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Friday, January 14, 2011

AM's Schedule

AM and I have adjusted fairly well to my part time schedule. She has done fine with April {our friend who keeps her} and so far the two days a week in the office thing is working fine. I miss Bitty while I am there, but I know she is in good hands so I don't worry.

While home, I cherish my time with her and we spend lots of time hanging out. As for a daily routine, honestly, I am kind of lax. We do a loose form of the Babywise schedule (eat, play, sleep, and repeat) and incorporate parent directed stuff as needed.

AM typically wakes up between 6:30 and 8 and eats and then goes back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. I LIKE my sleeping in time! Champ and I use this as key snuggle time.

Once she wakes up again, we are up for the day. She eats, plays for a while and then naps. Our play time is typically an hour to two hours and then she naps anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. When she wakes up, she is hungry and withholding food is a non option...well unless you would like to go deaf. Repeat cycle every 3 hours...occasionally the cycle will go 4 hours.

Unless I am going somewhere and need her fed on my timeline or need her awake/asleep, I stick to the previously mentioned schedule - and April tries to as well. The only variation is in regards to nap time - if I am on errands or on a walk, I try to get her to sleep in her car seat.

During our awake time, we have a variety of things we do. We just switch it up between the jumper, the walker, the Bumbo, the play thing, tummy time, toys and books. Sometimes she gets frustrated with tummy time so then we just roll over and play in the play thing instead. She has also watched Baby Einstein once and was quite intrigued.

During times I read to her, I also sing to her, help her dance and make her clap or kick. We call this baby aerobics. CT3 is better at it than me and he even has a stair stepper routine he busts out with her. Beat boxing in the background and all.

So really, we have tons of stuff to do and I just mix it up according to what I feel like doing that day. I try to have an even balance of stuff through the week {to make sure she is getting a variety of stimulation and exercise} and as long as the queen is happy, I am happy!!

Moms, give me tips!! What else should we be doing?

P.S. Bitty is almost 4 months old! We go to the doctor on Friday for her 4 month check! I think teething is also starting - eeeek!!!

AM's walker

AM's play mat

Her jumper...and the beginning of her chewing on EVERYTHING

Hand in mouth is a must these days

Blanket on face or in mouth is also a constant

Hand in mouth and getting big in her swing!

Always pulling on the ears

Hanging out with her best friend
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  1. Is she a mini you or what! So cute!

  2. Lauren:
    Anne Margaret is without a doubt the cutest baby I have ever seen!

  3. So funny!!! EJ's schedule is the exact same! I usually let her watch one Baby Einstein a day and I'm amazed at how much she interacts with it. It gives me time to get dinner made without her fussing.

  4. How'd the MD appt go???? Has she started cereal yet? Why don't y'all move back to Bham :)


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