Talk of the Trains: Day 7: Tabgha

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7: Tabgha

Scripture Reference: John 21, 1 Corinthians 1, Acts 4:13

Tabgha is located on the Sea of Galilee and is believed to be the site where Peter jumped out of the boat, swam to Jesus and was reinstated.

A few facts about the Sea of Galilee: the Jordan River feeds into the Sea and also continues from the Sea and it is the only fresh water lake in the Middle East, approximately 15 miles long x 7 miles wide.

Peter’s Primacy: Approximate place where Peter was reinstated as the rock upon which Jesus would build the Church

John 21

Jesus has been buried and resurrected.  The disciples do not know what to do.  Peter and his disciples are near Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee.  Peter decides to go fishing and some of the other disciples join.  They fished all night but caught nothing. 

Early in the morning, Jesus called to them and told them to throw their nets to the right side of the boat and that they would find some.  When they did they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish.

John realized that the voice from the shore was Jesus.  Upon telling Peter, Peter grabs his outer garment and jumps into the water swimming toward Jesus.

On land Jesus had a fire with fish on it and bread.  Their boat was full of 153 fish.

Things to notice:

Peter could have hidden when he realized it was Jesus on the shore.  After all, Peter had denied Jesus three times a short time ago.  Because Peter knew the compassion and love of Jesus, he jumped into the water to see Jesus because he had confidence in Jesus and knew he would be well received.  Peter had to forgo his self-pity for rejecting Jesus. Forgiveness is a two way street-as Jesus gives it Peter must accept the forgiveness.

The 153 fish they brought in is a prophetic statement of what Jesus was calling these men to be.  No longer were they fishers of fish but now fishers of men. 153 nations existed at this time and they would go out into the nations sharing the gospel.

Jesus made the disciples feel welcome.  He ate around the fire with them.  He did a common activity with them.  The disciples had deserted him but he still chose to be their friend.  Peter had even denied Jesus in front of a fire but the Lord was redeeming Peter from the slimy pit.

1 Corinthians 1:27-he has chosen the foolish things to shame the wise…when we are looking for something big, Jesus is often standing on the side with something small.


After eating Jesus and Peter go for a walk along the Sea.  Jesus kept asking Peter if he loved Him.  This questioning allowed Peter to forgive himself and receive grace as speaking his love multiple times verbally helped him solidify this love in his heart.  Jesus then commissioned Peter to feed his sheep and told him the kind of life he would live.  He told him he that when he was old he would stretch out his hands and someone else would dress him and lead him where he did not want to go. Jesus wants to use Peter-unschooled (Acts 4:13), broken, weak and sinful to lift up and send to the nations.

This passage is an example of God’s grace.  Peter is the example of the grace God has given to the entire Church.  In addition, grace must always come before power in the spiritual realm.  After Peter understood the grace of God, he was empowered to be a fisher of men.

Our foundation is the Love of God, not our love of God.

The church at Tabgha. 

Kristina, Twila and I right before we walked on water - okay fine. I was kidding, but don't think some of us haven't tried. 

CT3 and I 
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