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Monday, August 30, 2010

Little By Little

We are slowly {SLOWLY} getting stuff done!

The crummy part is that I want it done yet have no motivation and don't feel like (or care about) doing it. Uhh, hello to the story of my life.
Instead, I just stare at the piles and hope that they will put themselves away. So far, that tactic has not worked too well for me.

Anyway, we have a few weeks left (assuming AMT doesn't come early) and little by little we are attempting to knock out projects. Call it nesting if you'd like, but some of it is a necessity that has been put off and now as we merge rooms, we have NO space and to live in a normal state of life, some of the junk has gots to go!
So my challenge with this is that I have never been the best housekeeper/cleaner person and am definitely NOT a neat freak (nor is my husband). Just ask the girls I lived at the Ranch with or my college roomies. They will tell you about my living habits. So the fact that I am trudging through all of this with a bulging baby gut makes me quite proud - despite the turtle like pace it is at and the grunts and moans that accompany each time I have to bend over or move.
Sidenote: Before you think I am an utter and complete slob, let me clarify here: I don't care about messy, I cant STAND grunge. For instance, I don't mind a pile of clean clothes laying on the bed for weeks on end or piles of magazines or papers, but dishes left in the sink, a moldy shower or leftovers stored too long in the fridge - GAG ME WITH A FORK!!! If you come to my house, watch out for the random piles - there shouldn't be any nasty fungi growing though!

Anyhoo, here is what we have accomplished this week:
The back closet was piled and filled with random paper, bags and wrapping supplies.

I organized and consolidated all of it, now making room for other stuff that will need to be moved in there! Currently, the 'other stuff' is piled in boxes on the floor. UGH. I went through a few of those last night before I got tired of cleaning and wanted to beat my head against the wall from all of the dust and junk.

CT3 bought and put together this shed in the backyard.

He is moving some of his tools and such out of the garage to make more room for the cars and other necessary items {i.e. strollers!}.

I finished making all of the burp cloths - I made 19 total so I hope that's enough!

Boiled and put away all of the bottles and such (did this last week).

Made "Boo Boo Bunnies"

Did yall have Boo Boo Bunnies when you were a kid?? Kristin and I did and they are sure to fix any boo boo that a child may have! The picture above is an in progress picture! Since then, I have finished them and will post a finished pic. They are really cute and maybe I will give a few of our friends kids some - just cause AMT doesn't need 7 of them at the ripe old age of a few weeks old!

Other not pictured tasks accomplished are the linen closet is cleaned and sorted, all of the baby clothes washed, sorted and put away, AMT's closet and room touches finished, the closet where the washer/dryer is has been cleaned and sorted and I cleaned the toilets and the shower. Go me. We also made our final Target run last night for baby basics and officially packed a hospital bag. I also have a pile to go to Goodwill and a pile to list on Ebay and I plan on tackling a few more things tonight.

...I have a LIST of stuff to do before baby comes. We'll see how that goes and I will keep you posted. If it doesn't get done and you come to visit us after she arrives, just please put your blinders on and don't trip over my growing piles of magazines, unfolded clean clothes and unsorted mail. Okay? Thanks! Pin It Now!

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  1. I am right there with you!! I have a list constantly running through my mind of things to get accomplished...but I have no energy or motivation to get it done! Like right now, I SHOULD be packing the hospital bag...but I'm not.

    Oh, and how did you make the burp cloths? They look a lot cuter and fancier than mine will (notice I haven't finished them yet...not even started).


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