Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Trick

I don't know about yall, but these days, I buy a lot of stuff online. It is totally convenient and much to my husbands demise, it is a quick and easy way to get some retail therapy.

This Christmas, I did a TON of shopping online. In fact, everything I purchased for CT3, I got online with the exception of two shirts.

I don't know how I came up with this idea, but before I checked out and paid for everything I was getting, I would go to google and google the company's name and the word promo or coupon code.

Get this. For EVERYTHING I was shopping for, I found codes online that gave me some sort of discount. There was not one thing that I paid shipping for and most of them, I managed to get a little extra off on.

Let me show you this example. Last week I returned CT3's Crocs I ordered him for Christmas and got him the ones below instead. The shoes were $59.99 and then with taxes and shipping added in it came to around $67.18.

What did I pay??


A savings of $24.19!!

Here was my invoice:

Basically, I had a coupon code for a $5 off so I plugged that in and clicked apply. After I googled the coupon code request, it gave me a bunch of sites. I clicked around on those, found 3 or 4 codes, and plugged them in. A few of them had expired, but two of them worked. One of the codes gave me an additional 20% off and the other gave me free shipping. After all of that, I saved almost $25!!!

I will say, it doesn't work all of the time and sometimes I had to click to a few different websites to find valid codes to try. All in all, when it does work, its a great feeling and its awesome to be able to save a few extra dollars all from the comforts of your living room!!

Moving on to my next topic, my friend Lindsey forwarded me this deal of the day. I don't know if it will work or not, but I'll let you know. Basically, there was a 24 hour time period where you could pay $10 and get a $20 Amazon gift card. A 50% savings.

I did it and I am hoping to get my Amazon card here in the next week. I have already decided that I am going to spend it on PW's new book "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels."

If you try the savings thing, let me know how it goes!!
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  1. If you go to your LivingSocial account, it will probably show up now under your deals. I was able to get my code that way, even though I didn't get the e-mail from them with it.

  2. I scored that Living Social deal too! :-) I actually just did a blog post on my favorite savings sites. Ebates and Swagbucks are my fave if you're interested! :-) XOXO! Good job on the saving!!!


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