Talk of the Trains: Roma 2: Walking Everywhere

Friday, January 8, 2010

Roma 2: Walking Everywhere

After we hung out with Pope Benedict XVI, we scurried down to a cute little restaurant nearby and grabbed lunch. It was close to 1 and we were hungry! 

As we ate our Italian pizza and caprese salad we discussed what we should do that afternoon. Friends had told me to visit Trevi Fountain at night and it was right by a great shopping area, so we decided we would walk (bad idea) from Vatican City to Trevi Fountain. It was like 4 miles. This would not have been a big deal if I were in running clothes, not carrying a huge camera and if we hadn't walked all over creation already that morning!!

The Spanish Steps were nearby the Trevi Fountain, so we took a little jaunt past there as well. I am not posting pictures of either site right now as I will do individual posts on them as we visited there "officially" on day 4! 

Before the days end, we also went to visit the Capuchin Crypts. I was not allowed to take pictures in there so I will show you a few I downloaded from this website. The images are exactly what we saw. Bones after bones arranged in an eerily artistic presentation. They are the remains of over 4,000 monks from the French Revolution. 

After visiting here, we walked back to the Metro (grabbing gelato along the way!) and headed back to the hotel. We were pooped and went in to relax for a bit before venturing out for dinner! 

Our meals were all fun. We found quaint little Italian restaurants that made me feel especially European! Everything was much more expensive than it is at home, but given the fact it was a once in a lifetime trip, we tried not to stress as we watched the Euros ring up! 

...tomorrow we will be back to Vatican City to view the things we missed today! 
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