Monday, June 28, 2010

Patio Project

Ever since we purchased the house, we knew there were a few things in the back yard that we wanted to do. The first was the screened in porch, which CT3 did last year. 

Then recently he planted a little garden and flowers all along the one side of the house. 

Last weekend, he finished the last MAJOR project that we will do back there {I think!}. Of course, we have some more stuff to plant and a little more landscaping to do, but other than that, I think the big projects are winding down. 

CT3 and our friend Casey basically added on an extension to the patio. It looks fabulous and now we are ready for large cookouts with all of our friends! Special thanks to Casey who gave up most of his weekend to slave away with CT3 in the back yard and build the patio! 

First they started with the tiller and tilling up the ground. 

The ground tilled and ready! 

Next they poured some sand stuff that I don't know what it is. 

Then they used that yellow thing on the left {a compactor} to beat down the sand. 

Now that the ground was ready, Casey and CT3 started to bring the patio blocks around.

CT3 coming with his load!

The boys started laying the squares at around 6:30 pm. got dark and they were still putting them down

and just before midnight CT3 laid the final square!

The boys worked so hard and aside from a few gatorade breaks and a dinner break, they worked their fanny's off finishing the job! 

This pic was taken the next morning in the daylight.

On Sunday CT3 took this polymeric sand and brushed it into the cracks and wet it down so that it would solidify to a concrete like substance and seal it all together. Once he did that, it really gave it a polished and completed look. 

Finally, CT3 added these stake things around the edges. I guess it ensures that the blocks don't shift?? We will probably go in and add something around the edges at some point, or throw down seeds to get the grass to grow. 

Champ stamped his seal of approval on the new patio! 

We have moved the grill, fire pit and adirondack chairs onto it and it looks great. I am so proud of CT3 and his hard work on the project and we are grateful for Casey and his help! It would have taken CT3 at least a week to do on his own and these two finished it in an evening! Great work boys!!
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  1.'s looks awesome & I can't wait to see it in person!


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