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Saturday, March 26, 2011

JJ's Married

This blog almost stooped to an all new level. I just about used "doo doo" in the title of my post. Instead I went with JJ - which is probably not as toilet sounding. Why "doo doo" you ask? Well, Julie {JJ} and I have always referred to each other as "doo doo" and in our context, it is a term of endearment - as much as the name of a gross bodily function can be.

Wow. I can tell that I am not going to be able to recover from that and this only reaffirms why I should not blog late at night. In order to redeem myself I will show you a picture of the shoes I packed for 4 days:

{I know this is not redeeming, but confessing does make me feel better about my inability to effectively pack}

Did my shoe suitcase take your mind off of the first paragraph of this post? I hope so!

Anyway, our weekend started out with a little craziness. CT3, AM, Champ and I arrived to Birmingham late Thursday night. Emily had left her house key for us at Jen's house. Jen was going to leave it in her mailbox for us.

The plan sounded good until we drove up to Jen's house around 11 there time (midnight ours) only to find all of the lights out and no key in the box. CT3 was exhausted from a full days work and I was tired from life. We called Jen and Jonathan's cell phones no fewer than 10 times before deciding that they were clearly on silent.

I was scared to knock however we had no other options. CT3 told me to knock while calling and so my knocking would wake them and then they would see their phone flashing and realize it was me. I tapped lightly on the door just praying I would wake up Rhett the dog.

My thought was that if I could get Rhett's attention, he would bark and wake them up and save the day. A few taps later, Rhett the wonder dog was in barking hysterics and lights began to flip on in the house. He had saved the day - at least for CT3 and I!

Jen and Jonathan felt terrible about forgetting to leave out the key and I felt terrible for waking them. Not to mention Jonathan had JUST flown in from overseas and was a WEE bit jet lagged! Poor guy looked confused as our little family stood outside just begging for Emily's house key! We exchanged hugs and chatted for a few minutes before we skirted off and they went back to sleep.

The rest of the weekend was much less eventful and consisted of a bridesmaids luncheon, a trip to the nail place and the rehearsal dinner. Somewhere in there G-Diddy and Gigi arrived, somewhere in there Anne Margaret ate her first helping of sweet potatoes ever and somewhere in there CT3 made a run to the ice cream shoppe to pick up 6 tubs of ice cream for Julie's reception.

It was a fun filled, busy weekend and I am thinking that maybe I should just stop typing now and show you in photo fashion the images of Julie's wedding weekend.

Bridesmaids luncheon decor

Doo Doo and Doo Doo - still not sure where we came up with these deep nicknames for each other...

Getting our nails did before the rehearsal dinner

The spa was fabulous and I should have hooked myself up with a massage. 

At the rehearsal dinner where I was thankful that I had a loose dress on as I stuffed myself silly.

AM dressed for the wedding in her $12 dress that I got from eBay...BTW if you dress your little girl in a smocked outfit and take her to a southern wedding, be prepared for all of the little old ladies to ask you where you learned how to smock...Most of them didn't know what eBay was and were surprised when I said that with one swift click of my mouse, I ordered it off the internet. I do wish I knew how to smock, but for now, eBay will have to be my go to.  

Bridal party doing their final touches

Linn, Jessica and I with the beautiful bride!

Julie and her sweet sister.

Ms. Grace, Julie and Jessica doing the final touches!

She was stunning and her husband is one lucky guy!

I was quite fond of my date and my little peanut who were looking oh so fine! 

All of the Ranch girls at Julie's wedding!

Dear Lord, I love wedding cake. I think I only ate two pieces. 

The baby whisperer in the flesh.

The baby whisperer in action...Mom was here too, I just didn't snap a picture of her. She was socializing with all of her friends! 

Dr. and Mrs! 

I love this picture

Julie's wedding was perfect and we had a great weekend. CT3 and I got a fun date night together at the rehearsal dinner while Mom and Dad watched Bitty and Saturday night, my parents kept her again as we went over to friends houses to visit and catch up.

We were so thankful for my parents help and to Brett and Emily who gave us their house to stay in while we were out of town.

Congrats to Julie and PJ and I hope your honeymoon in Hawaii was fantastic! Pin It Now!


  1. Your shoe suitcase cracked me up! I take a shoe "bag" on trips, but your suitcase just put me to shame! I just love weddings. AM's little outfit is precious. By the way, WHERE did you learn to smock? ;)


  2. Seeing pictures of some of the Ranch girls make me miss ya'll all the more. :( I SO wish that I lived closer so that I could see ya'll from time to time! I need to convince my hubby to transfer stores. Hahaha!

  3. Oh my goodness. While I don't know many of this group of Ranch girls... oh, the love! :-) So glad it was a beautiful weekend, and I think you needed at LEAST another 3 pairs of shoes to choose from. :-)

  4. Wow! Love the shoe suitcase! I used to do that until I married my sweet husband. I didn't want him to think I was too high maintenance! Now I try to keep it down to 5 or 6 pair, depending on how long I'll be gone! =)


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