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Monday, March 14, 2011


Today's post is just gonna be random pictures of my little girl and a random story.

First the story. When I was in high school, I was all about calling my parents by their first name. I didn't do it all of the time, just sometimes. Not only that but I liked to rhyme. That said, I called my Mom "Large Marge" and my Dad "Dale the Whale."

I am so kind. Its a wonder they didn't kick me out, huh??

Actually the names were terms of endearment. I know they don't sound as such, but neither one of my parents were large or whale like, and it just rhymed and sounded catchy so I went with it. Eventually I grew out of my phase and they went back to their happy normal names of Mom and Dad.

They were probably overjoyed when that day came.

So why am I telling you this story you ask?? Because Bitty has the cutest little robe with a whale on it! Her Great Grandma {my Grandma - the Margaret she is named after} gave it to her and she just looks cute as a button in it!

As I was posting the pictures of her in her whale robe, I reminisced about calling my parents Large Marge and Dale the Whale, thus leading to my random post and silly story. Consider it a freebie.

Without further adeiu, here is the queen herself, crossed legged in her whale robe with her kissy, faithful pup right by her side.
Champ is thinking "lotion tastes so good..."
AM, wave to Mr. Camera! 

Typical relationship. Champ begging for loving and Bitty whacking his nose. 

Ah yes. All is right in the world. Cute kid and sweet dog snuggling.  This warms my heart. 
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  1. What a princess in her little spa robe :) Love it!

    PS--I tried out "Big Mama" for my mom one time (even though she is a tiny little lady). It lasted about 14 minutes...she was NOT a fan :)


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