Margaret and Champ were in good hands with my sister and parents and we texted a few times to check in. Aside from some wailing as she fought sleep, they said she was fine. When we got home, Mom and Dad had a belated carvel birthday cake waiting on us. Mom and Dad sure do know the way to my heart. 

I took a ton of pictures at the concert {however none of us-boo} and in true late night blogger fashion, I am just going to do a picture dump and call it quits! 

Where we parked is where my old soccer team {Tophat} practiced!!! Who knew!? I felt right at home once we pulled onto the fields!

Our seats.

Cool picnic people. This spread was mini compared to others...sorry for the crummy shot. I was in stealth mode so these people wouldn't see me stalking them.

Our lighters for when we wave them in the air ;)

Jimmy Carter is right there in the front. 

I think this was my favorite picture of the night. 

Love all the bobbing heads. 

My favorite!
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  1. What a fun night! I love James Taylor. I'm glad yall got to have a grownups-only kinda night :) Please let me know as soon as you win the lottery and buy your fancy house and your concert season tickets. You can plan on a semi-permanent houseguest :)



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