Monday, September 20, 2010


So I have about 300 pictures to show you but before I start posting those (which if you are on Facebook you have probably already seen most of them) I want to recap the events of D-Day.

My sister and CT3 were my labor coaches. They were the only two who could be in and out of the room with me throughout this whole process. Kristin's main job was to take pictures, good notes of what went down and hang out. CT3's main job was to be there for the birth of his little girl and both of their jobs were to help me and not to bother me. 

I defined what bothered me. He he he!


CT3 and Kristin were both wonderful and here are K's notes of how the day went down with some editing by me. If you dont like baby stuff or medical stuff just skip to the bottom of the post. As noted by Kristin:

2:02 AM - Water breaks.

3:25 AM - Arrive at hospital. 

4:05 AM - Checked (1 cm/70 %); didn't feel any contractions but monitor said they were coming, blogged, talked to Kristina on GChat, IV's started and called family in Atlanta. 

8:30 AM - Checked by Dr. Paul; no progress.

9:25 AM - Pitocin started; amount increased every 30-45 minutes and active labor begins.

10:00 AM - Mom, Dad and Kristin arrive.

1:51 PM - Starting to feel contractions; 2-3 minutes apart and according to the monitor they were lasting between a minute and a half and two minutes; I only felt them for 20-30 seconds at a time and the nurse said I was only feeling the peak of them; 3-4 cm dilated/90%; baby is dropping.

2:54 PM - Panic sets in I wonder if I can handle the transition phase and I decide I am going to go for an epidural. I freak out over the epidural and it was the one time I almost cussed in this whole process. Anesthesiologist comes in and administers it sometime between now and 3:30. 

3:34 PM - 6-7 cm.

4:12 PM - 8 cm and nurses begin to get ready for delivery; delivery tool table brought in; panda warmer started; baby table prepped.

4:48 PM - 9.5 cm

5:16 PM - Kristin gets uber excited; pushing will start soon.

5:45 PM - Lauren wants a nap; Dr. Paul comes in for a final pre-push check.

5:52 PM - Starts to push.

6:09 PM - Baby is upside down and manually rotated.

6:39 PM - Baby has hiccups! 

6:40 PM - Lauren has hiccups!

6:46 PM - Baby about to crown; Dr. Paul called in; Nurse wanted to know if nursing students from a certain college can observe...Lauren says NO since she works at the college! 

6:50 PM - Crew of nurses arrive for the delivery; Lauren wants to know what happened to the stork that just drops baby's off??!; Dr. Paul tells the nurses to get CT3 suited up to deliver the baby; baby crowns and Dr. Paul gives CT3 directions on how to deliver her. 

6:59 PM - One more push and she will be here!!

7:04 PM - AMT arrives into the world! 
7:30 PM - All heck breaks loose! AM is healthy and beautiful, Lauren takes a trip to the operating room...more on this story to come! 

11:50 PM - Lauren is back from the operating room, has woken up and warmed up and finally gets to meet and hold her baby girl. 


Unfortunately, due to my complications, that day I didn't get to see Mom, Dad or CT3's parents.  Eventually (at around 12:30 AM when we knew it would still be a few hours) we called them and told them to go get rest and we would see them in the morning. I hated that they didn't get to meet AM immediately, but they understood and were back bright and early the next morning to meet their granddaughter and see our new little family. 
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  1. What a great recap! Makes me very excited about my own delivery coming on Monday! :)

    So sorry about whatever happened to send you into surgery, but glad you're OK! Can't wait to see more pics of that sweet baby!!

    Thanks for your comment you left me!!

  2. i believe it was 11:46pm... you are 4 minutes off. you nursed at 11:50 til 12:10, we just forgot to write it in. :D welcome.


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