Talk of the Trains: Update and Clarification

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Update and Clarification

Update: We have been busy!

Last weekend we took a little jaunt to Atlanta. I have pictures to prove it and will post those soon. AM did well and I was glad to get out of the house. 

Mom was here on Monday and Tuesday. I think its fair to say she is enjoying her granddaughter. Kristin came in today and will be here for a few days. With CT3 at work, its nice having family  in and out that I can just pass the baby off to! 

Our small group met at our house last night. Of course AM wanted to be fed as soon as we started. Other than that, she slept the entire time. CT3 and I were glad to get back into the swing of things. 

Clarification: Weight loss

In my last post I said I was back in my normal jeans. I am, however I feel the need to clarify. Sometimes I buy jeans a size bigger than I need. Tight jeans aint my style, especially with the ghetto booty I sport. Also, if you recall, I lost almost 21 pounds in the beginning of my pregnancy. My pants were sagging off of me at that point and I wore normal clothes and my bella band until I was almost 28 weeks pregnant. 

That said, I only gained about 10 pounds from my "pre-pregnancy start weight." Anyway, I haven't really lost weight or done anything spectacular to get back to any start weight. I basically delivered a baby and fit back into clothes. Yay. I still have a jelly belly and since I ate an entire sleeve of Thin Mints today I am sure that my gut will soon be expanding. I am itching to start working out again, but given I am still moving slow, any sort of work out plan will have to wait. 

I just tell myself that when I am pacing around the house at all hours of the night with little Miss AM, that I am burning calories. :)

Picture post coming soon! 
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  1. Also breastfeeding helps - burns calories and causes uterine contractions which bring that tummy back in more quickly. Arden is 11 months old and I am just now feeling like I've got my body/ energy level back. Okay, maybe not 100%... more like 85%. Most days. If I've had at least 6 hours of sleep. And coffee. Whatever. :) If you need to offload some Thin Mints, I think I can help you out there.


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