Talk of the Trains: Super Saturday

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Super Saturday

We got in late Friday night from the beach, picked up Champ, ate a late dinner and pretty much went straight to bed. We had a big weekend planned and after a week of travels, we needed our rest.

Saturday we woke up late (accidentally) and after hitting up Target, Anne Margaret and I scurried off to her friend Arden's 1 year old birthday party! We took a mother/kid group picture and when Jessica posts it I will be sure to snag it for my blog!

After the party, I ran by Publix to pick up a few last minute items for dinner that night. CT3 had spent the morning tidying up the house and had to run to his office to work for a few hours before his best friend Cliff and his wife Erica came over for the evening. My job was to make sure the grub was prepared.

By the time I got home, got the groceries in, fed AM and began to peel the potatoes, Cliff and Erica were on their way over. I may or may not have been slightly distracted by the Alabama game that was on t.v. as well. So much for getting stuff ready in advance and I put our guests to work as I asked Erica to help slice the veggies while I peeled the potatoes!

Erica and I hung out and chatted about life, motherhood, our babies, our husbands and everything else that girls talk about, while our boys meandered back and forth between the grill and the chips and dip. Meanwhile, Champ was a pill and ate a pay stub out of Erica's purse and kept trying to steal her shoe. Talk about needing attention! Anne Margaret hung out in her swing for most of the night and only fussed for a bit later on in the evening. By the end of the night she found herself quite comfy and resting in Cliff's arms!

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and great fellowship as we hung out with them. We are always so blessed by their company and Saturday night was no different. I wish that we lived in the same city and could have these leisurely dinners more often!

The photo above is our first in-law family pictures (minus their son). You see, we have already arranged for Anne Margaret to marry their son Jack so that means that after they marry, we will officially be in-laws. Its gonna be awesome.
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