Wednesday, November 10, 2010


For some reason, I like nicknames. I think I have already discussed this on the blog, but I feel the need to let you know of my nicknames for Anne Margaret and Champ.

First, Champ. I lovingly refer to my pup as any of the following:
Champ Champ

...don't make fun of me for calling my dog Hampster or Hammie. I think Hampster came out one time when I was calling him "the Champster" and I stuttered leaving off the "C" and saying "the Hampster" instead. Hammie came from one time when I was saying Champie over and over and by the 65th time, it sounded like Hammie.

CT3 makes fun of all of my pet names {no pun intended!} however the other day I heard him call Champ "Hammie." Don't let CT3 fool you, he secretly likes my nicknames.

As for Anne Margaret, her nicknames are a little more simplistic. Again, I will mention that her full legal first name is "Anne Margaret." We call her that - not just Anne and I have a feeling we will be correcting people for a while - reminding them that it is a double name and it is what she goes by!

Anyway, on to the nicknames:
Annie M

A.M. obviously is her initials and super short and easy to say/text/write. I think Annie M is super cute, though CT3 hasn't picked up on it yet. He says it makes him think of the Wizard of Oz
. Peanut is cute and just seems to come out. I have no clue how/when I started calling her that or where it came from. Lastly, and what I probably most often call her is Bitty. This I have called her since she was born. She seemed so tiny that I called her my "itty bitty." As she has gotten bigger and as itty bitty became a mouth full for me to say, I shortened it to just "Bitty." I have a feeling that one will stick for a while.

Anyway, this is the weirdest most random post I have ever written and I have no idea how to end it.
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  1. I think they are cute- I will not even tell you the nickname my parents came up with for me that has nothing whatsoever to do with my own real name. Get my brother to embarrass me by spilling the beans :)


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