Talk of the Trains: Pregnancy Diaries: Part 2

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pregnancy Diaries: Part 2

Hello yall. Wanna know more of the fun of being preggo? Okay, good. Today's topics will include nutrition, registering, maternity clothes and baby bumps.

First, lets discuss nutrition. While I am eating a little more these days, I will not say I am back to a well balanced diet. The number uno question I get asked is what about the baby? Let me assure you Choo Choo is fine. Its me that is wasting away. Not really. That was a joke.

Though I am not getting everything I need (due to my overly barfy self) the baby is getting all of the nutrients it needs. It is sucking them from me! This is also why it is important to stay on your prenatals (or whatever vitamins) you may be on. The weeks that I eat only carbs and fruits, I can at least sleep at night knowing my vitamins are giving Mini Me some of the nutrients he/she may need. 

To update you on this, I am 18 weeks and have gone a week without throwing up. I am trying to eat a little more too now being a little bit more confident that it will stay down. I am still on meds, but have switched to a lower dosage and it seems to be working. YEAH!!! This week, I have eaten veggies, fruits, proteins and carbs. Thats good, right?? I have been drinking a TON of water and my guilty pleasure has been Coke. I know this is a no-no, but I have bought the small cans and they have settled my tum tum while tasting oh so good. 

Next is maternity clothes. While I can still fit into my normal clothes, my normal stuff is a little uncomfy and getting quite tight. I am wearing maternity pants most of the time and mostly maternity shirts - I started doing this more after my sister confirmed that my small belly looked like a beer gut. Thanks sis. 

I am proud to say it is now firming up a little bit and while I don't look pregnant, I am starting to believe that it is in fact a baby growing in there and just not a whole bunch of Hardee's biscuits. As I get further along I am getting anxious to see it grow. I know it will be here and as soon as I wish it here I will be ready for it to go, but for now, I want to be a cute pregnant lady. I will be cute right?? 

{Start panic attack at the thought of cankles...}

All of that to say, I have had the WORST time shopping for maternity clothes. Target, Belks, Kohls, Pennys - department store wise, you name it, I have probably visited. They all have a few racks of maternity, but not enough that you could buy you a wardrobe to last you for the upcoming months. I refuse to shop at boutiques as money around my place does not grow on trees. That said, I have resorted to purchasing a thing here and there as I can find it, shopping online and buying clothes a size or two bigger. 

Shopping online is great, but not trying stuff on stresses me out. Buying clothes a few sizes up is working so far, though I know (or I pray) that post baby I wont be able to use them again. Anyway, borrow clothes if you can. If not, try Old when making your maternity wardrobe as them and Gap have the cutest and most reasonably priced selection I have my husband lovingly said last week as I was having a 'nothing fits and I cant find anything breakdown,' "Don't worry sweetie. Maternity clothes can be cute too. I am sure you will find you some." {Did he come up with that on his own?? So sweet...or he read that in a book in a book somewhere. Regardless, it got him a few points.}

Speaking of my belly, everyone wants to know if I have a baby bump. I am 4.5 months (18 weeks) and so far, no signs of being preggo. If you saw me walking down the street, other than a slight beer belly, you wouldn't have a clue. After I eat, my tummy tends to stick out more than usual and I keep telling myself that it is cause my food and baby are now sharing space - not that I have over indulged. 

My theory on this is that hopefully the longer I wait to start packing on the pounds, the less I will gain overall, making it easier to lose post baby. I am not sure if this is a good theory or not, but its the one I am currently working on! 

I lost a lot of weight up front, but I have gained a few back so we are moving in the right direction! 

Lastly, baby registries. Holy moly. Overwhelming. I posted on my blog begging for moms to email me or comment with their suggestions. I probably received 15 emails and they were VERY beneficial!!! I combined them all and took every suggestion into consideration as I reviewed products (Consumer Reports amongst other websites) and talked to other moms. I would definitely recommend seeking advice from those who have been there and if you have someone to take with you to register, do that too. 

Once I complete mine and have Choo Choo maybe I will post for yall my favorite products and why I chose them...Mom's if you have more advice send on. I have until September to get this stuff figured out, so don't think it is too late or that I am not still seeking advice! 

Currently Katie over at Confessions of a Young Married Couple has been doing product reviews. They are really helpful as well if you are in the market for baby junk! 

...that's all for now I have papers to write and a house to clean.  
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