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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In Laws In Town

My hubby's parents came in town two weekends ago. 

We had a fun, relaxing day that started out by going to my favorite restaurant just south of town. I cant tell you what it is because its the best kept secret in town and everyone who comes to visit, I take there. If I tell you everything about it, you will have no reason to come visit me so therefore I am just not going to tell you.

Instead, I will say if you want some of the best southern home cooking from the cutest old house with a charming atmosphere, come see me. The food prices are good and variety abounds!

After lunch at my secret spot, we came back to the house to drop off leftovers and to let the Champ-meister out. Once we (or he - Champ) had taken care of business, we loaded up to go to CT3's fire station. The boys (i.e. CT and CT3) wanted to play on the trucks and as I am proud of my hubby and his desire to help people, I like to tag along and show off his station too. 

Mrs. T took a quick look at the fire trucks and then went inside to the cool AC to wait while CT3 suited up his dad in the fire gear and I stood by and took pictures. It was one HOT day and I don't think you could have paid me to put on CT3's gear. 

CT3 explaining everything as he put it on to his Dad. 

Mr. T all suited up and ready to go!! 

At this point, he was sweating profusely (let me remind you that all of the fire gear goes on OVER your normal clothes, so he had 2 layers of clothes on in the hot summer heat). CT3 attached an air tank so he could get the feel of breathing in a fire and then pulled off the gear and properly put everything back. I was hot just watching them. 

As I watched the boys sweating and melting as they dressed up in the Georgia heat, I was imagining how embarrassing it would be to have to call EMS to the fire station to revive the overheated men...I guess, they would have paged out the fire guys first, so that would have been even more awkward when all of his buddies had to respond to a call for him playing around at the station! Haha! 

We tooled around at the station for a few more minutes and what do ya know, an EMS call went out while we were there. CT3's parents and I watched as a few of the other firefighters pulled up and CT3 jumped in the truck with them to take off to a call. Since there wasn't anything for us to do at the station with him gone, we hopped back in the car and came home to wait for him to get back. 

A little while later he was dropped off at the house, we got the scoop on the call and then we left for our next adventure: the peach farm! 

Just down the road from us is a huge farm that grows whatever is in season. They are known for their peaches, but in the summer they also harvest strawberries and then in the fall they have pumpkins and all sorts of other stuff. 

We took a brief tour of the peach picking plant and then found ourselves stuffing our faces with peach cobbler and peach ice cream! 

MMM! Fresh peaches galore!!

After dessert, Mr. & Mrs. T needed to get on the road and I was pooped, so we bid our farewells and they left to head north and I fell asleep on the couch. A fun day was had by all and we are looking forward to their next visit! 
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  1. Hmm, I wish I lived in your town. I ate TWO peaches today. But then I probably would have embarrassed you at the Peach plant!

  2. I want to go to the peach farm, too!!

  3. following in your footsteps...just started a blog


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