Talk of the Trains: Saturday

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Here is a lame recap of my relaxing Saturday.

I didnt get out of bed until 12:30 pm.
It was pert near awesome.
I ate hotdogs for lunch.
I watched the end of Father of the Bride 2 and the beginning of the Wedding Planner.
I played a soccer game.
Hotdogs and running dont mesh so well.
I played in goal.
I made a few good saves and it felt good to be back in the net.
I am gonna be sore from hitting the ground.
I hit up Publix on my way home.
I got lots of stares.
Afterall, I am a 28 year old in tights, tall socks, cleats and a soccer jersey prancing through the store.
We cooked steak for dinner.
Anne Margaret screamed like a wild woman for some unknown reason.
She took a 20 minute nap and woke up happy.
We went to open mic night until almost 11.
AM was an angel while there.
She made lots of friends and flirted with the boys.
We came home, she went straight to sleep and now I am off to bed!
Twas a splendid Saturday and I am pumped about church tomorrow.
Happy Sunday!
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