Talk of the Trains: Drum Roll Please...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drum Roll Please...


I am just beside myself now that we finally know. I had held out looking at any sort of bedding, clothes, or other items that I would buy gender specific stuff for and I had a blast last night as I perused PINK stuff online for the first time! 

Everyone wanted to know whether we wanted a boy or a girl and honestly neither one of us had a preference. Eventually we would like at least one of each, so which came first didn't seem to matter! 

As we walked into the ultrasound, the thought of a boy did make me a little nervous as I am more used to girls and I have heard stories about the renegade my husband was as a small child. That said, it seemed easier in my little pea brain {can a first child be easy??} to start out with a girl and go from there! 

I kind of had my mind set on boy though for some time and it wasn't until I was going on 17 weeks and still throwing up that someone commented that it had to be a girl as women seem to be sicker with girls than boys. Whether that was true or not, it at least brought me back to a neutral state as we waited to find out if Baby Train was going to be a Choo Choo or a Cha Cha. 

My bestie Emily has predicted girl all along and is now 3 for 3 on her baby predictions! I promised they would all be the first ones I called after CT3's and my immediate family of course. I called Emily, she called Elizabeth F, she called Tash, she called Megs, she called Elizabeth M and she called Rach. Once we were on a 7-way call with them all, I told them the gender! 

It was fun texting and calling everyone last night and I think all of the ladies in the family are ready to shop for our little girl. 

I keep calling her 'it' still and am having a hard time breaking the habit! We have a few names in discussion and we will tell once we officially decide. I also hope to post pictures later this week. 

In other news, all of the tests came back negative. They aren't 100%, but with negative results it means that your chances of certain issues are very small. Praise the Lord for a good report! We saw her brain, heart, stomach, kidneys, 2 arms, legs, feet and hands and of course the girl parts. 

My favorite part of the ultrasound was that her little mouth was moving all around and it just looked like she was chewing on bubble gum or eating an afternoon snack or something! It was precious! I think she was 13 ounces and her fetal heart rate was 149 which is average. My measurements tummy wise were right at normal too so all of that was good news! 

CT3 and I both agreed that ole girl was crammed in there and it looked as if she had NO room to spare. This makes me believe that my slightly noticeable baby bump is going to be expanding rather quickly. I already feel like I waddle around and need assistance as if I am geriatric, and I can only imagine how its gonna be in a few weeks from now! 

...I have a final tomorrow so I am off to study. 

Welcome to the family CHA CHA TRAIN!!! Now, the next question is will you be a cheerleader or a soccer player?? By the way I have begun to feel you kick, I am going to bet soccer stud, but if you are leaning towards cheerleading**, you and I are going to have our first SERIOUS mother-daughter chat! 

And NO dating til you are 30 and your father, dog and both grandfathers approve of the boy. 

**No hating on the cheerleaders! I am just more of the soccer playing type! See here for a recap of my soccer playing days! 
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  1. woohoo!! or should I say waahaa!! i SO thought it was going to be a boy, but of course, God blesses little girls too!! :) congrats, guys! can't wait to hear names...charlina or samantha would be fine choices... joking...

  2. I'm so proud of you!! Happy Mother's Day....almost! Ok, Happy Birthday to YOU. May 11th is the happiest day of my life. How could I be so blessed!!


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