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Monday, December 28, 2009

Departure Day: Unsuccessful

{As CT3 and I are now traveling, I am going to have to finish my Christmas Week posts later. Pray for our travels!! I will blog -hopefully daily to document our trip. Currently I am having trouble uploading pictures and since I am paying for the minutes, I will have to come back later when I can figure it out for free!!!}

The start of our trip! 

Our bags were packed and Mom and I had taken Champ to camp, while CT3 and his Dad ran a few day after Christmas errands. Mom and Dad dropped CT3 and I off at the airport about two hours before our flight.

We checked our bags and were through security and at our departure gate before you could blink. It was actually quite impressive, given we were traveling on the day after Christmas! CT3 and I both texted our parents as Delta closed the door and within minutes we were airborne.

The pilot came over the intercom to say we had reached cruising altitude and were currently ahead of schedule for our arrival into John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport in New York. I was elated as we had a tight connection for our international flight and the early arrival would guarantee us making the flight…or so I thought.

At some point, I kept checking my watch, wondering why the pilot had not yet announced us making our initial decent into the city. By now we were close, if not almost past our original arrival time. Within minutes he let us know that due to high winds and poor weather conditions we were currently circling waiting for air traffic control to clear us for a landing.

Twenty five more minutes passed. We continued circling – at this point I forget about the fact that we will miss our connection and I just pray for a safe landing. Again, pilot comes over the loudspeaker and proceeds to tell us that we are low on fuel and are diverting BACK to Baltimore to refuel. Awesome. Not only do I hate flying, but especially the landing and taking off part. Now I was getting to do a few more.

Long story short, we arrived into JFK at around 11. Our flight to Israel was already 2 hours in and we were rebooked on the next flight out 24 hours later. This we were disappointed about as it meant that given our late arrival we would miss the first day of the tour.

The Delta rep helping us was having a bad day (my way of hinting that she was straight up RUDE.) As CT3 and I went to the information center and began placing call after call to find a hotel room, a Delta supervisor came down and found us. He had “fixed” something in the system and we were granted a hotel room and vouchers for the night. While I was okay with a night in New York, it was such a sweet blessing and sign of provision that we weren’t having to fork over an extra $200 for the hotel room.

As all of this was happening, CT3 and I connected with another couple heading to Amman, Jordan. They were so kind and were traveling to visit friends of theirs who were missionaries there. We split a taxi with them and I was again feeling blessed to have like minded people to converse with through out this whole dilemma.

Anyway, it was almost 1 AM before we settled in our smokers hotel room. It was disgusting, but I was just thankful for a bed. The next day, CT3 and I hit up the Big Apple as fast as you could in only a short time before heading back to the airport in hopes of making it to Israel! 

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