Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three Down

Three down...infinity to go!

As you know, CT3 and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on Tuesday. Its been a great 3 years and each day only gets better! We still have our ups and downs, but through it all we are committed to the Lord and we are committed to each other. 

Nothing can break the covenant and the promises we have made and through thick and thin, I am proud to look next to me and have CT3 sharing the joys, sorrows, sicknesses, health and all of life with me. He is my best friend and makes life so easy and so much fun. 

So to celebrate, my sweet sister offered to keep Anne Margaret so that CT3 and I could go on a hot date. When Kristin told me she would babysit, I jumped on the offer and CT3 went to planning our evening. He made dinner reservations and I was told to wear a dress. 

We hit up this swanky restaurant called Natalia's. I had never been before and it was delish! 

Bread served with a creamy cheese spread that was sitting in an olive oil and vinaigrette mix. It was fabulous. I  could have sipped on my wine and eaten this all night long and have been QUITE content. 

After we ordered,  I made CT3 open his present. If you know me, you know that I love presents and that I always want to have the perfect gift. It cant be something forced. It has to be something that when I think of it or see it, I think of that person...why for Christmas one year I gave CT3 a placemat of the periodic table of elements....get it?? He is a CHEMICAL engineer. Dont worry...he got real stuff that year too.

Anyway, I toiled over what to get him and then after finding the seemingly perfect gift, I could hardly restrain myself from giving it to him. I didn't want to get him clothes or trinkets and I couldn't really think of anything that he needed that wasn't uber lame {i.e. under shirts or socks}. I wanted it to be something fun and representative of us and of course I didnt want to break the bank.

All of my criteria led me to google where I aimlessly searched for the perfect gift. I wound up on Ticketmaster searching for shows at the Fox or for jazz concerts. I am not sure why I was thinking jazz - it just seemed festive at the time but somehow through clicking on what I thought was a jazz link {I must have hit something else that I am not sure of} I landed on a page about James Taylor and his upcoming concert tour. 


I had to get tickets to this show and luckily for me, this site said that the tickets went on sale that morning at 10 AM. I was a few hours after ticket sales had opened but I was certain that I could get my grubby little hands on a pair. As you can imagine, the show sold out immediately. While I was annoyed, I just ventured over to a 3rd party reseller and found tickets at a slightly increased rate and popped them in my happy little cart. Within hours, the tickets were purchased, emailed to me and I had printed them. 

Now, why James Taylor you ask?? Well, I have to be honest. I can name you about 5 of his songs and that's it. I will be downloading some JT prior to the concert, however when CT3 and I got married, CT3 was insistent upon having our recessional be to the song of "Your Smiling Face." CT3 had very few wedding requests and since I wasn't particular, we ordered the songbook and asked our organist/pianist to learn it for our wedding. 

So yes, JT was played at our wedding - hence making these tickets to this musical legends concert the perfect anniversary gift. I gave him my gift at dinner and he loved it. He even said he would take me with the second ticket that he I just have to see if Mom and Kristin are available to babysit! 

To You. From Me. 

He loved it! 

So food came and we ate as if it was the Last Supper. I indulged way more than I should have and was that girl in a fancy restaurant taking pictures of everything. It was like I had never been out in public before - much less to a fancy restaurant.

CT3 is wonderful and humored me through each of my snap shots. We agreed that should anyone inquire about me repeatedly taking photos and then inhaling the subject in which I just documented, we would lie and tell them I was a food journalist.

...I mean its not ALL a lie is it?? I am writing and posting. Is this considered a new age form of journalism??

Here was my meal:

My FAVORITE appetizer: Caprese Salad

The main course: Filet Mignon, asparagus and mashed potatoes. Heavenly and perfectly cooked. 

The dessert: Creme Brulee. 

You think we liked it?? I almost licked the bowl. 

Even the bathrooms were pretty.

They had fun lotions that you spooned out! 

How beautiful is this sink?? When I become a millionaire I am gonna have black counters and these painted sinks. 

After dinner, we came home, took the obligatory anniversary photo, hung out with Kristin and played with our sweet baby girl. CT3 gave me his gift - a strand of pearls and a fun night was had by all.

Sweet flowers and a pretty bag...Dad, CT3 said he "fluffed the tissue paper just like you showed him"

Awkward Photo 1: Dog attacking me, CT3 with his hand on my Buddha belly making me look pregnant and me still cheesing for the camera. 

Awkward Photo 2: Champ coming at me from a new angle. What can I say. The dog loves his Momma. 

Awkward Photo 3: Prom pic - just for kicks

Finally a relatively normal hubby and I shot! 

I love you CT3! Thanks for three {and counting} fun years of marriage! Pin It Now!


  1. Happy anniversary, you two! Such a lovely, awesome couple! :)

  2. yall are so cute! good job on the gift :) i love that you took a picture of the bathroom, haha, and the pics of your dinner make me hungry!

  3. Love that Champ! Congratulations! :-) Love all the pictures and so glad you had a wonderful time!

  4. What a fun way to celebrate 3 years of togetherness! The food all looks amazing, and I love that you took bathroom pics :) I'm a sucker for a fancy, pretty bathroom. You did great on the present, too...glad yall enjoyed your night!


    PS--When tomatoes are all over the place in the summertime, Caprese salad is my favorite light supper. So GOOD!!


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