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Monday, January 31, 2011

Workie Work

The past week has been a doozie and the next two weeks wont be any better. If I can survive through February 8th, I will be golden.

I told yall that I am now part time. I am supposed to be in the office only two days a week. Last week I worked a few extra days and this week I was there Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Friday I did email and follow up stuff from home. In case you wondered, that is NOT part time and I do NOT get paid overtime!!

The week before last, when I had to run in for a few hours, AM came with me. She was a doll and just played on the floor and rolled around.

Chilling at Mom's office

This past week our sitter, April, just kept Anne Margaret so that I could get stuff done. I was grateful for April's flexibility and to know that AM was in good hands, however, I also realized this week how much I missed her during the day. Ultimately it was a confirmation that I would not enjoy being at work full time.

For my work, this is a super busy season. Once I get through the next few weeks, stuff will slow down immensely and I hope to get settled into our two day a week routine. As for now, I will just do what I have to do, be thankful for April and savor the sweet moments in the evenings when I get to hold and play with my little Bitty!!

This week has given me a new appreciation for Mom's who work full time. I couldn't do it. I couldn't get up early enough, I couldn't be structured enough, I didn't have enough time with my baby or my baby's daddy and in the evenings I was exhausted. Dinner didn't get made until after 8 pm and house keeping was a joke.

This crazy week has also given me an appreciation for my part time job and for my husband. My schedule allows me to stay plugged in yet still maximize the time at home with Anne if I could just get to that schedule, we would be set!!

The evenings that I have had to work, CT3 has stepped up like a champ and has taken over all household duties. Laundry, dinner, baby, etc. He reads to AM, plays with her during tummy time and talks to her. She smiles and coo's at him and its precious.

All in all, work is going well. I finally feel like I am back in the groove of things. I am having to work twice as hard while there to make up for days I am off - and that means NO messing around on facebook, which shouldn't be a problem now that I am on a facebook break - more on that later.

Anyway, life is good, CT3 is good, Bitty is good, Champ is good and I am good. Jesus is awesome and I couldn't ask for anything more!

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  1. I absolutley love keeping AM!!! I would keep her everyday of the week but being a stay at home mom myself I understand how hard it is to be away from them!!! She is so happy and I have had so much fun watching her learn new things!! Thanks for letting me be a special part of her life. I know God has some great plans for her and for your family!!


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